RetardedFlashXTwily (NotClop) Not really finished?

Jul 8th, 2016
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  1. >You're Flash Sentry, the school's idol.
  2. >Also, a retard.
  3. >"Umm.. Flash?"
  4. "Hey Twilight, wassup?"
  5. >You greet your girlfriend, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and kissing her.
  6. >Or you try to kiss her, but she's not really into it. Must be a 'girl mood' thing.
  7. >"D-Do you remember what happened a couple months ago..?"
  8. >What's happening?? Why is she acting shy all of a sudden? Twilight hasn't been like that since, like, forever.
  9. "Umm.. Manchester won against the barça?"
  10. >Her eyes widen in shock.
  11. >Shit, that must've been a trick question.
  12. >"NO!"
  13. >Her outburst attracts the looks of the entire hallway.
  14. >"Ummm, sorry! Heheheheeeee..."
  15. >Once the crowd returns to their occupation, so does Twilight.
  16. >"Not the match Flash! What happened... You know, after it..." She whispers, blushing heavily while fiddling with her hairs.
  17. >Oh she's talking about THAT. That makes more sense.
  18. "Oh! You mean the gangbang?"
  19. >"SHHH!" Her hands finds your mouth instantly hearing the G word. She removes it once she's satisfied with the absence of stares turned towards you.
  20. >"D-Don't say it out loud!"
  21. "Yeah, sorry."
  22. >"But yes, I was referring to the... Fun, we had right after it."
  23. "Oh boy do I remember, that was wild. We should do it again with the boiis."
  24. >You smirk remembering the fateful night, and more particularly the end of it, when you drenched your girlfriend in beer. And various body fluids.
  25. >"Y-yeah, that was, uh, fun.. But we won't really be able to do that again for a while... For several months... Seven, in fact."
  26. >She's looking at you, full of hope.
  27. >Hope that you get what she means.
  28. >But you don't. You're a guitarist, not a genius.
  29. "Uh, yeah, sure, we could do it again after that, no prob."
  30. >Her hand finds her forehead, leaving a red mark.
  31. >Girls are nuts man.
  32. >"No, no Flash, what I meant is that, uh.. I'm pregnant, Flash." She takes your right hand and places it on her tummy, eyes fixated on yours.
  33. "Oh! So, uh, Who's the father?"
  36. >She giggles at that.
  37. >Why is she laughing? That was a serious question.
  38. >"I'm so happy you're taking it so well, I was so scared.."
  39. >She wraps her arms around your chest and hugs you tightly.
  40. >You get an headache trying to recreate the scene of the crime inside of your mind. But you do it anyway, for Twilight.
  41. >So, there was you, Twilight, starburst and someone else... Oh! Shining! Right.
  42. >Shining joined at the end, when you were deep inside her while Starburst was taking her face for a ride.
  43. >It was kinda awkward at first, since, you know, it was her brother, but the beer helped a lot.
  44. >Soon enough, she turned around, now on her back. You kept fucking her while the others started to rub their dicks all over her face and tits, her hands and her mouth doing what it could to help them.
  45. >Oh yeah, that was so fucking hot.
  46. >And then, uh... Yeah, you finished inside her and they both painted her face white before she started to clean both cocks with her tongue.
  47. >She swallowed so much cum, there's NO WAY this kid was yours.
  48. >"T-There's something more... They're twins."
  49. >OH SHIT
  50. >You've never been good at maths.
  51. >So, uh, you got like, 25% chance that one of those are yours. Yeah, that seems right.
  52. >Can a kid even be conceived using two different dicks? Like, a sperm fusion or something...
  55. "And, uh.. You're sure it's from that night?"
  56. >"Well, according to my calculations-"
  57. >That was your clue.
  58. >"Blablabla, blabla bla blabla periods blabla 30 days blabla"
  59. >She's really cute when you don't understand what she says.
  60. >"So! There's an 98.76% chance that my impregnation happened this night." She proudly says. Then her eyes widen and she blushes, realizing what she just said.
  61. "Okay... So, they're mine?"
  62. >She frowns and raise an eyebrow at you.
  63. "Both?"
  64. >She freezes for a second. And then starts guffawing heartily.
  65. >"Ahahaha hooooo, you're such a riot Flash, I love it when you act stupid." She lifts her head to kiss you. And then leans to the side of your head.
  66. >"That turns me on so much..." She whispers.
  69. >Fast forward to the second half of the day.
  70. >You're retar-I mean, Flash. You're Flash.
  71. >And your girl just told you that she's pregnant.
  72. >And she's going to get twins.
  73. >But you're still not sure about who are the fathers.
  74. >Twilight is really super smart, so it seems strange that she doesn't know of a way to be sure.
  75. >If she knew, she would've told you.
  76. >Maybe you should announce it to Starburst?
  77. >He's been your friend since kindergarten, he'll understand.
  79. "Hey Star! Waddup nigga?"
  80. >You greet your friend with your super secret handshake. You saw that in a clip from one of those gangsta rappers.
  81. >Starburst rolls his eyes hearing your voice, his group of friends snickering.
  82. >"Listen here white boii, don't ever say nigga again u hear?"
  83. "Aww come on, we're cool like that right? Brother??"
  84. >You wave your eyebrows at that.
  85. >His friends burst out laughing.
  86. >You chuckle too, even if you're not sure why they're laughing.
  87. >"Alright man, we'll let you 'brothers' have your chit-chat!"
  88. >"Fuck you man..."
  89. >"Yeh yeh, fuck you too." He chuckles one last time before lifting himself up.
  90. >"See you around dog" He gives Starburst a fistbump before walking away.
  91. >You raise your fist to him, waiting for the bump. That never comes.
  92. >He looks at you with an eyebrow before looking back at the other guy and then back at you.
  93. >And they burst out laughing again before leaving you two alone.
  96. >"Alright Flash, whacch'u want?"
  97. "Oh, uh. Wait."
  98. >Fuck, what was it again..
  99. "Oh right! Yeah, uh, you remember the Barcelonne - Manchester match two months ago??"
  100. >"Yeah, what about it?"
  101. "That was a fucking match man... Oh right, you remember what happened next?"
  102. >"What? Oh right, we spitroasted this slut.. what was her name again.."
  103. >You frown a bit.
  104. "Twilight. And she's not a slut, she's my girl, alright?"
  105. >Nah, he couldn't have meant that. It's just the way they talk in the hood is all.
  106. >"Yeah whatever man, she seemed to be really into it for not being a slut.."
  107. >Maybe he meant it.
  108. >But that's not his fault, it's the society's fault for forcing his kind to live in ghettos and stuff.
  109. >"I mean, she even sucked off some random dude that barged in on us while we were at it man."
  110. "You mean Shining? That's not some random dude, that was her brother."
  111. >You rectify proudly. Yeah you totally restored her honor now, proving him that she wouldn't suck on some random dick.
  112. >"Her brother?! Jesus man.."
  113. "Anyway.. She's pregnant."
  114. >He raises an eyebrow at you.
  115. >"And?"
  116. "Well, we're not really sure who are the fathers."
  117. >He frowns a bit.
  118. >"Wait, father'S'??"
  119. "Twins."
  120. >His mouth forms a muted 'Oh'.
  121. >But then frowns again, still quite not understanding something.
  122. "So... Yeah..."
  123. >"Yeah what? What do you mean?"
  124. "Well, you know? You could be the father-"
  125. >"Wait wait wait, nope. No way man." He raises his hands defensively.
  126. "No what?"
  127. >"Man, there's NO way in hell those could be mine. She just sucked my dick man."
  128. "Duh! That's what I mean. She swallowed your load too. And there was a lot."
  129. >You grin remembering how much exactly.
  130. >"Wait, what the fuck u talkin about? She just swallowed my load, I didn't go near no pussy."
  131. "Man that's basic stuff. You can get girls pregnant if they swallow your load."
  132. >You deadpan.
  133. >He deadpan too for a second, not really knowing what to say or do.
  136. >Before he burst out laughing.
  137. >"HOLY SHIT! HAHA! Man, fuck, you got me going for a while there, good job man." He lifts his fist, signaling a fistbump.
  138. >It's the first time he ever did that!
  139. >You eagerly return the gesture and chuckle, even tho you're not sure why he did that.
  140. "But-Uh.. Going where?"
  141. >He raises an eyebrow again.
  142. >"What? Going where?"
  143. "W-Well, you just said I got u going good.."
  144. >"Yeah, you should stop with the 'I'm stupid' jokes man, it doesn't work as well the second time."
  145. >You don't get it.
  146. "So, about Twilight?"
  147. >"Well I dunno man. Good luck, I guess?"
  148. >You frown.
  149. "That's all? Good luck?"
  150. >"Listen man, I dunno what to say."
  151. >Maybe what the people on the internet says is true. That 'colored' people often abandons their child...
  152. "You're disgusting man. I'm not your brother anymore."
  153. >And with that you turn around, and leave the room.
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