ESEA-O S31 Power Rankings Continued

Jun 17th, 2019
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  1. (Continued from TF.TV Post due to character limit.)
  3. Rudys 6v6 and BBQ (9-5)
  5. I don't think they're top 16, but they're kind of crept up under the radar and are now in striking distance to make playoffs with one more win. Normally I'd favor Soulja Boy eSports and OK Kids, but after a few disappointments, perhaps those teams will be fatigued enough for the BBQ boys to get an upset and cross the finish line.
  7. arena_legacy (9-5)
  9. As with many 8 or 9 win teams right now in the final week, I don't believe this team is quite top 16, but with the final race being so tight, all it will take is one great night or a bit of luck to bring down a supposedly favored team and make playoffs against the odds.
  11. Muddy University (8-5)
  13. They aren't a bad team, but ultimately, they haven't won against any good teams excluding a 6v5 over Team Frantic where Team Frantic still won 2 rounds. Still, they have the chance to rise to the occasion and take a playoff spot if they win 2 of their last 3. Not super likely, but it's doable.
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