Apply Fic [HLP Mother Eve]

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  2. + wattpad username |
  4. @smolpando
  6. + password | in guidelines
  8. I miss you
  10. + slot |
  12. Mother eve
  14. + backup slot |
  15. Cain
  17.  ✧❝ SPRING DAY. ❞
  19. + birth name | korean only
  21. Shin Ji Su
  23. + nickname(s) | who and why
  25. Jiji- her younger sister came up with that nickname out of the blue and so all of her younger siblings started calling her Jiji
  27. + age | refer to slot
  29. 24
  31. + birthdate | ^
  33. July 3, 1993
  35. + height; weight | cm; kg
  36. 170 cm 54 kg
  38. + birthplace; hometown |
  40. Seoul
  42. + nationality; ethnicity | korean only
  43. Korean
  45. + faceclaim | preferably an ulzzang or an aesthetic fc. look at slot for a guide. if it's an ulzzang then drop their instagram username
  47. Ig- current_r
  49. + backup faceclaim | ^
  51. Ig- heojayoon
  53. ✧❝ HOLD ME TIGHT. ❞
  55. + personality | min. 10 sentences. please be detailed and descriptive.
  57. Jisu deeply cares for the people she loves to the point where she becomes basically selfless. In her life, her priorities consist of her family and few close friends. In some ways this could be described as her main fatal flaw. She tries to do everything she can for others as well as herself so she constantly is overworking herself. This causes her to go in depressive and rather irritative moods from time to time where she'll nag people who approach her more than ever and if she can, she'll try to isolate herself. Overall she tries to put on a smile for the rest of the world and will help those in need. She's sociable and amiable and well liked among many people. Her sassy personality can really lighten up an entire room and she is an expert in sarcastic remarks. But shes the type to become easily attached to people and takes in the worries of people around her. In some case Jisu is too naive to know that people take advantage of her cause of this.  Her caring personality is shown through her nagging. Many times she will even get angry at people and yell at them for their benefit, which is especially true with her younger siblings. She can be a rather emotional person but tends to hide it from people to avoid worrying them (except for anger, if she's angry she will let it out). She's the type to keep her worries to herself and tends not to complain even in the toughest situations. She gets stressed a lot and tries to hide it as well, but she is pretty good at handling stressful situations and would use logic to make her way through. She has very capable leadership skills and can be assertive in a working environment. In her group of friends she takes a role to make plans as well as keep the group well and together. She has strong morals and truly believes people should do the right thing. She's not shy about showing this part of herself either and will guide her friends and family to do the right thing if they ever need it.  She can be stubborn and hard to sway but tries her best to be understanding of different thoughts and opinions.
  59. + background | take what i've suggested into consideration. add on to it and tell me her feelings. give the reason she
  60. took the pill. sort of a dark/sad ish past
  62. Jisu grew up as the oldest of 4 siblings in a lower middle class family. Both her parents worked long hours so we're hardly ever home. This made Jisu the main caretaker of the Shin household and took care of chores since a very young age. She has a younger brother who is 2 years younger than her who focused more on his social life and education rather than his family situation at home. Jisu also has two twin sisters who are 7 years younger than her and are for the most part sweet angels. Her youngest sibling is 9 years younger than her and he is the loudest and most hyperactive kid you'll ever met. He's mischievous but if one person can (sort of) handle him it's Jisu. Her entire childhood consisted of taking care of her siblings and her exhausted parents which forced her to mature very early on. She never had someone she could lean on and could take care of her it was always about taking care of others. At the age of 14 her mom died making things for Jisu more difficult than ever as the only person who came close to even helping her was her mom. After that her dad feel into financial debt and worked even more and more while the 5 siblings barely had much to manage with at home. Sometimes Jisu wouldn't even eat so her siblings could eat. After a while things did get better and her dad met a woman who he apparently fell in "love" with. Turns out when he finally married this woman it was only for her money. Soon enough her father lost his jobs and became obsessed with drinking his troubles away. Even in his drunken angry state Jisu would try to take care of him regardless of how many times he injured her while doing so. When her dad was sober he would tell her to stay away from him when he's drunk but she still took care of him. His wife did nothing to help and instead would be gone for nights when things got really bad. Eventually they got divorced and by that time Jisu had dropped out of high school in order to support her family. Her daily life became working, chores, and online classes so there was barely enough time for sleep or even food. She forced her dad to go to a rehabilitation center and when he got back things started to look bright once again. Her dad started to work again and Jisu finally thought she could focus on her own studies. She applied for college and got accepted but college life was not easy. She still lived with her family and took care of all the household chores. Her life did not get any easier as she tried to balance everything in her life. Now she really can't handle it anymore, all she wants is a break and this pill seems like her sole option right now.
  64. + likes | min. 5
  65. Music
  66. Neatness/ organization
  67. Writing
  68. Poems
  69. Coffee
  70. White
  71. Roller coasters
  73. + dislikes | min. 5
  74. Dirt
  75. Bugs
  76. Eating fish
  77. Alcohol/ drugs
  78. Hot weather
  80. + trivia | facts, habits, fears, pet peeves etc. min. 10
  81. - Her biggest fear is to be completely alone
  82. - Biggest pet peeve is when people bite their hair
  83. - She's a really talented singer but doesn't really show it
  84. - She loves doing peoples hair and knows how to do lots of different and unique hairstyles
  85. - She has a pretty good fashion sense and loves shorts
  86. - She publishes a lot of poetry online and gets a pretty large response
  87. - She has loud and energetic voice
  88. - She has super pretty handwriting
  89. - She can't handle horror movies
  90. - Her favorite flower is white roses
  91. - She can be really savage at times
  92. - She's confident in her looks but can still be insecure from time to time
  94.    ✧❝ DEAD LEAVES. ❞  
  96. + what's your dream? |
  98. I'm going to keep it simple. All I want is for my loved ones and I to be happy. Like not 24/7 happiness and smiles but maybe like Kim Kardashian happy? Ok I'm joking I'm not gold digging here but I want a decent job where I can support my family. I want my dad to relax the creases on his face and my siblings to enjoy their youth. Maybe I could travel the world or something that would be lit.
  100. + what's your favorite memory? |
  102. I remember for my 14th birthday I woke up to my room filled to the brim with balloons. It was like waking up in wonderland. My parents made a cake for me and together everyone ate it in my balloon filled room. Afterwords we all decided to pop the balloons together. It was fun but I definitely thought my eardrums were going to pop and I would be deaf for the rest of my life. Thankfully that didn't happen. That birthday was also the last one I ever got to spend with my mom. If I could relive one day, it would be that day.
  104. + regrets? |
  106. I think the better question is what don't I regret? In all seriousness I regret many things. There's this constant burden on my  shoulders that I could have been better, that I could be a better sister, or a better friend, or even a better daughter. I wish I could keep my anger inside and be a warmer person. Also I think I say the most embarrassing shiz. There's so much I wish I could just erase.
  108. + do you believe in love? if so, how do you wish your story to go? |
  110. I go around telling people, "wow love that's stupid!" But I'm gonna call myself out as a hypocrite. If I have to be honest I do believe in love. I mean all those people in love out there they ain't faking it. Or maybe they are and they're actually like robots or something but that's a theory for another day. But yea I believe in love and I genuinely wish I can experience it in life. It'd be nice to have a cliche love story like love at first sight or enemies turned into lovers. I would like my own, "and they lived happily ever after." A girl can dream.
  113.    ✧❝ LOVE IS NOT OVER. ❞    
  115. + love interest | take the ones i've suggested into consideration. the reason being that i think so and so would have more chemistry together than others.
  117. Kim Seokjin
  119. + backup |
  120. Kim Namjoon
  122. + first impressions | him & her
  124. Jisu- she just took the pill and when she opened her eyes the dirt hung she saw was was Jin in the distance. Even though she was scared and confused she saw Jin and thought, "wow he's good looking." Jin introduced himself to her and she thought he was nice enough. As they continued to talk he told her the corniest jokes which for some reason she continued to laugh at. Strangely she felt comfortable with him.  
  126. Jin- Jin saw her from afar and could tell she was confused and lost and maybe even a little bit scared. He went over to introduce himself and tried to cheer her up to the best of his abilities. That included telling her a lot of his dad jokes. It definitely surprised him when she laughed a genuine laugh. For Jin that enough for him to like her.
  128. + relationship | put status and then describe how they act and interact with each other from beginning to end
  129. They definitely got off to a good start but when Jisu started doing the chores and started cooking their meals as well Jin felt like his place in the house was being threatened. The first time Jisu woke up early to make breakfast the two of them started to argue who would make breakfast. In the end they were in such a head and head argument that the entire house had woken up and they still hadn't made any breakfast for anyone. The two continued to argue as someone else made breakfast. At lunch time the same thing happened once again that everyone else just decided to get take-out instead. Jisu and Jin both hated fighting with each other so they both confronted each other and worked out a schedule for who'll do what and when. The schedule in the end was ineffective as both of them would help each other out regardless if it was their turn or not. They still argued a bit here and there but they both gradually developed feelings for each other. Jin wanted to confess grandly and with the help of his brothers he decorated the dining room very romantically. He made a romantic dinner and played music as well. When Jisu came she was surprised too see the decorations and left the room cause she thought it was for someone else. But Jin stumbled out of his hiding place and ran to her and pulled Jisu back. He told her this was all for her. She asked who did this for her and Jin deadpanned stared at her in his tux and asked her who does she think did this. She caught on but jokingly said "was it Jimin?" And Jin legitimately shocked opened his mouth wide and just stared at her. Jisu then laughed and said she was joking and gave him a small kiss on his cheek. This took Jin by surprise but he quickly got his revenge as he gave a small peck on her lips. Jisu looked shocked and Jin laughed at her expression. They sat down and Jungkook, the butler for the night, came in and served them food. They ate their food and talked and laughed. At the end of the night Jin properly confessed and she confessed back.
  131. Status: in a relationship
  133. + couple trivia | nicknames? interactions? whatever you like
  135. - Jin loves calling Jisu nicknames like baby, cupcake, honey, etc but Jisu finds it embarrassing
  136. - They'll fight over the tiniest thing but it's in a joking matter most of the time
  137. - Jin tries to match their outfits
  138. - Jisu sometimes calls Jin for no reason at all even if their in the same house
  139. - They both think theyre a better cook than the other  
  141.    ✧❝ LOVE IS NOT OVER. ❞
  143. + scene suggestions | include scenes with love interest and all together ( bangtan + the girls )
  145. - all the girls plan to prank the boys by drawing on their faces while their sleeping (the boys get their revenge later too)
  146. - Jin and Jisu (+others) watching a horror movie and Jisu completely clinging to Jin
  147. - Jin catching Jisu singing and becoming obsessed with her voice and keeps begging her to sing for him
  149. note; they're in the middle of nowhere. around them are simply life necessities such as convenience stores, grocery stores, a motel and a petrol station.
  151. + anything i missed? |
  153. This was a really good form I can't think of anything else!
  155. + message to lucee | i'm lonely
  157. Hello!!! You seem like a really nice person and I would love to know you! Please tell me if I should change it or anything and thanks again for giving me a chance to send my form in!!! Good luck writing and have a wonderful day!!!!!!
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