while we're on the Ozone subject

May 8th, 2015
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  5. Angelina MehtaFeb 24
  6. 1) Our clinic utilizes ozone regularly, and most therapies do not include antioxidant support specifically before or after treatments. The benefits do seem short-lived initially, but we've seen tremendous shifts in energy and lab values (CD-57, EBV early antigen, etc.) with just the IV UBI or rectal ozone insufflation alone. Needless to say, we also change diet and lifestyle factors, along with basic supplements like omegas, probiotics, vit D3, and intestinal demulcent/antiinflammatory formula, which contributes to results as well.
  7. I'm not sure oxidative therapies absolutely need a high dose of antioxidants right away, because I have observed that the inflammation and healing cascade ignited from the ozone are more of a "wake up" call rather than a large amount of oxidation that needs to be urgently combated with antioxidants.
  9. 2) I have heard from our P.A. who attended the Ozone Conference that Dr. Robins in NY does administer Ozone via pic lines, but occasionally has venous collapses. Dr. Rowen, who attended the E-bola conference in Sierra Leon, creates a hyperbaric environment of the glass container holding the serum and ozone to force rbc uptake of the ozone, leaving it less caustic to the veins and no incidence of venous collapse.
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  12. Angelina Mehta, N.D.
  13. Atlanta, GA
  17. Q: while we're on the Ozone subject
  18. Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:24 am (PST) . Posted by:emaiella
  19. I also like Longevity resources.
  22. I have an additional question for Ozone docs out there.
  25. 1. what is your anti-oxidant protocol for before or after receiving Ozone?
  26. 2. Does anyone put in Ozone thru (MAH) an already established pic line?
  29. Thanks,
  30. Emily Maiella
  31. VT and MA
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