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  1. Charm Robotics Inc.
  3. Antecedent companies are iRobot (ie roomba. founded 1990, IPO $100MN in 2005 at 24/share), Neato (raised 45MN, 2005, acquired by 'Vorwork', a German household appliances firm this Sept. Fiscal details unavailable). Both ventures attempted an 'AI' that 'just works' in all situations. The result is an idiot box that in spite of the hype, simply doesn't (check amzn reviews if ignorant of roomba failings).
  5. Charm leaves no room for error. A CAD program & associated GUI allow our customers to input, share & swap their own specifications and schedules. No time? Our staff is itching to help, 24/7/365 1800-wnt-more. Our first offering: 'Snarf' features 0% novelty, 0% innovation and 100% inhumanly discrete, impossibly sanitary, mechanized, servile perfection. Spend $4k+20 min and save yourself office cleaning costs from here to grey-goo!
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