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  1. A Perfect Hero.mp3                   Go Beat Crazy.mp3            Maybe Tonite.mp3*           Set Me Free.mp3
  2. All Around.mp3*                      Go Racing Go.mp3             Midnight Lover.mp3*         Spacelove.mp3*
  3. Beat of the Rising Sun.mp3*          Gotta GO.mp3                 My Only Star.mp3*           Sparks in the Dark.mp3*
  4. Break Out.mp3*                       Grand Prix.mp3*              Night of Fire.mp3*          Speed Car.mp3*
  5. Burning up for you.mp3               HOT LIMIT.mp3*               No One Sleep In Tokyo.mp3*  Speed Lover.mp3*
  6. Chemical Love.mp3*                   Hai Hai Hai.mp3*             Number One.mp3*             Speedway.mp3*
  7. Crazy For Love.mp3*                  Hot Hot Racing Car.mp3       On Your Wings.mp3           Speedy Speed Boy.mp3*
  8. Crazy Little Love.mp3                I Believe in Loving You.mp3  Over Drive.mp3*             Spitfire.mp3
  9. Crazy on Emotion.mp3                 I Need Your Love.mp3*        Over the Rainbow.mp3*       Station to station.mp3*
  10. Dancing out of Danger.mp3            I Won't Fall Apart.mp3       Queen Of My Ecstasy.mp3*    Stop your self control.mp3*
  11. Derreck Simons - Under The Sea.mp3*  InvisibleTouch.mp3           Rain.mp3                    Street of Fire.mp3*
  12. Dream of Love.mp3                    Kiss.mp3                     Raising Hell.mp3*           Supercar.mp3*
  13. Express Love.mp3*                    Let's Go, Come On.mp3*       Remember me.mp3*            The Power Of Gasoline.mp3*
  14. Face The Race.mp3                    Livin' On A Prayer.mp3*      Revolution.mp3*             The Race of The Night.mp3
  15. Forever Young.mp3*                   Lonely Boy.mp3*              Rider Of The Sky.mp3*       To The Top.mp3
  16. FreedomRide.mp3                      Lonely Love.mp3              Rockin Hardcore.mp3         WANNA BE MY LOVER.mp3*
  17. Funky Town.mp3                       LookaBomba.mp3               Runaway.mp3                 Wheel Power and Go.mp3
  18. Gamble Rumble.mp3*                   Lost Into the Night.mp3*     Running In The 90's.mp3*    When The Sun Goes Down.mp3
  19. Gas Gas Gas.mp3                      Love and Money.mp3           STAY THE NIGHT.mp3*         YTMND Soundtrack - Volume 8 - 10 - Japan Break Industries -  Japan Break Industries Eurobeat.mp3*
  20. Get Me Power.mp3                     ManifoldLove.mp3             STREET BOY.mp3*             Your Love Is Like A Medicine.mp3
  21. Gimme the Night.mp3*                 Max Power.mp3*               Say Say Say.mp3
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