Golden Chocolate

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Day chocolate in Equestria
  2. >you’re Anonymous the lactose intolerant Anon
  3. >and Celestia herself pulled you some sweets from the human world with her magic for...some reason
  4. >lactose-free German milk chocolate bars, filled with sweet white stuff called milch creme
  5. >all you know is that it’s the best god damn lactose free milk chocolate product out there, by frankonia
  6. >Aaahh Lactosefrei Milch-Creme Schocolade bon bons, how they arouse your little alpbuddy in your lederhose to yodel out heartily after a nice glass of buttermilch and then return home to your little cozy hut in the Alps and enjoy some weisswurst and drink some almdudler
  7. >and you have been giddy all day to get a chance to eat your prized treats
  8. >and that brings you to the situation before you
  9. >because, if you are going to eat something special, why not eat it in a special way
  10. >and for that, you have a female mothpony who has the perfect personality to go along with something like this
  11. >Golder Corral, or as her friends call her, Goldie
  12. >and good old Goldie is now lying before you on the dining table, with the chocolates on her behind
  13. >her perky... glorious behind...
  14. >not to mention she is arching her back and pushing her butt out a bit just to rouse some reactions from you
  15. >but that’s fine, Goldie gets her fun in teasing you and making you uncomfortable and you get to eat splendid chocolate in a splendid way
  16. “What are you waiting for Anon, dig in~”
  17. >dammit stop licking your lips seductively like that Goldie
  18. >you gulp and use your hand to grasp a small plastic spoon with what to eat the chocolate candies
  19. >because you do not want to touch them with your bear hands, it would get them sticky
  20. >and that was not a typo, Discord is a dick
  21. >finally you grasp a spoon into your paw and shakily move it towards the price platter
  22. >Goldie gives a teasing little giggle and you almost drop the spoon
  23. >Steady yourself hands, for tonight we will dine on a platter of gold and let the heavenly prize melt in our mouth
  24. >gently, ever so gently, you scoop up a piece of chocolate from Goldies behind and bring it to your mouth
  25. >the almost orgasmic explosion of sweetness and flavor explodes in your mouth like a bag of candy cumming penises
  26. >it has been too long chocolate, oh my sinful little lover
  27. >you’re no good to me, but I still can’t resist, oh god have mercy on your puny little soul
  28. “Anon?”
  29. >you snap back to reality from your choco-bliss
  30. “You should hurry up, it’s starting to melt...”
  31. >Oh no! How hot can Goldies ass be? This is not good, you want to eat every last piece of this delicious candy but the laws of... melting and nature and shit are against you
  32. >desperation fills your mortal soul as panic strikes your heart, tearing deep gashes upon it
  33. >the chocolate must be devoured now, spare no expense
  34. >you throw the spoon away and grasps Goldies ass with your paws, making her yelp in surprise as you dive your face against the melted goodness
  35. “A-anon, not so rough~”
  36. >her voice falls upon deaf ears, disappearing from existence without anyone taking heed to it, like a fart in a desert and you lick and suck and gnaw in desperation for the chocolate
  37. >you pull back to catch your breath and let out a war cry
  39. >and back against the butt your face it goes
  40. “A-anon wa- O-oh. Oh! Oh keep going!”
  41. >noises, Goldies. They say something but you can not hear. The chocolate must be consumed. Use the tongue. Scoop it up. Dig it up from every nook and cranny. Lickety lickety lick goes the chocolate
  42. >and yes we are still talking about chocolate you pervs, nobody mentioned poopoo
  43. >for you will never eat da poopoo
  44. >a torrent of liquid brings you back from your berserk trance and you pull away and breathe hard for the oxygen your lungs are burning for
  45. >mission accomplished, you got all of the chocolate eaten before any of it dropped onto the table
  46. > that you think of it, you could have just eaten it off the table...
  47. >but what’s this, what’s this? Goldie is in a state of mess
  48. “Ah ah ah Anon oh Anon~ haaah haah haah haaah...”
  49. >she’s breathing hard and her eyes seem out of focus, not to mention a light twitch of her body every now and then, and that wink down there...
  50. >and then you catch a scent, and it is the scent of sex
  51. >realization dawns upon you like a new age for mankind, you accidently gave her cunniculus while eating the melted chocolate
  52. >you pull away like your mortal soul would have just been burned by fire
  53. >but you are a man of god (yeah you’re a priest, forgot to mention that) and this sort of behavior is unwelcome of you
  54. >you rush to your basin of holy water and splash it upon your face with your now messy bear hands
  55. >but it is of no use, your soul and body has been tainted for good
  56. >you fall into the deep abyss of desperation, but then there is a light, a wicked light
  57. >since you are already a lost cause, why not then fall more into sin?
  58. >and that’s how you started to praise Satan as your lord and savior
  59. >it was a bear-able lifestyle
  60. >too bad you got thrown into jail for mass murdering all the goats in Equestria
  61. >but the bear hands came into use there
  62. >thank you Discord, you’re not a dick after all
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