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  1. It sat on the edge, taking demented glances around the room,
  2. bringing the rifle near its chest. Fright had seized it and it sat immobile.
  3. The anthropos had realised, late as it is, that it was deep within the
  4. mountains of madness. Now, something was coming for it from the halls.
  5. The unconquerable worked silently and with haste, whose actions forced
  6. life to elicit reactions of sheik and horror. The only thing it heard was the
  7. fearful screams of the childlike, the burden of the murder he committed
  8. made clear beneath the pressure of madness.
  9. Off in the distance, unhuman footsteps, unfaulty and methodical,
  10. whose each step were abnormal torture to its ears. Horrible, how horrible...
  11. Lying alone, it tried to focus on the entrance with its suffering eyes.
  12. It couldn’t for his sense had been disturbed making everything it saw
  13. appear disturbed, the blissful feeling of relief nowhere to be found.
  14. All the eyes saw was an illness, etched to change universally, physically,
  15. transformations that humiliated the mind. It eyes rolled back in its head,
  16. to see that which had no eyes, that which had no ears, that which had no
  17. mouth. The hysterical noises brought it down, a stuttering wreck. Upon
  18. the ravaged eyes became engraved the guise and sight of an astral
  19. hairless body, a grotesque skin whiter than snow covering it as myriads
  20. of broken rusted metal littered on marble plates sit idly.
  21. Twisted from life, it tries yelling, shuddering its receding body for any sensation.
  22. The heart bears the pain as the body is now a useless immobile shell.
  23. At the arms of the faceless void dawned the barren remains of a myth,
  24. stripped of wings, feathers washed in blood like a cooked rotten animal,
  25. killed by a beast! a monster, whose actions lead to only weeping tears,
  26. inspiring terror wherever he goes, terror! terror from an obscure realm of
  27. ephemeral treacheries against life.
  28. The image persists, even as the eyes shut to spare the horrors
  29. and ecstasies of what it witnesses, like a glooming star, forever engraved in the mind.
  30. The wall of flesh laid bare to the damp grave of existence.
  31. It stood still, silent cries trying to escape its mouth, futile as the white grotesque rake
  32. grew a mouth from behind its skin, and like the plangent sea,
  33. hummed chants of eons gone by. Through the muffled remains
  34. and under the constant hummings of eternity, it saw that devoid of eyes look,
  35. staring at the incomprehensible prison that hung inside it.
  36. Even with no mouth it smiled.
  37. It opened its mouth and the ground shook.
  38. The voice of that which spent eternal nights soulless was heard.
  39. Only the polarizing unveiling infection and intoxication of torture was heard,
  40. alongside, he sound of utter poetic ecstasy of pure hatred.
  41. When it halted, so did its savage calcined thoughts. Its eyes went back to normal
  42. and its drunkard heart finally calmed down. The poisonous humming had stopped,
  43. no steps in the distance, no children viciously screaming, nothing. Total silence.
  44. Its soul illuminated with pure instinct as it felt the pains and pleasures of mortality.
  45. The presence of that detestable were now gone. Now it could see, see the dusty
  46. dark hung walls around him as he sat under the desk, hands clenched around his face.
  48. Sanity.
  50. Or so it thought.
  51. Its absence, short lived as it was, had ended with its return. It could neither see, nor hear it, nor smell it.
  52. It couldn’t be detected by the organs of interaction, something beyond his body’s mortal abilities.
  53. Common sense told it to turn around and leave, but fear gripped his soul and turned its legs into stones.
  54. The mind screamed at it to move, but with its weary spirit it did so slowly and crudely, much to its own dismay.
  55. The beast felt the blistering darkness watch over it, just waiting to devour him.
  56. It peered at the borders of the room and moved towards the moonlight shining from the cracks, dancing slowly as it enveloped the light.
  57. Nothing more than a estrangement, like the manifestation of bleeding terror in its eyes, filling the void with darkness, like a liquid, until none shine through.
  58. Black as night, the terrifying darkness loomed over the end other room like an obelisk, as the human finally managed to get back to its feet.
  59. A mix of blood and sweat rolled down its forehead as it stared into the great terror, the black hole moving faster than any object it had never seen,
  60. entering the body through every hole in its skull. It stood there, wondering, fearing, as the body become immobilised and its facial features became planted behind its skin.
  61. It didn’t tremble like before, it didn’t shake. The body started being stripped of flesh, muscle and sinew, before turning pitch black, blending with the darkness.
  62. It dug inside it, right down to its bones turning them into liquid. It filled his veins and turned all of the blood into vomit as the heart pumped it throughout its body.
  63. The organs burned into crisp and they exploded. All life was drained from him as it stood there.
  65. It opened one of its seven mouths and screamed
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