2020 Famitsu TD3rd Art Director interview

Jun 24th, 2020
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  1. Special Project: The Staff's Love Overflows
  3. A Direct Hit from the Art Director, Bandai Namco Studios' Kiyotaka Tamiya!
  5. In this Special Project, here we will introduce the visuals created to commemorate the 3rd Anniversary, as well as design sketches for the new costume "Infinite Sky", as well as an interview with Art Director Kiyotaka Tamiya!
  6. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. - Please tell us the concept of the 3rd Anniversary's main visual.
  9. Tamiya: It's an image of dashing towards "my new world", "the next future", that kind of lively motion. With the night sky painted with fireworks, I think that we can celebrate the 3rd Anniversary, together with the users.
  11. - What points should we focus on?
  13. Tamiya: For the Anniversary's stage, we focused on the unique sense of freedom you can only get from an outdoor stage, such as the change of time between evening and night. As for the Anniversary costume, the blue sky in the early summer, and the lively, cute image, were what we incorporated into the design. Also, we have incorporated new stage direction inspired by the image of these growing idols, so please enjoy the theme song for the 3rd Anniversary.
  15. - Is there anything that you need to be particularly aware of when involved in "Million Live!"?
  17. Tamiya: The feelings of love toward "Million Live!". "Million Live!" is something supported by the incredibly passionate love of the staff, and I'm often overwhelmed by the love from all of the staff members surrounding me. Of course, in order to not lose to them, I consciously try to express all of the idols attractively. I'm very grateful to the development staff, but it's quite challenging...... (laughs). Unique only to "Million Live!", is a love for all the idols.
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