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  1. Ngh... W-who's there? Well, it matters not. If you are wise, you will leave, immediately.
  2. My flesh writhes with scarlet rot. It is a curse. Not to be meddled with by man.
  3. If you are wise, you will leave, immediately.
  4. My flesh writhes with scarlet rot. You ask that I stab myself with the needle... To quell the scarlet rot? ... Never mind. I've decided. I would rather trust you, than simply continue to spoil from within.
  5. Would you mind...averting your eyes for a moment? Well. That was easier than expected. But...why do I feel so... (She faints and does not wake for a while)
  6. I...hoped to see you again. My apologies, for when last we met. I fainted before I could even thank you.
  7. Everything is as you said. Since inserting the needle, the scarlet rot has ceased to writhe.
  8. Even the nightmares have abated... And now, though I can scarcely believe it myself, I can move as I please.
  9. Not that I could ever truly repay you, but I would like you to have this, by way of thanks. A token, though it is. I'm considering leaving. On a journey.
  10. With the needle buried in my flesh, I've started to recall, but dimly... My destiny... It's all thanks to you.
  11. My name is Millicent. I pray fate permits us meet again. I'm considering leaving. On a journey. With the needle buried in my flesh, I've started to recall, but dimly... My destiny...
  12. Oh, hello again. Something about this place felt familiar to me. So I decided to pay a visit, hoping to find someone here. But I've only found emptiness.
  13. Perhaps before my departure, I needed someone to say farewell to. Well, never mind that. I must focus on my journey, for which I have you to thank. I must stay strong.
  14. Ah. We meet again. In truth, it's been smooth sailing, for me. The scarlet rot has stilled, since last we met. As such, I've been able to continue my journey.
  15. Though rather vexingly, I realise that if I still had my sword arm, I could have aided you in battle.
  16. Now, I'm tracing the path Malenia took, after unleashing the power of the scarlet rot, during her battle with General Radahn, in the Caelid Wilds.
  17. I should like to meet her, this vanished woman. I think she's in the north. In the lands that lie beyond the Erdtree.
  18. Are you... Giving me this arm? I thank you. I am in your debt, yet again. I think, If the arm serves well enough, It might be possible for me to wield a sword again.
  19. If the arm serves well enough, It might be possible for me to wield a sword again. Perhaps, then, I can aid you in battle. Now, I'm tracing the path Malenia took.
  20. She's passed into to the lands that lie beyond the Erdtree.
  21. Ah, we meet yet again. The arm you gave me truly is a thing of wonder. It feels just like my own, even handling a sword.
  22. Perhaps it is foolish to say this to you of all people, but I'm sure of my skill with the sword.
  23. Thus, I would have you call upon me in battle again, should you ever have the need.
  24. I would have you call upon me in battle, should you ever have the need. It is the only way that I can express my thanks.
  25. To think we'd meet in such a place... What could your purpose possibly... No, I know well enough who you are, and what I know is good enough for me.
  26. Call upon me again in battle, should you have the need.
  27. I'm searching for a fort to the west of the ruins. I'm searching for a fort to the north of the ruins.
  28. I heard the master of the fort was given a medallion that allowed him to visit the Haligtree. Indeed, I believe that is where Malenia will be found.
  29. The Haligtree is hidden somewhere in these Northern lands.
  30. Again we meet. I can only surmise our purposes are aligned. In which case, allow me to explain myself.
  31. I am of Malenia's blood. But in what capacity I know not. I could be sister, daughter, or an offshoot… Whatever the case though, I am certain of a kinship between us.
  32. There is something I must return to Malenia. The will that was once her own. The pride, as a human, to resist the call of the scarlet rot.
  33. Oh, hello. Thank you for lending your hand. Without your help, I could not have defeated that quartet. I feel as if I've been in your debt from beginning to end.
  34. Thank you. With your help, I was able to live as my own person, if only in passing.
  35. But this is where things end. I pause to even tell you, but... I took out the needle myself.
  36. Tell my wicked master. That if I am to flower into something other than myself, I would rather rot into nothingness as I am. Please, let me pass alone.
  37. The scarlet rot writhes now, worse than ever. Before long I will be a mound of flesh. Curse-laden, and not to be meddled with.
  38. I wouldn't want such a thing to bring you harm.
  39. (winces of pain when hit by the player, etc.) Is there something wrong? Please, cease this at once. Why have you done this? Why must we always fight?
  40. I will not forget what you did for me. But this day marks our farewell. I did not imagine it ending like this. But I will not forget what you have done.
  42. Ahhh, how could you... Is this your true heart?
  43. Was I... was it all... All for this?
  44. Oh, a pleasure to see you, a pleasure indeed. I am Gowry. A great sage, in my day, anyway.
  45. I'd hoped to ask a favour, when one of your ilk came along. A strapping young Tarnished, able to cross the scarlet swamp of Aeonia.
  46. Don't fret, I'll provide fine recompense. Should you accept… I will teach you the secret of Sellia, the town you see there.
  47. Ah, then you're willing to lend a hand, are you? I need your help to heal a certain young girl.
  48. Her name is Millicent. You will find her beyond Sellia, resting at the church atop the cliff, stricken by the rotting sickness.
  49. The rotting sickness that afflicts Millicent has no cure. When the Erdtree flourished, even the demigods could not stave off its effects, despite their nigh godhood.
  50. But Millicent's suffering can be ameliorated. For this, you are to find a certain needle.
  51. Seek the deep scarlet swamp of Aeonia, outside Sellia's bounds. The needle, made from unalloyed gold, is lost somewhere there.
  52. First, you must find the unalloyed gold needle. It's hidden somewhere in the deep scarlet swamp of Aeonia. Then I will tell you, as promised.
  53. The secret of the town of Sellia. Ah, my apologies. I rather got ahead of myself, didn't I. Well, no matter. I'm accustomed to waiting.
  54. But if you should decide to hear my offer, whenever that may be, do come and speak with me again. I'll wait as long as it takes.
  55. Ah, changed your mind, have you? If you are willing to undertake my request, I'll gladly share with you the secret of Sellia, the town yonder.
  56. Ohh, you've found the unalloyed gold needle. As promised, I've detailed the secret of Sellia right here.
  57. Go on, it's yours. Now, let me have a look at the needle. Hmm. Hmmmm. Well, well, this is a marvel indeed.
  58. The work of a true artisan…a meticulous, bold craftsman who grasps the essence of life. Can you give me some time with this?
  59. As well made as it is, it won't be much use snapped in half, will it.
  60. I have awaited your return.
  61. The needle is repaired. Now it will forestall the rotting sickness, I'm sure.
  62. Will you give it to the girl, Millicent? I will reward you in kind.
  63. Millicent rests at the church atop the cliff, beyond Sellia, the town yonder.
  64. Tended to by the witless pests who worship her, or rather, her rotting sickness, as a god.
  65. A wretched fate, indeed. The poor girl, she never wished for any of this. Do you find it peculiar? That I would show such concern for the girl.
  66. Well, I'm the one that found her. A mere babe, in the swamp of Aeonia. She is one of my dear daughters. But the rotting sickness erodes one's memory.
  67. I doubt that she remembers the first thing about me. Oh, I must be getting old. I didn't always worry so much. (laughs)
  68. Can you give me some time with this? As well made as it is, it won't be much use snapped in half, will it.
  69. Now, all you need do is deliver the needle to Millicent. She's convalescing in the church atop the cliff just beyond Sellia.
  70. Do so, and you shall receive handsome recompense, of course. Thank you kindly. For giving the needle to Millicent.
  71. (sigh of relief) Now she, too, can begin her journey. And stare her fate straight in the eye.
  72. You've been a saint, through and through. As thanks, I vow to impart to you my knowledge of the lost sorceries of the Sellians, descendants of the Eternal.
  73. Please make certain that little Millicent goes unharmed.
  74. Like her mother, she has the stuff to be a great warrior, but commands only one arm, and is yet preciously young.
  75. Oh, you noticed, did you? Indeed, Millicent did visit this hovel of a home. It seems the memories eaten away by the rotting sickness yet remain, but faintly.
  76. However, she has no need of me, any more. No, she must embark on her journey, and stare her fate in the eye.
  77. I mustn't impede. As I've aged, I've found the best way to aid the young... Is to be forgotten. Ah, welcome, welcome. How may I help?
  78. Do you...need me for something else? So, you gave Millicent a golden arm replacement… This is a wonderful development. Thank you for your kindness.
  79. Now Millicent may fully realise her true warrior's potential. Like her beautiful mother. The girl, Millicent.
  80. She is a bud. Green and undeveloped, waiting to flower into magnificence. What a wondrous day that will be.
  82. In truth, before her, I'd never seen a bud of such superior quality. She might very well outshine her sisters.
  83. Do you have an interest in rot incantations? Then you might like to learn something of the history... of Malenia, goddess of scarlet rot.
  84. Queen Marika and her King Consort Radagon were blessed with twin demigods, and Malenia was one of them. She was born an Empyrean, carrying the scarlet rot.
  85. An no mere demigod. As the age of the Elden Ring, and Queen Marika, was reaching its end, the precious Empyrean was born.
  86. A new god to forge a new order. Since Malenia fought Radahn, and the great scarlet flower blossomed in Aeonia, I have dedicated myself to her.
  87. And to the resplendence of the order of rot. The cycle of decay and rebirth. Oh, Millicent. Finding herself, is she? The words of a true innocent, the dear girl.
  88. Well, perhaps this is just as it should be. Little Millicent, following in the steps of her mother, no matter what. This is their fate, after all.
  89. <sobbing> Oh, mm, I didn't notice you there. Welcome. How may I help you?
  90. My apologies though, you hardly needed to see me like that.
  91. Oh, it's just… I realised that I'd soon be saying my goodbyes to Millicent, and… My eyes began to well... She is to meet them very soon. Her sisters.
  92. And when she does, she'll be defeated, surely, and begin to flower. Which is why...
  93. If you happen to be present for the girl's fight with her sisters, I ask that you side with the sisters and kill Millicent.
  94. It must be done by your hand; no other. Millicent trusts you, rather deeply in fact.
  95. Sever that trust. Nurtured by betrayal, her bud will flower most vividly. When Malenia ascends to godhood, Millicent too shall be reborn. As a scarlet valkyrie.
  96. Thus, I have a request of the utmost import. I beg you, kill Millicent. Before the girl can meet her sisters.
  97. There is no other way. It must be done by your hand alone.
  98. You seem to have sown a seed in Millicent's heart. Which will flower most vividly, should she be plucked by you.
  99. Malenia will be a goddess. And once she is, Millicent will flower anew, as a scarlet valkyrie.
  100. You can't tell me you don't wish to see it. The superior bud that is Millicent, becoming the finest of flowers?
  101. I beg of you, kill her. With your own two hands. Welcome, welcome.
  102. How may I help you? Oh how I have counted the days. Millicent shall soon meet her sisters. When the time is ripe... Do what you must to ensure Millicent dies.
  103. (sighs) Millicent, my daughter. Why would you take out the needle? You were so close. So very close. To becoming the fairest of all flowers.
  104. Would you disown us too? As your Mother did? We children of the scarlet rot? Millicent... Malenia... Do you detest us, so utterly?
  105. Have you taken the lesson, now? Killing me is but an exercise in futility. All is well, provided you understand.
  106. Let's just pretend it never happened, shall we?
  107. (sobbing) O Millicent, my daughter... Who would prune your sapling flesh? Such...such cruel and vulgar violence...
  108. (sobbing) Oh, Millicent... My most promising little bud... (sobbing)
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