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  1. <size=100><color=#008000>-+</color>Info<color=#008000>+-</color></size>
  2. <color=#FF0000><size=20>Rules</size></color>
  3. <color=#008000>1. Don't Teamkill, as it will result in punishment (Watch your fire!)</color>
  4. <color=#008000>2. Don't abuse the intercom.</color>
  5. <color=#008000>3. You can play music over your mic, but not loud.</color>
  6. <color=#008000>4. Don't kill D-Class on sight unless armed. You can disarm and
  7. let them escape to change them into a NTF member</color>
  8. <color=#008000>If anything irrational happens these rules may change due to the circumstance.</color>
  10. <size=100><color=#008080>+-</color>Misc<color=#008080>+-</color></size>
  11. <color=#00FFFF>Have a good time on the server try to follow the rules, and have fun.</color>
  12. <color=#008000><link="">[ Discord ] Click me!</link></color>
  14. <size=100><color=#008080>++</color>Updates<color=#008080>++</color></size>
  15. <color=#f44242><b>Events will be happening throughout the week.</b></color>
  16. <color=#41f47d><size=20>Last Updated: February 27th, 2019</size></color>
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