May 31st, 2019
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  1. What's Fixed
  3. Animation:
  4. -Incorrect initialization of complex attribute structure causes crash on file open
  5. -Invisibility Evaluator state does not always update
  6. -Crash when baking key animation
  7. -Butterworth filter undo is slow with large datasets
  8. -Vertex and UV manipulation breaks on meshes with keys
  9. -Interactive Bind Skin Tool: unable to shrink, move, or rotate the capsule
  10. -Playback frame rate is slower than real-time if no other application than Maya is running
  11. -NURBs evaluation crash with scenes containing animated surface modifiers
  12. -Modifying deformer set confuses the connections
  13. -Graph Editor: Retime tool cannot undo and leads to a crash
  14. -Graph Editor: Euler filter is not processing sibling curves correctly
  15. -Parallel Evaluation : Maya crashes when rendering frame 1 but not frame 20
  16. -Select Playbast/Options crashes using Black Magic drivers
  17. -Image plane performance is slow on Mac OS X
  18. -Cycle warning when editing vertices on a blend shape target
  19. -Crash when selecting IK Control
  20. -Using weightBlended skinning zeros all normals on mesh
  21. -Cannot type in values for IK handle in Channel Box / Attribute Editor
  22. -Maya graph editor hangs animating cameras
  23. -Crash saving a file that has a HIK XML file using id 0
  24. -Joint orientations not evaluating properly
  25. -Butterworth/Key Reducer filter : Enabling "Preserve Keys by Tangent" when "Preview" is on, causes a crash
  26. -Incorrect Squash and Stretch behavior in DG Mode
  27. -Keying NURBS with Vis Connections Freezes Application
  28. -Joint rotate pivot does not move
  29. -Crash creating proxy attributes
  30. -Crash deleting nodes from simple rig
  31. -Missing dependency propagation during graph construction causes crash during playback or scrubbing
  32. -Transforming multiple selected controls connected to a character set does not work
  34. Foundation:
  35. -Creating a set a second time duplicates the first set in the Outliner
  36. -Missing sets in outliner when creating 10+ sets (or 2+ quick select sets)
  37. -Incorrect Module path set with autoLoader.mll plugins
  38. -Entering a backslash in the plugin manager search window causes it to become blank
  39. -Creating node from PyMel fails after first instance
  40. -Some python commands no longer auto-convert its parameters to strings
  41. -Custom nodes (such as Mash waiter node) do not show in Outliner unless Searched
  42. -Walk Tool Broken, Error: Line 1.47: "$walkToolMessage" is an undeclared variable.
  43. -"File Save As" does not save to correct location (no longer defaults to the project location scenes directory, rather to the last location that was open)
  44. -importTimeRange "override" is not working
  45. -V-Ray Sets missing (like displacement) in the Outliner
  46. -A newly created character set does not appear in the Outliner
  47. -referenceQuery: "Cannot find the associated namespace" after renaming reference namespace
  48. -Memory corruption and crash when the garbage collector invoked from a thread cleans up widgets
  49. -Dictionary Attributes not being stored as expected
  50. -Blend shape targets lost when importing FBX
  51. -Crash when calling exit() in mayapy without standalone.uninitialize()
  52. -Crashing when importing .ABC files with extra attributes added
  54. Modeling:
  55. -Mirror not working properly in -Z axis
  56. -Maya crashes opening scene where polyPinUV history was previously deleted
  57. -Maya crashes when using 3D Paint Tool on NURBS
  58. -polyPlatonic, PolyDisc, polySuperShape, and PolyGear unavailable in batch mode
  59. -Select > Inverse for NURBS CVs clears the selection
  60. -Lag when selecting multiple large meshes while UV Editor is open
  61. -Long pause when selecting a large number of small meshes while the UV Editor is open
  62. -When replicating children of LOD_Group with inputConnections set to True, grandchild nodes are not duplicated
  63. -art3dPaintCtx exportfilesave fails to export attribute map
  64. -Boolean operations create invalid geometry causing Maya to crash
  65. -Mirror Offset does not work
  66. -Maya does not recognize polydisc node in prompt mode
  67. -Crash while deleting Components on instanced Objects (with display of border edges on)
  68. -Poly Mirror not working if "Cut geometry" is on and "Offset" is 0
  70. Rendering:
  71. -Light editor state becomes corrupt if referenced lights are deleted in the referenced file
  72. -Maya: Crash on import of Maya scene with legacy render layers enabled
  74. UI:
  75. -Save As path in File Dialog is not the path of the file opened anymore
  76. -UI : field colors of non-keyable attributes are hard to read
  77. -Unable to re-dock toolbox(windows) without resizing. (Please see Notes section below for more details on this fix)
  78. -MayaQWidgetDockableMixin the close event is never triggered when closing the window.
  79. -Accessing freed memory when exiting mayapy from static initializers and destructors
  80. -Workspaces: "Reset Current Workspace" does not restore widgets to their original size
  81. -Outliner lags with large number of elements (faces) expanded
  83. Viewport:
  84. -Selection of objects causes continuous memory leak
  85. -MHWRender::MIndexBuffer: Linux: wrong number reported by "ogs -gpu" when using custom buffers
  86. -Wireframe not visible for geometry override
  87. -Viewport 2.0 display of stereo cameraSet is incorrect
  88. -MTextureManager always creates mipmaps
  89. -Geometry corruption with UV Editor in Shaded Mode
  90. -Viewport 2.0: nCloth: Connection Density Range curve from constraint node not updating
  91. -castShadows attribute is not evaluated properly if it's connected to another attribute
  92. -Skin-Delta Deformation Incorrect Behavior when Referenced
  93. -Fixed broken draw and selection when plugin shape has -1 value for MVertexBufferDescriptor::offset()
  94. -Performance issue - updateRenderItems called every frame
  95. -Display glitch whilst modeling in the viewport
  96. -Maya 2018 UV Editor is slow when many other meshes are in the scene
  97. -Some UVs are only visible when you zoom out
  99. XGen:
  100. -IGS LinearWire Simulation behavior incorrect
  101. -Utility tab of XGen editor in Maya 2019 is blank
  103. Rendering:
  104. -If you are using Maya 2019.1 Update with MtoA 3.2.0, you may experience a crash if you hide or unhide a light while Arnold RenderView is running.
  106. -Workaround: Render with MtoA 3.2.1 instead. To obtain the installer,
  107. UI
  108. -Unable to re-dock toolbox(windows) without resizing. MAYA-97252
  110. -Workaround: Set the environment variable MAYA_WORKSPACES_ALWAYS_SHOW_TAB to 1 so that the tab remains present and can be used to select, dock and redock.
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