Cuddle Sif

Oct 31st, 2014
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  4. Crisp night air filled my lungs as I lurched up from my bed roll, the soft rustle of the leaves in the wind, along with my ragged breathing disturbed the otherwise silent night. I quickly surveyed my surroundings, my eyes darting from shadow to shadow as I tried to determine if I was in immediate danger.
  6. But nothing came.
  8. I sighed and laid back down, my heart slowly returning to its normal rhythm. The nights here were always beautiful. In a different time, these forests would have been a sight to behold. A pity one couldn’t travel these lands without some peril looming of his shoulders; especially during these dark days.
  10. “You had another one.”
  12. I turned my head to the voice. A pair of yellow eyes pierced through to darkness to stare directly into my own; she was ever vigil, of course.
  14. “I said not to worry about it.” I reminded her as I turned away, resting my head upon my arm.
  16. “They’re becoming more common now.” She said with a hint of irritation. She moved closer, her body becoming bathed in the moonlight as she inched forward towards me.
  18. “And they’re getting worse. You were fidgeting so much I had thought you had laid your bedroll on an ant hill.”
  20. I tried to ignore her, but I could feel her piercing yellow eyes silently judging me, a mixture of both worry and annoyance on her face as she loomed over me. Even now she still clutched my great sword tightly to her chest, as if she was afraid she would commit some great crime if she dropped it. I must admit, I was rather amazed that she could carry it on her own now.
  22. She had grown much over the years.
  24. “You shouldn’t have accepted this mission. Especially if its only you.”
  26. “I will do whatever is commanded of me.” I tiredly reminded her once again. “And you don’t have to worry about me being alone…”
  28. I rolled over back over and looked up at her gleaming yellow eyes.
  30. “I’ll have you with me, Sif.” I said with a smirk.
  32. Even in the moonlit darkness I could see her ears twitch at my words, her tailing giving a single swish across the grass. But apparently my banter had little effect on her.
  34. “I’m serious Artorias. This quest is folly, I can feel it. There is a sickness here that can’t be cured.” Her brow furrowed in worry as she tried to maintain a stern demeanor, her fingers clutching my sword ever tighter.
  36. I had never seen her like this before, her calm and confident self-had turned to one of apprehension.
  38. I had never been one to run away from danger, and she of all beings would know that best. The stories were of my feats are of no myth. I am Artorias the Abysswalker. If anyone could fight the Dark, if anyone could stem the tide and end this plague of undead, and end this age of dying light, it would be me. She and I both knew that.
  40. She worried for me.
  42. My friend.
  44. My companion.
  46. “Come here, Sif.” I said reaching up and grabbing the handle of my sword, prying it from her hands. She tried to relent, but she let the steel slip from her grasp as I heaved it aside and placed it down upon the grass.
  48. “What are you doing?” she asked confused as she watched me flip the cover of my bedroll up.
  50. “I’m making room for you.” I responded moving to the side of my bedroll.
  52. She merely shook her head. “No, I have to keep watch.”
  54. I said gave her an incredulous look. “We have no fire to alert anyone, and I’m sure your nose is more than enough to warn us of any danger, not to mention the night rather chilling.”
  56. She seemed to hesitate, and for a moment I thought she would refuse my generous offer. But to my relief, she crouched down and laid beside me, her back facing me with her bushy tail fitting snuggly between us; it seemed like she was intent on sleeping, or at least ignoring me. I couldn’t resist wrapping my arms around her and pulling her body tightly against mine.
  58. Once again, she didn’t say anything or give any reaction as I began to nestle my head into the crook of her neck, her loose silver hair tickling my face. Her scent began to fill my nose as we lay there for several moments in silence.
  60. “You smell good.” I whispered softly.
  62. Her wolfen ears twitched, as if something had just tickled her ear, while her tail suddenly pressed against my leg.
  64. “I-idiot. It’s been weeks since we last saw a river.” Her voice warbled as she began to fidget in my arms.
  66. I couldn’t help but smile at such a childish reaction from the normally proud wolf. I began to wonder how much of a reaction I could get from her, especially if she was acting so moody. My hands soon found something soft and malleable beneath the sheet.
  68. “Artorias?” she spoke in a high pitched tone, “What are you doing?”
  70. “I’m just trying to warm you up.” I half-jokingly replied.
  72. In reality, my hand was softly groping her chest, kneading the mound of flesh through her clothing.
  74. Her outfit was actually my own grand banner once upon a time. But when I first found Sif, it was the only thing I had on hand to cover her with. She had since converted it to her own needs, fashioning it to drape and wrap around her body. In my own honesty, it looked better on her.
  76. I continued to fondle her breast, gauging for her reaction as her tail began to rhythmically bump against my leg. In the silence of the night, I could hear her breathing become heavier and more ragged as she put up no resistance whatsoever.
  78. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying it.
  80. I wanted to see how much.
  82. Gingerly, I moved my hand and felt for the opening of her makeshift dress. To my surprise, it was easy to find, and I soon felt warm soft flesh beneath my fingertips. She still didn’t protest as I cupped her breast and began to directly touch her. With her head turned away, I couldn’t tell her reaction; only her ears flicked occasionally. I traced my fingers along her breast, exploring my limits. I could feel her nipple slowly stiffening against the palm of my hand as I pulled myself closer to her, pressing my body against hers and allowing myself a better reach. I was rewarded with a soft yelp as I began to play with her, circling my finger around her teat and giving it soft pinches. She squirmed in my arms as soft moans and sharp gasps began to emanate from her lips. She let out the softest of squeals as I gently pulled on her nipple and let it bounce back, her whole body lurching as the sudden onset of pleasure wracked her.
  84. All the while her bottom grinded against me, the only thing separating us was the thin cloth of my trousers, and her own makeshift dress. Her bottom bumped and pressed against me while she squirmed, and I could feel myself become hard.
  86. You have to understand, Sif is my friend. I had always viewed her as my loyal companion, the same as any other who had fought by my side. Not to mention that I have been to court many times; I had felt and seen the unmistakable semblance of Princesses, Goddesses, and others that displayed the pentacle of the feminine quality.
  88. But Sif was the exact opposite. She was crude but elegant in her own way, I suppose. But now this was the first time I recognized her as being a woman.
  90. And I wanted her.
  92. “Bend over, Sif.” I commanded her.
  94. In truth, I could have been more accommodating for her, but by then my loins were already on fire and I wanted her. I pressed my hand between her shoulder blades and pushed her forward while my other hand began to undo my trousers. I could tell she was confused as she looked back over her shoulder trying to see what I was doing. She finally understood when I grabbed the hem of her dress and began to shimmy it up.
  96. “W-wait, we can’t be doing-heeee!” she gasped, unable to finish her sentence as my cock began to rub against her womanhood.
  98. “I’m sorry…” I whispered as I began to guide myself into her. “But I need you now.”
  100. The next thing I knew, my cock became buried inside her, engulfed in such a pleasurable heat that I let out a low moan which was only matched by Sif. No, she didn’t moan. She howled. I wish I could say that our first moment together was loving and tender, but I was ruled by lust now. I had my way with her. I relentlessly pounded into her, our flesh colliding witch such force that the only way it was drowned out was by our incessant grunting and moaning.
  102. I remember holding onto her hip and pulling her onto me. I remember her paw grabbing onto my hip for support, while she howled and moaned through gritted teeth. I remember wanting more of her, and the salty sensation of her skin upon my tongue as I dove into her neck, the soft sensation of her paw running through my hair. I came deep inside of her, all the while I continued to ram into her, filling her with my seed. She threw her head back and let out the longest howl I’d ever head her utter; no doubt the forest would be angry with us for waking its residents in the middle of the night.
  104. When the euphoric bliss passed, I immediately regretted what I had done. I had used my best friend as nothing more than a piece of meat to satisfy my primal urges. I had betrayed her and our trust. I pulled out and tried to apologize.
  106. “Sif..Sif I’m so sorry. I don’t know what came ov-“
  108. I tried to, at any rate.
  110. I felt something wet and hot steal my lips and my breath as soft fuzzy arms wrapped around me. I stared in awe as my companion tried her hardest to shove her tongue into my mouth, her legs becoming entangled in mine.
  112. “I…need more…” she broke away, trying to catch her breath while she rested her forehead against mine. “Give me more….” her lust filled eyes demanded.
  114. I did the only thing I could do, and reciprocated.
  116. I forget how many positions we did, or how many times I came inside her. She was quite forceful, actually. The hours were lost upon me. But by the time we had finally settled down, the morning light was already beginning peek through the trees.
  117. Sif was gently nibbling on my neck, occasionally licking me and sucking on my flesh, her ears tickling my chin as her body rested atop of mine. I reached up and began to ruffle her silver hair, making sure to scratch behind her ears. In some regards, I sometimes imagined Sif had more in common with a dog rather than wolf, but I knew that if I ever told her that, I’d than likely find myself at the bottom of a well.
  119. I grabbed a handful of her buttocks squeezed, earning myself a light gasp from her. She looked up at me with an annoyed, bashful look before burying her face into my neck and nuzzling up against me.
  121. “I wish we could wake up every morning like this together.” She whispered softly; her hot breath upon my skin caused me to shiver a little.
  123. “We could”. I wrapped both my arms around her and hugged her tightly against me. It was an odd sensation feeling her breasts press against me.
  125. “Then don’t go to Oolacile.”
  127. I looked down at her, and was met with the glow of her yellow eyes. The same eyes she had stared worryingly at me just last night. She still worried for me.
  129. “Sif….” I started, unsure of how to begin. “I have to do this. They need me. And so long as Dark persists in this world, they will always need me…but I swear to you this.”
  131. I pulled her up towards me, her forehead resting upon mine as I gently grasped her head and stared into her eyes.
  133. “I’m not going to fall there. Nor am I ever going to leave you alone. We’ll stop the spread of the Abyss. And we’ll do it together, alright?” I gently rubbed her cheek with my thumb, her expression growing softer and softer, her tail bumped repeatedly against my legs as I confessed my feelings to her.
  135. “I’d rather lose my left arm than abandon you, alright? I’ll come back for you, even if-“
  137. I felt something hot and wet drip on my cheek, and suddenly realized that Sif’s eyes had grown cloudy as tears began to roll down her face. But she wore a giddy smile as she wiped away her tears.
  139. “Idiot.” She spoke, her lips just grazing mine as she brought her paw to my hand and we intertwined our fingers together
  141. We kissed for what seemed to be the longest time as the sun began to peek over the trees. Soon, we’d be on our way to Oolacile, to finally bring an end to the Abyss.
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