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  1. I don't want to add stress to your life but I've been wanting to say this for a month now.
  3. You’re an escapist that much I’ve known since we started having problems. When faced with an emotional roadblock you prefer straying away, ignoring the situation, waiting until the problem disappears or simply embracing dishonesty as a means of avoiding the situation. It is for that reason that you’re in your predicaments in the first place. You have these nightmares because you refuse to discuss what happened in your past, you keep them bottled up. Although I can’t guarantee that those nightmares would dissipate, I can guarantee that certain emotional shackles would remove themselves if you told your mother about what occurred – you’d feel relief.
  5. It is for that escapist mentality that you often attract those who are ‘crazed’ because you simply cannot tell them that you are not interested in them or when they get the wrong impression, instead you ignore or tell them lies rather than face the situation in itself. It’s why I often feel like you’re not completely honest with me about certain things because you’re afraid I’ll be hurt, you’re afraid of something occurring, or you just don’t want there to be negativity -- I want you to be brutally honest always.
  7. It is for that reason that you feel you’re ‘stuck’ in your relationship when you have the power to alter the situation. No one is stuck in a relationship, you simply choose to be stuck because you’re either hoping that situation will solve itself or you’re holding onto past connections.  You seek escapes in the forms of other people and you wish to be free but you’re the one whose chooses to live in a cage. You can run away from your problems, you can ignore them, but at the end of the day you’re not only hurting yourself, not only hurting me, not only hurting Ren, but you’re hurting your mother as well. You can downplay my concerns, you can grow frustrated and ignore me but that’s something you need to hear.
  9. You're always indecisive but I know what I want -- I want you. And in no way is this saying choose this or that, especially with what you've got going on now. You need support, a physical shoulder for you to cry on, something I'm not capable of doing because of the distance. So I understand that why you feel like you're 'stuck' but it's going to be a year since we first met soon -- crazy ain't it? I'd just like to think we're going somewhere.
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