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  2. Rumpel: oi I know already that you're memeing me
  3. Sektor: I dont dude
  4. Sektor: Cant find a cheap key
  5. Sektor: and I really need mordhau
  6. Sektor: If you see I have 950 hours in Warband
  7. Rumpel: are you sure u aren't just trying to waste my time to troll me
  8. Sektor: I promise, I do not
  9. Sektor: I think 300 euros is a lot, but meh fuck it
  10. Rumpel: its dollars, not euro
  11. Sektor: Whatever it is
  12. Sektor: It's 252 euros = 300 dollars
  13. Rumpel: ye
  14. Sektor: Thats cheaper than I expected
  15. Sektor: Alright, I have a steam account with a lot of games, I can give you the account or 270 euros (a bit of a tip because u seem like a cool kid) via bank transfer
  16. Sektor: I am Greek btw and my name is Dimitris
  17. Rumpel: I can't accept bank transfers because I'm afraid of getting charged back
  18. Rumpel: but I know of a way that both of us would be 100% safe
  19. Sektor: I cant charge back via internet banking
  20. Sektor: I will send you the payment and scanner the receipt
  21. Rumpel: but you could still charge it back even a week later
  22. Sektor: You cant do that
  23. Sektor: Greece is under capital control
  24. Sektor: Whatever goes outside via official banking, you cant charge it back
  25. Sektor: Also
  26. Sektor: you will see my full name
  27. Sektor: That is the reason I cant pay via paypal, because of capital controls
  28. Rumpel: well I'd rather be safe than sorry
  29. Rumpel: I'm not asking you to use paypal though
  30. Rumpel: there's another way
  31. Sektor: Oh okay, whats your way then?
  32. Rumpel: just buy $300 worth of bitcoin
  33. Rumpel: I can make my wallet key public
  34. Rumpel: I'll show u how it works
  35. Sektor: I cant do that bro
  36. Sektor: Capital controls
  37. Sektor: I understand that you feel unsafe but my only way is internet banking because there's no limit
  38. Sektor: What if I send you my ID via scan?
  39. Rumpel: I'll have to refuse then
  40. Sektor: You will have my face and details
  41. Rumpel: but there are other people selling it for
  42. Rumpel: $300
  43. Rumpel: maybe they'll accept it
  44. Rumpel: this Huggles guy might be still selling
  45. Rumpel: trustable guy
  46. Sektor: yeah I know there are a lot of lads buying it
  47. Rumpel: and Kreittis
  48. Sektor: but I ask you to trust me, i am not a cunt
  49. Sektor: I know how money is made
  50. Sektor: it is okay if you dont want to do it
  51. Rumpel: na, sorry I can't
  52. Rumpel: it's too much money for me to be trustable
  53. Rumpel: just ask those other guys
  54. Sektor: Ok
  55. Rumpel: some of them might sell to you
  56. Rumpel: good luck
  57. Sektor: good luck to you too man
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