RT4 Minutes 6/11

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  1. (08:02:00 PM) liqudExe_: Welcome to the 8PM meeting.  I want to thank each of you for showing up and
  2. (08:02:00 PM) liqudExe_: your input is valuable as we have a lot of work to do.  First we have reports from each of the departments.
  3. (08:02:00 PM) liqudExe_: and then we will open it up to anyone who has something they wish to discuss. If you have a topic you want
  4. (08:02:00 PM) liqudExe_: to discuss please /msg BlackPhoenixGeneral and he will queue you
  5. (08:02:19 PM) liqudExe_: First up is Sandwhich for a report on the website
  6. (08:02:39 PM) sandwichcat: copying and pasting as per usual.
  7. (08:02:42 PM) sandwichcat: the site is live as of right now. i have no idea what kind of load it can handle. assume it will crash a lot at first.
  8. (08:02:45 PM) sandwichcat: everyone who did shit: good job. everyone who wanted to do shit but didn't get to yet: i'm sure there's more shit to do so get your shit pants on.
  9. (08:02:49 PM) sandwichcat:
  10. (08:03:22 PM) sandwichcat: some of the pages might not be published yet. i'm doing that right now.
  11. (08:03:24 PM) sandwichcat: that's all i've got.
  12. (08:04:05 PM) liqudExe_: Thanks Sandwichchat next up is Jordon with PR
  13. (08:04:16 PM) mode (+v JordanL) by liqudExe_
  14. (08:04:17 PM) Yelnoc: jordan may be afk
  15. (08:04:36 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Lol
  16. (08:04:43 PM) BipolarBear0: JordanL is definitely AFK
  17. (08:04:48 PM) BipolarBear0: So next one up
  18. (08:04:55 PM) BipolarBear0: I think NoUrImmature wants t talk
  19. (08:04:58 PM) BipolarBear0: NoUrImmature, go ahead
  20. (08:05:02 PM) JordanL: ah
  21. (08:05:05 PM) BipolarBear0: Oop
  22. (08:05:05 PM) JordanL: crap
  23. (08:05:06 PM) JordanL: sorry
  24. (08:05:06 PM) JordanL: lol
  25. (08:05:07 PM) BipolarBear0: Here he is ;)
  26. (08:05:10 PM) JordanL: i was afk
  27. (08:05:13 PM) JordanL: just sat back down
  28. (08:05:20 PM) JordanL: sorry everyone :)
  29. (08:05:22 PM) NoUrImmature: Hi, I have been in control of the Facebook page for RTF
  30. (08:05:22 PM) liqudExe_: Ok Next is skyfell
  31. (08:05:24 PM) NoUrImmature:
  32. (08:05:35 PM) JordanL: alright here's the update
  33. (08:05:58 PM) CloudyBrine is now known as Brine
  34. (08:06:02 PM) NoUrImmature: I would like to encourage everyone to message me with links they want to see posted, pictures I can share on facebook and instagram and share posts when they do go live
  35. (08:06:13 PM) liqudExe_: ok skyfell isn't here
  36. (08:06:17 PM) JordanL: Me, Wansyth, Entrarchy and Mentalist have all volunteered so far for PR
  37. (08:06:26 PM) Wansyth: Hello everyone!
  38. (08:06:29 PM) JordanL: I am putting together training material at the moment
  39. (08:06:32 PM) liqudExe_: I did see he left his report
  40. (08:06:32 PM) liqudExe_: Hey everybody,
  41. (08:06:32 PM) liqudExe_: First off, I’m working with JordanL on a network of regional representatives to handle press stuff. Here’s the info if you’re interested:
  42. (08:06:32 PM) liqudExe_: So here’s what’s happened so far in the world of #r4info.
  43. (08:06:36 PM) liqudExe_: The content has been submitted to the website! Yay!
  44. (08:06:37 PM) liqudExe_: We’ve added sections of text on donations and contact.
  45. (08:06:37 PM) liqudExe_: The entirety of the content is here: please don’t muck it up.
  46. (08:06:37 PM) liqudExe_: Most of our efforts have been focused on press text. Again, the link for the huff post press release is at, But JordanL has that all covered.
  47. (08:06:37 PM) liqudExe_: lastly, I want to reiterate that this is a nonviolent movement. ALL of our materials and anything associated with us should keep this in mind.This is an awareness focused cause; proposing solutions and stating demands will only fragment our movement.
  48. (08:06:37 PM) liqudExe_: And that’s about it, folks. Stay classy. -andthentheskyfell
  49. (08:06:37 PM) NoUrImmature: We have 730 likes so far and most posts over 24 hours old have been seen at least 1000 times
  50. (08:06:51 PM) BipolarBear0: JordanL Did the PR for Occupy Portland, so he's good at what he does
  51. (08:07:03 PM) JordanL: ah, thank you very much for that kindness
  52. (08:07:07 PM) Buffalo716: I'd like to advocate Jordan for PR.
  53. (08:07:09 PM) JordanL: we have had one inquiry so far
  54. (08:07:16 PM) JordanL: from an AP reporter
  55. (08:07:19 PM) liqudExe_: Next is Buffalo716
  56. (08:07:24 PM) JordanL: it was basic background
  57. (08:07:29 PM) Buffalo716: Marketing representative here.
  58. (08:07:29 PM) Buffalo716: After countless hours we got lucky cramming words together and came up with "Big brother has seen enough" as our  slogan.
  59. (08:07:29 PM) Buffalo716:
  60. (08:07:29 PM) Buffalo716: It meets the requirements of proper marketing:
  61. (08:07:29 PM) Buffalo716: 1. Catchy
  62. (08:07:29 PM) Buffalo716: 2. Informative.
  63. (08:07:30 PM) Buffalo716: 3. Immediate call to action
  64. (08:07:30 PM) Buffalo716: We couldn't come up with a consensus on posters, so we'll leave those up to the respective cities.
  65. (08:07:31 PM) Buffalo716: There are dozens, if not hundreds of well done, professional looking posters that have been made. It would be a shame to deny any of them.
  66. (08:07:40 PM) Buffalo716: We need to compile links to the reddit page and website on the social media pages. That's the next priority, as  people need quick access to information on the movement.
  67. (08:07:40 PM) Buffalo716: Also, we want to spread the hashtags. Hashtags, Hashtags, Hashtags. It worked for occupy, it'll work for us.
  68. (08:07:41 PM) Buffalo716:  #restorethe4th and restorethefourth
  69. (08:07:41 PM) Buffalo716: Every little bit helps
  70. (08:07:41 PM) liqudExe_ left the room (quit: Remote host closed the connection).
  71. (08:07:52 PM) Buffalo716: Even 4chan is helping out, with project "resist".
  72. (08:07:52 PM) Buffalo716: Link to "resist"
  73. (08:08:06 PM) Buffalo716: All in all we're very happy with how it's turning out and will report any further progress as it becomes available.
  74. (08:08:06 PM) Buffalo716: Additionally, all minutes will be available on reddit tonight, for anything that is missed.
  75. (08:08:06 PM) Buffalo716: Thank you.
  76. (08:08:13 PM) Yelnoc: ok guys it looks like LiqudExe_ dropped out of the meeting, so I'm going to take over
  77. (08:08:24 PM) BipolarBear0: LiqudExe_s connection is bad
  78. (08:08:32 PM) Yelnoc: We skipped skyfell up there, who was going to give an update on #r4info's progress
  79. (08:08:44 PM) BipolarBear0: andthentheskyfell, you here?
  80. (08:08:47 PM) Yelnoc: and I don't see that he is in here
  81. (08:09:16 PM) BipolarBear0: !op yusiye
  82. (08:09:17 PM) mode (+o yusiye) by ChanServ
  83. (08:09:26 PM) yusiye: i can cover for sky fell
  84. (08:09:32 PM) Yelnoc: ok, so unfortunately the people who were in the que for LiqudExe_ I do not have access for
  85. (08:09:35 PM) Yelnoc: or to that is
  86. (08:09:40 PM) yusiye: regarding today's work from sky fell
  87. (08:09:43 PM) Yelnoc: yusiye if you would like go ahead
  88. (08:09:44 PM) BipolarBear0: BlackPhoenixGeneral has the queue
  89. (08:09:48 PM) BipolarBear0: AFAIK
  90. (08:09:50 PM) liqudExe_ [] entered the room.
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  92. (08:09:54 PM) BipolarBear0: He's back
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  94. (08:09:58 PM) yusiye: sky fell and other PR team has been helping out the website's content
  95. (08:09:59 PM) BipolarBear0: Sort of
  96. (08:10:16 PM) yusiye: with about us, contact, donation and various other pages
  97. (08:10:34 PM) Buffalo716: How are we handling donations?
  98. (08:10:46 PM) Yelnoc: buffalo, please wait while yusiye gives his presentation :)
  99. (08:10:49 PM) yusiye: If the chair allow, I'd like to add shiftoner to the speaker list for show & tell about google map protest page
  100. (08:11:02 PM) Yelnoc: the chair allows
  101. (08:11:04 PM) Guest22461 is now known as liqudExe_
  102. (08:11:20 PM) Buffalo716: Sorry. Hit enter on accident
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  104. (08:11:22 PM) liqudExe_ [~liqudExe_@user/liqudExe-/x-24908992] entered the room.
  105. (08:11:44 PM) Yelnoc: yusiye was just filling in for skyfell
  106. (08:11:47 PM) Yelnoc: liqud
  107. (08:11:59 PM) yusiye: i think we can queue shiftoner after next speaker
  108. (08:12:06 PM) BipolarBear0: !voice andthentheskyfell
  109. (08:12:06 PM) mode (+v andthentheskyfell) by ChanServ
  110. (08:12:12 PM) BipolarBear0: andthentheskyfell, have anything to say?
  111. (08:12:24 PM) andthentheskyfell: um everything has been posted already except
  112. (08:12:37 PM) andthentheskyfell:
  113. (08:12:47 PM) andthentheskyfell: I'm trying to get regional press representatives on board
  114. (08:12:59 PM) andthentheskyfell: so that when this thing gets big, we can communicate to the masses at large
  115. (08:13:10 PM) andthentheskyfell: and take pressure off Jordan, the PR god at large
  116. (08:13:28 PM) andthentheskyfell: so read it and message me if you're interested. that's all. thanks guys :)
  117. (08:13:53 PM) Wansyth: Hey everyone!
  118. (08:14:01 PM) mode (+o liqudExe_) by Yelnoc
  119. (08:14:02 PM) Wansyth: I just wanted to go over a few things right quick.
  120. (08:14:04 PM) Wansyth: Please keep in mind that this is a non-violent movement, and ANY RTF material must reinforce that fact! (Especially local pages/groups)
  121. (08:14:14 PM) Wansyth: We have also decided this is an awareness focused cause; proposing solutions and stating demands will only fragment our movement. We are staying away from politics and focusing on the issues!
  122. (08:14:15 PM) JordanL: lets avoid cults of personality here :P i like being appreciated, but dont want anyone getting the wrong idea
  123. (08:14:29 PM) Wansyth: If anyone has any media inquiries please direct them to
  124. (08:14:33 PM) mode (-vv JordanL Wansyth) by Yelnoc
  125. (08:14:40 PM) mode (-v sentient_galactic) by Yelnoc
  126. (08:14:47 PM) liqudExe_: ok
  127. (08:14:47 PM) mode (-v andthentheskyfell) by Yelnoc
  128. (08:14:54 PM) mode (-v Buffalo716) by Yelnoc
  129. (08:15:04 PM) mode (-v ErosAbounds) by Yelnoc
  130. (08:15:24 PM) mode (-v whosejongault) by Yelnoc
  131. (08:15:30 PM) BipolarBear0: JordanL is literally Hitler
  132. (08:15:33 PM) liqudExe_: now we have new business then discusion.  Type out your questions now so we can move through them quickly
  133. (08:15:36 PM) BipolarBear0: Huge cult of personality around him
  134. (08:15:36 PM) mode (-v princessbubblegumm) by Yelnoc
  135. (08:15:42 PM) liqudExe_: First in the queue is Eskimo
  136. (08:16:25 PM) mode (+v eskimo) by liqudExe_
  137. (08:16:32 PM) liqudExe_: Go ahead Eskimo
  138. (08:16:39 PM) eskimo: thanks
  139. (08:16:45 PM) eskimo: A group of us discussed the need for a clearly defined set of goals. Previous successful reform movements demanded a need for such a platform in order to avoid being marginalized by a lack of a clear answer to the question, "What do you want?" We believe the following 5 planks clearly represents our goals, but are open to adding/editing/deleteing i
  140. (08:16:45 PM) eskimo: tems.
  141. (08:16:56 PM) eskimo: Restore the Fourth intends to:
  142. (08:16:56 PM) eskimo: 1. Call for a congressional hearing and criminal investigation into the extent of domestic government surveillance programs and the constitutionality of these programs.
  143. (08:16:56 PM) eskimo: 2. Repeal the Patriot Act. It allows for violations of our Fourth Amendment rights by undermining the system of checks and balances in our government. If our currently elected representatives will not do so, then we shall, in the course of time, elect those who will.
  144. (08:16:56 PM) eskimo: 3. End the abuse of ambiguously defined constraints on FISA, and plainly express its domain.
  145. (08:16:56 PM) eskimo: 4. Call for the implementation of a transparent government that respects the Fourth Amendment and represents the interests of the people of the United States of America. We recognize the necessity of legal surveillance of those that mean to do us harm, but the legality of such programs should not be decided in secret courts behind closed doors.
  146. (08:16:56 PM) eskimo: 5. Call for the removal of the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, from office on the grounds of lying in response to Senator Ron Wyden's inquiries at an open Senate Intelligence Committee Hearing on March 12, 2013.
  147. (08:17:04 PM) eskimo: If you would like to review the history of these goals, please view
  148. (08:17:25 PM) eskimo: I realize there is some contention over the need to define goals. I feel strongly that we should have them defined, but it is obviously open for discussion
  149. (08:17:34 PM) eskimo: And that's all. Thanks!
  150. (08:17:57 PM) liqudExe_: Thanks Eskimo Next is Paroxysm
  151. (08:17:58 PM) BipolarBear0: I think personally that's good to have for after July 4th
  152. (08:18:11 PM) mode (+v paroxysm) by liqudExe_
  153. (08:18:21 PM) BipolarBear0: But leading up to July 4th, we should focus on awareness and not potentially divisive demands
  154. (08:18:23 PM) mode (-v eskimo) by liqudExe_
  155. (08:18:33 PM) paroxysm: Thanks!  Just a couple brief regional announcements and a little bit of advice on local advertisement.
  156. (08:18:42 PM) paroxysm: Brace for incoming copypaste
  157. (08:18:43 PM) paroxysm: Hey everyone - I'm the regional leader for the San Francisco Bay Area protest (swing by /r/restorethefourthsf) and would just like to briefly update on our progress.  We have over thirty people confirmed to attend a protest in San Francisco and I'm working on a secondary protest in Silicon Valley for the purpose of encouraging tech companies to joi
  158. (08:18:43 PM) paroxysm: n us.  We're currently the most active restorethefourth regional sub, and are currently planning more specifics on where and precisely when to start the protest in San Francisco.  We are also working with the Berkeley protesters to get a larger member base.
  159. (08:18:49 PM) paroxysm: Also, from someone who does volunteer coordinating as a job, and has experience holding protests in the area, some small suggestions on advertisement: I'm putting together a small letter-sized poster image, with QR codes and links to the SF Bay Area protest sub, and will be releasing it within the week.  I'll put a blank copy on /r/restorethefourth
  160. (08:18:49 PM) paroxysm:  so people can edit in their own protest links.  My advice is to talk to anyone and everyone you know in person that might be interested, and stay on message:  the more you emphasize that our rights have been violated, no matter the political proclivities of who you're talking to, the more likely they are to join our cause.  Post the signs up on li
  161. (08:18:50 PM) paroxysm: ghtpoles, anywhere there might be pedestrian traffic, and particularly on and about college campuses, where people are more likely to be 'radicalised' and join protests.  Just a little advice!  That's all - any comments or questions about this can be directed to /r/restorethefourthsf. (or message me here, or on Reddit as /u/paroxysm11)
  162. (08:19:14 PM) paroxysm: That's all, thanks~
  163. (08:19:25 PM) liqudExe_: Thanks Next up is Eroabounds
  164. (08:19:31 PM) mode (+v ErosAbounds) by liqudExe_
  165. (08:19:39 PM) mode (-v paroxysm) by liqudExe_
  166. (08:19:49 PM) ErosAbounds: Hi all
  167. (08:20:06 PM) ErosAbounds: If programs like these absolutely have to exist for "national security" then there needs to be some sort of public transparent oversight. Not the "we have lawyers looking at this stuff behind closed doors rhetoric". Some sort of monthly published report, submitted to a specific congressional committee and available to the public should be postulate
  168. (08:20:06 PM) ErosAbounds: d. Along with a third-party reviewing organization that is unbiased. As a veteran of the Iraq war I have seen frist hand grass roots terrorism so there is merit when you hear the need for such programs. That being said what we have right now is absolutely intolerable.
  169. (08:20:30 PM) ErosAbounds: That's about all I have right now, thanks!
  170. (08:20:51 PM) liqudExe_: Thanks Next up veryorigional78
  171. (08:21:03 PM) mode (+v veryoriginal78) by liqudExe_
  172. (08:21:13 PM) mode (-v ErosAbounds) by Yelnoc
  173. (08:21:13 PM) mode (-v ErosAbounds) by liqudExe_
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  175. (08:22:34 PM) liqudExe_: Ok next up is princessbubblegum
  176. (08:22:43 PM) mode (+v princessbubblegumm) by liqudExe_
  177. (08:22:46 PM) princessbubblegumm: Hi everyone! I'm from the r/restorethefourthSF sub. We're currently discussing march routes and things of that sort, and I've noticed that the issue of whether or not to apply for permits has divided some folks in our group. Wondering if other folks are having the same discussion.  What's the consensus for applying for permits in our respective cit
  178. (08:22:46 PM) princessbubblegumm: ies/regions to protest? Thanks in advance.
  179. (08:23:05 PM) mode (-v veryoriginal78) by liqudExe_
  180. (08:23:31 PM) liqudExe_: Ok Next up is solxyz
  181. (08:23:41 PM) mode (+v solxyz) by liqudExe_
  182. (08:23:43 PM) solxyz: thanks
  183. (08:23:44 PM) solxyz: i wanted to start a discussion on organizational structure.
  184. (08:23:45 PM) solxyz: what is going on right now seems to be working quite well for now - im very happy with it
  185. (08:23:45 PM) solxyz: but once we go big time, things are going to change - perhaps in unpredictable ways
  186. (08:23:45 PM) solxyz: while the most central leadership positions seem fairly formalized at this point, the next ring of contributors, people like me participate in a structureless, spontaneous way.
  187. (08:23:45 PM) solxyz: that is fine and in fact good for an organization of this size, but if this group suddenly gets hit with 20 or 100 times the number of people we have now
  188. (08:23:45 PM) solxyz: the core leadership will have no option but to start running things in a highly hierarchical and highly centralized way.
  189. (08:23:45 PM) solxyz: that could be bad for us, especially since that will be the time when (a) we will need to be
  190. (08:23:46 PM) solxyz: deciding how to proceed - what actions to take after 7/4, what our demands should be, etc.  and (b) it is more likely that there will
  191. (08:23:46 PM) solxyz: gov agents trying to hijack the movement.
  192. (08:23:47 PM) solxyz: I dont have any solution to propose at this time, but we should all start thinking about
  193. (08:23:47 PM) solxyz:  developing more structure to our organization, specifically so that we can stay flexible as we grow.
  194. (08:23:48 PM) solxyz: finished
  195. (08:23:51 PM) mode (-v princessbubblegumm) by liqudExe_
  196. (08:24:13 PM) liqudExe_: Ok Next up is jorbed
  197. (08:24:29 PM) mode (+v jorbedfefftn) by liqudExe_
  198. (08:24:43 PM) jorbedfefftn: Hi, Could we not petition the ITU to investigate what has been happening in US privacy?
  199. (08:24:50 PM) banjax|afk is now known as banjax
  200. (08:25:09 PM) jorbedfefftn: done.
  201. (08:25:39 PM) liqudExe_: Ok next up is shifttoner
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  203. (08:25:55 PM) mode (-v jorbedfefftn) by liqudExe_
  204. (08:26:07 PM) shiftoner: Hey everyone
  205. (08:26:08 PM) shiftoner: we have two simple demos for the map tool that have yet to be merged:
  206. (08:26:09 PM) shiftoner:
  207. (08:26:11 PM) shiftoner:
  208. (08:26:12 PM) shiftoner: This effort is being wrapped up by freeze4096 right now and should be integrated to the main site as soon as we get the content entered and the page is merged with the django trunk.
  209. (08:26:13 PM) shiftoner: Many thanks again to everyone else that assisted today it is literally too many people for me to remember right now please PM me if you feel I forgot you and will make sure it is corrected.
  210. (08:26:14 PM) shiftoner: that is all
  211. (08:26:26 PM) liqudExe_: Thanks
  212. (08:26:29 PM) liqudExe_: Up next is waynsth
  213. (08:26:40 PM) mode (+v Wansyth) by liqudExe_
  214. (08:26:48 PM) Wansyth: I'm also involved with the Dallas area group. We will be meeting on the fourth at Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, Texas. We have 48 tagged as going on our facebook page!
  215. (08:26:48 PM) Wansyth:
  216. (08:26:48 PM) Wansyth:
  217. (08:26:55 PM) Wansyth: Please join in!
  218. (08:26:56 PM) Wansyth: Thanks
  219. (08:26:58 PM) mode (-v shiftoner) by liqudExe_
  220. (08:27:04 PM) mode (-v solxyz) by liqudExe_
  221. (08:27:09 PM) sandwichcat: shiftoner freeze4096 other people whom i am forgetting: good job with the map
  222. (08:27:20 PM) liqudExe_: Ok now we will have 3 mintues per presenter
  223. (08:27:34 PM) liqudExe_: So anyone have anything to ask SandwhichCat now is the time
  224. (08:27:39 PM) mode (-m ) by liqudExe_
  225. (08:27:41 PM) jorbedfefftn left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  226. (08:27:53 PM) yusiye: regarding website only please
  227. (08:28:11 PM) restorethefourthweb-on-mobile: Who is handling the donations?
  228. (08:28:25 PM) yusiye: donation question later please
  229. (08:28:26 PM) aletech: On the resources page, could we perhaps put some "official" posters and flyers for general use?
  230. (08:28:39 PM) bigbother: Just that this story should be put on it:
  231. (08:28:43 PM) nerfyoda: The map is an awesome idea. Can the website also have a list of regional marches with links to their FB events/pages?
  232. (08:28:48 PM) sandwichcat: aletech: yes when they're ready. if they're ready now i can do it later tonight
  233. (08:28:54 PM) Feed_me_upvotes: is privacy  is security our logo?
  234. (08:28:56 PM) snoo_23833: I was under the impression the "Privacy is Security" message under the logo at  was still under debate
  235. (08:28:57 PM) willrowhood: May I just say that the website looks like its off to a great start!
  236. (08:29:01 PM) one_eye_open: would a full implementation of https be possible?
  237. (08:29:03 PM) mast`: I've already mentionned it in #r4dev but I think there should be a discussion about using Open Street Map along with OpenLayers instead of Google Maps for any kind of "meetup planning" on the web site.
  238. (08:29:15 PM) freeze4096: nerfyoda: yes, the map will drill down to specific details for each city/event
  239. (08:29:18 PM) ErosAbounds: If there could be a link on the page describing/discussing times and date of rallies/protests for each major city I think that would help a lot.
  240. (08:29:24 PM) sandwichcat: i should mention that there's a bit more design to do on the site (footer for example)
  241. (08:29:27 PM) restorethefourthweb-on-mobile: Yusiye: someone else will have to ask it because I'm at 2 percent battery on my phone
  242. (08:29:36 PM) kyril: yes, I thought the slogan was intended to be "Big Brother has seen enough", not Privacy Is Security"
  243. (08:29:48 PM) ErosAbounds: ^this
  244. (08:29:51 PM) Buffalo: The slogan is "Big brother has seen enough"
  245. (08:29:57 PM) sandwichcat: kyril: correct. as soon as i get a high quality transparent png i will swap it
  246. (08:29:57 PM) freeze4096: +1
  247. (08:30:00 PM) Feed_me_upvotes: than change the website
  248. (08:30:02 PM) Brine: Personally, I think that Privacy Is Security is a more meaningful slogan.
  249. (08:30:03 PM) Expl0siv0: i like it
  250. (08:30:04 PM) kyril: thanks
  251. (08:30:08 PM) paroxysm: Agreed.
  252. (08:30:12 PM) sandwichcat: i'm not using the jpg. it looks like pixels ;)
  253. (08:30:14 PM) Ego: How am I supposed to troll this channel if you keep it +m?  Ffs!
  254. (08:30:15 PM) whosejongault: Can you put the hashtags on the splash?
  255. (08:30:16 PM) themanwhoisblake:
  256. (08:30:17 PM) ErosAbounds: Right but it is a contradiction
  257. (08:30:24 PM) BipolarBear0: !kill Ego
  258. (08:30:28 PM) themanwhoisblake: There is a .png with the updated slogan
  259. (08:30:33 PM) sandwichcat: whosejongault: gladly.
  260. (08:30:36 PM) restorethefourthweb-on-mobile is now known as restorethefourthweb-battery-is
  261. (08:30:37 PM) shiftoner: love them both
  262. (08:30:43 PM) ErosAbounds: The privacy of the Prism program that is no longer private is exactly why politicians are screaming that these things are needed
  263. (08:30:51 PM) one_eye_open: I don't like that 'has' is a different color. Seems to apply emphasis offtopic
  264. (08:30:52 PM) astrawnomore: Privacy is Security is open to interpretation. It could actually be twisted to mean the opposite of what we mean.
  265. (08:30:59 PM) bigbother: "has" shouldnt be blue, feels weird
  266. (08:30:59 PM) ErosAbounds: ^that
  267. (08:31:01 PM) Feed_me_upvotes: i like big brother
  268. (08:31:02 PM) mode (+m ) by liqudExe_
  269. (08:31:04 PM) sandwichcat: themanwhoisblake: thanks. is that a transparent bg? it needs to be
  270. (08:31:26 PM) liqudExe_: Ok 3 mintues is up feel free to pop over the r4dev and discuss this to your hearts content after the meeting
  271. (08:31:58 PM) liqudExe_: Next up is JordonL to talk about PR
  272. (08:32:10 PM) mode (+v JordanL) by liqudExe_
  273. (08:32:18 PM) JordanL: alright, sorry about that
  274. (08:32:22 PM) JordanL: im at work
  275. (08:32:25 PM) JordanL: so im afk sometimes
  276. (08:32:44 PM) JordanL: we had an AP reporter that contacted us for background through the press email,
  277. (08:32:53 PM) liqudExe_: I will open it up for discussion after JordanL talks
  278. (08:33:04 PM) JordanL: i composed a reply and had people here provide their input and edits
  279. (08:33:13 PM) JordanL: then sent it, and copied both to the google group
  280. (08:33:31 PM) JordanL: andthentheskyfell has been working on contacting regional pr people
  281. (08:33:40 PM) JordanL: so that most of the pr can be handled by people around the country
  282. (08:33:57 PM) JordanL: ideally, pr works as a structure to route and support the movements around the country
  283. (08:34:05 PM) JordanL: not to set agendas or messaging
  284. (08:34:28 PM) JordanL: it is here to help you deal with media, teach you *how* to say what you want to say, and connect media with people
  285. (08:34:35 PM) JordanL: so that we can keep track of things
  286. (08:34:50 PM) JordanL: im preparing training materials that will be freely distributed when they are done
  287. (08:34:53 PM) JordanL: that's all
  288. (08:35:10 PM) liqudExe_: Ok were gonna open it up to question for jordan for 3 mintues
  289. (08:35:14 PM) mode (-m ) by liqudExe_
  290. (08:35:15 PM) astrawnomore: Can someone link me to the Google Group on which the email reply is posted?
  291. (08:35:29 PM) Ego: You guys censor more than the government tries to censor the journalists who expose their deceitful ways.
  292. (08:35:41 PM) Cepheid1: When can I expect the Training Materials to be available?
  293. (08:35:43 PM) ErosAbounds: -__-
  294. (08:35:47 PM) veryoriginal78: And where?
  295. (08:35:51 PM) LiberalTarian: What willthe training entail?
  296. (08:35:52 PM) banjax: JordanL where do we stand on a press release?
  297. (08:36:03 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Soon
  298. (08:36:14 PM) JordanL: Training materials will be available ASAP. I'd expect within the next two days. Posted to reddit, here and on the website most likely.
  299. (08:36:24 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Banjax press release on thursday at 9 am est
  300. (08:36:25 PM) JordanL: Press release is mostly being handled by Entrarchy
  301. (08:36:26 PM) eskimo: Do we have some kind of central repository of PR material?
  302. (08:36:30 PM) Cepheid1: Wonderful. Thanks!
  303. (08:36:38 PM) JordanL: not at the moment but we will as soon as we can
  304. (08:36:39 PM) whosejongault: Do we want to wait for a social media blitz after or before the press release
  305. (08:36:39 PM) eskimo: I'd like to recommend github or something of the like, or maybe even the website
  306. (08:36:44 PM) JordanL: after
  307. (08:36:48 PM) Feed_me_upvotes: thank you jordan
  308. (08:36:54 PM) JordanL: github is not a bad idea at all
  309. (08:36:56 PM) infinites_irc: How will this scandal remain current after a month? Everyone will forget about it in a couple weeks just like every other major news story.
  310. (08:37:00 PM) whosejongault: Isn't it going to help us if we're around before?
  311. (08:37:01 PM) snoo_30401: Will the regional reps have a means of being in contact with one another? And the larger movement? WHo will our contacts be?
  312. (08:37:13 PM) JordanL: yes
  313. (08:37:14 PM) nerfyoda: An existing press release is a good thing to launch a social media blitz from.
  314. (08:37:15 PM) paroxysm: Mhm- how will the regional reps stay in contact?
  315. (08:37:15 PM) JordanL: they will
  316. (08:37:27 PM) whosejongault: Then why are we waiting?
  317. (08:37:30 PM) bigbother: Won't a lot of people be too busy on july 4th?
  318. (08:37:33 PM) Wansyth: That's part of the grassroots movement, building in silence.
  319. (08:37:37 PM) Feed_me_upvotes: i heard we made it in the news
  320. (08:37:37 PM) JordanL: regional reps will all voluntarily commit to having a public email and for some phone number
  321. (08:37:39 PM) ErosAbounds: Reddit seems to be a little difficult to gather info from I.E. I just barely found out about this meeting. Is there going to be a push to publish information (PR training) and others on FB and the Website?
  322. (08:37:43 PM) JordanL: that will be kept in a google doc
  323. (08:37:44 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Jong: website
  324. (08:37:49 PM) JordanL: that will be shared with all media reps
  325. (08:37:53 PM) Brine: I second Eros
  326. (08:37:59 PM) paroxysm: That's fine, Jordan, let me know how I can get that info to you
  327. (08:38:04 PM) JordanL: yes Eros, that's the plan
  328. (08:38:10 PM) ErosAbounds: Okay thanks!
  329. (08:38:13 PM) JordanL: anyone can contact me through email
  330. (08:38:19 PM) JordanL: at
  331. (08:38:21 PM) veryoriginal78 left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  332. (08:38:30 PM) MouthingOFF: What about RSS feeds?
  333. (08:38:38 PM) JordanL: that's more a webdev question
  334. (08:38:47 PM) veryoriginal78 [] entered the room.
  335. (08:38:53 PM) liqudExe_: Ok Time-----------------------------
  336. (08:38:59 PM) snoo_23833: ErosAbounds: I had to look at the comments of the post to get the link to this website, it wasn't on the main announcement message
  337. (08:39:04 PM) whosejongault: What about yt I had a videographer contact me on reddit. I think that's a good idea
  338. (08:39:04 PM) liqudExe_: Next up is R4Info with andthentheskyfell
  339. (08:39:07 PM) JordanL: one thing, before i step down
  340. (08:39:32 PM) JordanL: i appreciate being appreciated, but im not comfortable with the type of respect ive been getting
  341. (08:39:35 PM) JordanL: im just a person
  342. (08:39:37 PM) JordanL: im just here to help
  343. (08:39:43 PM) snoo_23833: Is respect the right word?
  344. (08:39:44 PM) JordanL: i have skills that are helpful
  345. (08:39:47 PM) Expl0siv0 left the room.
  346. (08:39:49 PM) JordanL: perhaps not
  347. (08:39:57 PM) Expl0siv0 [] entered the room.
  348. (08:39:58 PM) JordanL: but its kind of uncomfortable
  349. (08:40:01 PM) JordanL: and makes me worry
  350. (08:40:02 PM) Brine: That's why you're so endearing. ;)
  351. (08:40:03 PM) mode (+m ) by liqudExe_
  352. (08:40:21 PM) liqudExe_: Ok lets move on to questions for r4info
  353. (08:40:28 PM) mode (-m ) by liqudExe_
  354. (08:40:42 PM) solxyz: what are our next projects
  355. (08:41:06 PM) mode (+v andthentheskyfell) by Yelnoc
  356. (08:41:10 PM) infinites_irc: How about we have a suggestion forum, not just for questions?
  357. (08:41:20 PM) andthentheskyfell: our next projects are going to be whatever needs to be written. we'll probably be working on a lot in the future that we don't know about at the moment
  358. (08:41:29 PM) bigbother: What can people who aren't able to join in the protests do to help?
  359. (08:41:35 PM) solxyz: so nothing needed now?
  360. (08:41:48 PM) andthentheskyfell: bigbrother: you can raise awareness. that's the biggest priority
  361. (08:41:48 PM) AnonnonA: write yout representatives @bigbother
  362. (08:41:50 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Get the social media word out! Big bro
  363. (08:41:56 PM) Expl0siv0: as far as r4info is going i am currently working with people to keep a list compiled of regional protest/social media sites
  364. (08:41:57 PM) AnonnonA: raise awareness
  365. (08:42:00 PM) jonny2112: whats needed right now is stuff happening at the local level. Start orgazing your local rallys
  366. (08:42:02 PM) eskimo: andthentheskyfell: I'd like to see, again, a central repository of links, articles, videos, etc. that people can use to help write info pamphlets and the like
  367. (08:42:05 PM) Expl0siv0: anyone who has input about that can always add in that channel
  368. (08:42:20 PM) eskimo: and I'd recommend github
  369. (08:42:22 PM) astrawnomore: Where can I find posters/propaganda to post all over my university campus?
  370. (08:42:25 PM) andthentheskyfell: again, #r4info for suggestions on materials and stuff.
  371. (08:42:28 PM) Cyan98: People who can't join in for whatever reason can always help with organizing/logistics/outreach and what not.
  372. (08:42:30 PM) andthentheskyfell: meet me there after.
  373. (08:42:31 PM) ErosAbounds: Who has experience with organizing these grassroots movements
  374. (08:42:40 PM) Buffalo: Astra- contact me after the meeting
  375. (08:42:49 PM) noise13: I do
  376. (08:42:56 PM) princessbubblegumm: Organizer here!
  377. (08:43:02 PM) paroxysm: Organizer here.
  378. (08:43:03 PM) mode (+m ) by liqudExe_
  379. (08:43:07 PM) andthentheskyfell: the materials will be made available on the website, once we have everything running smoothly
  380. (08:43:29 PM) liqudExe_: Ok now we have yusiye with legal and fundraising then 3 mintue discussion
  381. (08:43:31 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Which should be by thursday
  382. (08:43:31 PM) Feed_me_upvotes left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  383. (08:43:42 PM) yusiye: thank you
  384. (08:43:45 PM) yusiye: We must start the legal/fundraising matter after the website launch. As for now, we have no legal assistance, EFF/ACLU has not respond to our request. Therefore we must seek our own legal representative. If anyone knows any attorney who is willing to do pro bono work, please contact me.
  385. (08:43:46 PM) yusiye: We may need to setup a 501c(3) to collect donation. But we need legal advice before we do any of these.
  386. (08:43:47 PM) yusiye: We must be very careful on the legal matters. We must take it very serious!
  387. (08:43:48 PM) yusiye: As for donation, we will accept all major payment plus bitcoin. But the problem is we need setup accounts under organization, not personal account. Therefore we need legal advice before proceeding any further on donation.
  388. (08:43:49 PM) yusiye: We need lawyer up ASAP!
  389. (08:44:12 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Lets take a. minute to read first!
  390. (08:44:14 PM) yusiye: I'd like to open up the floor for discussion
  391. (08:44:39 PM) mode (-m ) by liqudExe_
  392. (08:44:43 PM) LiberalTarian: Do you have any idea where to go to get a lawyer?  Can we ask EFF or ACLU for help?
  393. (08:44:50 PM) AnonnonA: what;s the EFF
  394. (08:44:52 PM) AnonnonA: ?
  395. (08:44:55 PM) vArouet-NYC: Called NYCLU this morning--nobody answered.  Will be going to their office tomorrow morning.  I'll spread the word if I get anywhere.
  396. (08:44:57 PM) LiberalTarian: Electronic Freedom Foundation
  397. (08:45:00 PM) yusiye: EFF/ACLU has not respond to our request.
  398. (08:45:01 PM) eskimo:
  399. (08:45:01 PM) nerfyoda: Someone from the National Lawyers Guild?
  400. (08:45:01 PM) liqudExe_: We have messages out to EFF and ACLU
  401. (08:45:02 PM) plutarch: electronic frontier foundation
  402. (08:45:04 PM) Brine: Electronic Frontier Foundation
  403. (08:45:05 PM) whosejongault: What about lawyer's guild they worked with #ows
  404. (08:45:06 PM) solxyz: i can talk to someone. i know a  good lawyer who might volunteer
  405. (08:45:07 PM) AnonnonA: k
  406. (08:45:08 PM) liqudExe_: it isn't gonna happen in a few hours guys
  407. (08:45:13 PM) ErosAbounds: Father is a former state prosecutor now a government contractor. Will discuss this with him. He is furious about all this crap.
  408. (08:45:17 PM) LiberalTarian: How long ago was the request senf?
  409. (08:45:19 PM) LiberalTarian: sent?
  410. (08:45:22 PM) whosejongault: They're a stingy bunch we may be on our own
  411. (08:45:30 PM) Brine: So basically, the gist is that we can't do anything with donations until we've gotten legal counsel?
  412. (08:45:42 PM) whosejongault: Of course
  413. (08:45:45 PM) AnonnonA: didn't the user "Entrarchy" here yesterday have connections to Ron Paul's lawyers?
  414. (08:45:45 PM) eskimo: Brine: that seems logical
  415. (08:45:46 PM) jonny2112: Brine:yes exactly that
  416. (08:45:47 PM) LiberalTarian: Do we need start up money to retain a lawyer to start?
  417. (08:45:47 PM) veryoriginal78: We probably shouldn't do anything with donations
  418. (08:45:50 PM) paroxysm: That would be the safest course of action
  419. (08:46:00 PM) noise13: agreed
  420. (08:46:05 PM) Expl0siv0: agreed
  421. (08:46:11 PM) veryoriginal78: agreed as well
  422. (08:46:15 PM) paroxysm: nifty!
  423. (08:46:16 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Donations right now go to website and lawyer
  424. (08:46:17 PM) princessbubblegumm: Center for Constitution Rights?  Would that be a good org to contact?
  425. (08:46:18 PM) plutarch: go through ycombinator
  426. (08:46:22 PM) ErosAbounds: Need an email for someone, I can have him contact you or you can contact him. I'll need an email either way for whoever is in charge of donations that Way I can relay information and possibly get that set up.
  427. (08:46:24 PM) eskimo: also agreed. some local movements may need money as insurance in order to get permits to protest
  428. (08:46:33 PM) astrawnomore: Money = commercials, advertisements
  429. (08:46:35 PM) yusiye: but we don't have account to accept donation
  430. (08:46:36 PM) letsgooo: from what i know, donations can go to a central account and there's no problem with that at all.
  431. (08:46:36 PM) eskimo: otherwise, I'm not sure how much money we'll need
  432. (08:46:42 PM) whosejongault: Would it help to get a list of lawyers orgs
  433. (08:46:42 PM) leeroyjenkins: The father of a friend of mine is a retired federal prosecuting attorney. He might have contacts who would be willing to help
  434. (08:46:42 PM) letsgooo: if you keep track of records all finances in and out
  435. (08:46:49 PM) themanwhoisblake: I just wanted to tell everyone I updated the logo
  436. (08:46:49 PM) MouthingOFF: What about that list of liek 86 groups that was posted? could we contact all of them to get their legal teams involved?
  437. (08:46:51 PM) kyril: does the website team need any help?
  438. (08:46:55 PM) mode (+m ) by liqudExe_
  439. (08:46:59 PM) andthentheskyfell is now known as andthentheskyfell-afk
  440. (08:47:00 PM) Wansyth:
  441. (08:47:05 PM) liqudExe_: Ok guys
  442. (08:47:06 PM) plutarch left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  443. (08:47:19 PM) sandwichcat is now known as sandwichcat_afk
  444. (08:47:23 PM) liqudExe_: Next up is Question for buffulo
  445. (08:47:29 PM) mode (-m ) by liqudExe_
  446. (08:47:33 PM) Buffalo: shoot
  447. (08:47:49 PM) LiberalTarian: Is there a specific type of lawyer we need if so what kind?  We could at least start there
  448. (08:48:09 PM) eskimo: seems like there's overlap between PR, info, and marketing. right?
  449. (08:48:10 PM) Buffalo: What are your questions?
  450. (08:48:14 PM) Cyan98: I'm sure someone at the ACLU would be able to provide at least suggestions. Also whoever worked with occupy.
  451. (08:48:20 PM) astrawnomore: what is your role Buffalo?
  452. (08:48:43 PM) mode (+m ) by Yelnoc
  453. (08:48:55 PM) Yelnoc: ok everybody, buffalo is answering questions about marketing
  454. (08:48:58 PM) Yelnoc: taht includes slogans
  455. (08:48:58 PM) jonny2112 left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  456. (08:49:02 PM) Yelnoc: anything on those topics
  457. (08:49:06 PM) Yelnoc: lawyer discussion is closed for now
  458. (08:49:11 PM) Yelnoc: there will be a free chat at the end of this
  459. (08:49:16 PM) mode (-m ) by Yelnoc
  460. (08:49:33 PM) bigbother: Is there any interest in using this:
  461. (08:49:40 PM) eskimo: essentially I have the same questions as before. we need a central github or some kind of repository for marketing materials
  462. (08:49:47 PM) astrawnomore: Do we plan on making advertisements in printed press as well as television?
  463. (08:49:48 PM) eskimo: and it should be linked to from the website.
  464. (08:49:51 PM) Cleofatra: What would you suggest as the cheapest way to advertise the event?  Besides Facebook
  465. (08:49:56 PM) themanwhoisblake: Have we reached an agreement yet on the Slogan being "Big brother has seen enough"
  466. (08:49:58 PM) ekpyrotic: I like the QR code idea- plastering them everywhere is cheap enough
  467. (08:49:58 PM) letsgooo: making a video
  468. (08:49:58 PM) Brine: Would the goals and such that were brought up earlier fall within Buffalo's purview?
  469. (08:50:00 PM) whosejongault: What hashtag should we use? restorethefourth is popular but restorethe4th is also used
  470. (08:50:04 PM) Buffalo: I like the idea of throwing all files, regardless of use, into a single place.
  471. (08:50:06 PM) QueenVillageGirl: Mktg question - do we have a Press Release drop date, and are we planning simultaneous support events (calling our legislators, twitter campaigns...)
  472. (08:50:18 PM) one_eye_open: @bigbrother: that slogan gives the implication of violence
  473. (08:50:19 PM) nerfyoda: Chicagoans interested in organizing: please head to and help out! :)
  474. (08:50:21 PM) solxyz: there was someone on the subreddit volunteering to make a video
  475. (08:50:21 PM) themanwhoisblake: I agree with having a central hub for dumping graphics
  476. (08:50:25 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Astraw: no papers only tv, later on if we have more funds
  477. (08:50:27 PM) letsgooo: aggree with cetnral hub
  478. (08:50:30 PM) Buffalo: The big brother slogan is taking well.
  479. (08:50:31 PM) letsgooo: on the website
  480. (08:50:32 PM) eskimo: So, who's in charge of setting that up?
  481. (08:50:34 PM) AnonnonA: if anyone could find connections to lawyers of one of the 86 groups that would be great
  482. (08:50:35 PM) AnonnonA: Access
  483. (08:50:35 PM) AnonnonA: Advocacy for Principled Action in Government
  484. (08:50:35 PM) AnonnonA: American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression
  485. (08:50:35 PM) AnonnonA: American Civil Liberties Union
  486. (08:50:35 PM) AnonnonA: American Civil Liberties Union of California
  487. (08:50:35 PM) AnonnonA: American Library Association
  488. (08:50:35 PM) AnonnonA: Amicus
  489. (08:50:36 PM) AnonnonA: Association of Research Libraries
  490. (08:50:36 PM) AnonnonA: Bill of Rights Defense Committee
  491. (08:50:37 PM) AnonnonA: BoingBoing
  492. (08:50:37 PM) AnonnonA: Breadpig
  493. (08:50:38 PM) AnonnonA left the room (quit: Excess Flood).
  494. (08:50:39 PM) Fourthe4th: Glue a quarter on the ground and place a sticker with our logo and QR code just above it
  495. (08:50:40 PM) bigbother: Open to editing, of course
  496. (08:50:50 PM) kyril: does anyone actually use QR codes? I don't mind having them, but not sure they're that helpful
  497. (08:50:56 PM) Buffalo: Thats a dick thing to do
  498. (08:51:05 PM) optimal: every cellphone has a barcode scanner
  499. (08:51:10 PM) veryoriginal78: I don't know anyone that does, personally
  500. (08:51:11 PM) eskimo: Ok, who's in charge of organizing the central hub?
  501. (08:51:11 PM) whosejongault: What hashtag should we use? restorethefourth is popular but restorethe4th is also used but no as popular
  502. (08:51:13 PM) optimal: there hasnt been anything good to use them for yet
  503. (08:51:14 PM) eskimo: Buffalo: can you do that?
  504. (08:51:15 PM) veryoriginal78: but some people do i'm sure
  505. (08:51:17 PM) optimal: but they're useful
  506. (08:51:17 PM) ekpyrotic: Every smartphone has a scanner.
  507. (08:51:18 PM) Expl0siv0: yeah but who actually uses them
  508. (08:51:21 PM) Cyan98: I second kyril's concern.
  509. (08:51:21 PM) themanwhoisblake: I am done with one side of the Tri-fold brochue but I am quit unsure about the wording I used. I will make a thread on the subreddit so we can fully discuss it.
  510. (08:51:28 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Jong: either of them
  511. (08:51:34 PM) Buffalo: I will handle the central hub personally, and post it here, and reddit.
  512. (08:51:35 PM) RT4VA: Are we cool with hanging flyers on telephone poles, or is that too close to being trouble makers?
  513. (08:51:46 PM) willrowhood: i think focusing on marketing with hashtags and URLs is a better use of time than distributing QRs
  514. (08:51:47 PM) solxyz: do it
  515. (08:51:48 PM) paroxysm: I'm hanging them on poles.
  516. (08:51:51 PM) Brine: themanwhoisblake make sure to mention something about it in the irc after this, as well
  517. (08:51:52 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Blake: link wheb you do
  518. (08:51:53 PM) mode (+m ) by liqudExe_
  519. (08:52:08 PM) liqudExe_: Ok up next is a discussion on Fundraising.
  520. (08:52:13 PM) mode (-m ) by liqudExe_
  521. (08:52:16 PM) bigbother: Why not all three?
  522. (08:52:17 PM) QueenVillageGirl left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  523. (08:52:18 PM) kyril: I know you can pretty much glue them on any surface in Seattle, but other cities are different
  524. (08:52:23 PM) eskimo: what do we need funds for?
  525. (08:52:24 PM) leeroyjenkins: what are our targets? where are we?
  526. (08:52:27 PM) astrawnomore: What does our budget structure look like?
  527. (08:52:28 PM) ekpyrotic: Would anyone here somehow be able to get any major figures to tweet the hashtag
  528. (08:52:36 PM) leeroyjenkins: I'll ask my boy Barack
  529. (08:52:42 PM) Expl0siv0: heh
  530. (08:52:42 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Lol
  531. (08:52:44 PM) ekpyrotic: ...
  532. (08:52:45 PM) paroxysm: haha.
  533. (08:52:46 PM) ErosAbounds: #Ricky Gervais
  534. (08:52:57 PM) bigbother: Ricky Gervais indeed!
  535. (08:53:01 PM) bigbother: Rise Against
  536. (08:53:02 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Im wondering if the AP twittet will
  537. (08:53:04 PM) Cepheid1: Do we have fundraiser organizers appointed yet?
  538. (08:53:04 PM) bigbother: Get them involved
  539. (08:53:05 PM) eskimo: Glenn Greenwald would be a good one to bring on board
  540. (08:53:06 PM) ekpyrotic: Im sure Doctorow or someone similar may be interested
  541. (08:53:12 PM) bigbother: Rage Against The Machine
  542. (08:53:14 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Maybe Rand Paul
  543. (08:53:18 PM) bigbother: Political bands
  544. (08:53:24 PM) optimal: system of a down
  545. (08:53:26 PM) Cleofatra: Buffalo- you're going to be gathering all files to one central location correct?  Could we see about getting that stickied on the subreddit side?
  546. (08:53:27 PM) alex98098: Ron Paul
  547. (08:53:35 PM) bigbother: Restore the fourth concert/festival?
  548. (08:53:38 PM) ErosAbounds: #Mittens
  549. (08:53:39 PM) veryoriginal78: Rand Against the Machine
  550. (08:53:42 PM) snoo_43437: Who are the main organizers here?
  551. (08:53:48 PM) MouthingOFF: Alex Jones would *trollface*
  552. (08:53:48 PM) mindfolded: where teh hell is Zach De La Rocha these days
  553. (08:53:52 PM) webbster: nikki minaj
  554. (08:53:53 PM) freeze4096: Perhaps less focus on how to get funds, and more focus on what we actually need funcding FOR.
  555. (08:53:56 PM) kyril: that's off topic, but we should probably discuss a concert at some point
  556. (08:54:00 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: Nooooo webbster
  557. (08:54:04 PM) solxyz: freeze: agreed
  558. (08:54:09 PM) Cepheid1: Can we save this for questions only please? Restate: Have we appointed fundraiser organizers?
  559. (08:54:09 PM) astrawnomore: I still would like to know what we need funds for
  560. (08:54:12 PM) eskimo: freeze4096: agreed. I think we may need funds for insurance for permits
  561. (08:54:12 PM) webbster: ;)
  562. (08:54:13 PM) optimal: kyril thats a great idea imo
  563. (08:54:13 PM) yogurtnyc: we need fudnign for printing materials, materials to make signs
  564. (08:54:14 PM) yogurtnyc: food
  565. (08:54:14 PM) veryoriginal78: I agree with Freeze
  566. (08:54:15 PM) willrowhood: we should still make an effort to avoid directly endorsing any politician or institution
  567. (08:54:17 PM) optimal: music always brings people together
  568. (08:54:17 PM) liqudExe_ has changed the topic to:  Press Release  || for local efforts | No advocating for, nor calling for violence.
  569. (08:54:17 PM) solxyz: we should avoid money as much as possible
  570. (08:54:20 PM) optimal: that and food ^^
  571. (08:54:21 PM) eskimo: besides that, stuff is relatively cheap
  572. (08:54:23 PM) yogurtnyc: Insurance and permits
  573. (08:54:24 PM) whosejongault: How can we drum up more money for the nyt ad
  574. (08:54:28 PM) yogurtnyc: Bail money
  575. (08:54:29 PM) liqudExe_: ok free discussion
  576. (08:54:32 PM) freeze4096: I imagine signs/printing will not be funded.
  577. (08:54:33 PM) RT4VA: Printing expenses, in some cases
  578. (08:54:35 PM) MouthingOFF: Wouldn't these organizations be willing to offer legal help? I mean we're on the list with them... Wouldn't that be the easiest place to start?
  579. (08:54:35 PM) veryoriginal78: lol yogurt
  580. (08:54:35 PM) BlackPhoenixGeneral: CONCERT TSLK AT #r4marketing LATER
  581. (08:54:37 PM) freeze4096: That is a volunteer effort.
  582. (08:54:40 PM) RT4VA: I stand correcte
  583. (08:54:48 PM) keepdigging: might be willing to tweet our hastag, don't know him though
  584. (08:54:55 PM) solxyz: these things should be done at local level
  585. (08:55:00 PM) noise13: agrred
  586. (08:55:03 PM) bigbother: You've all heard of Rise Against, yeah? They'd definitely be interested.
  587. (08:55:03 PM) noise13: sgreed*
  588. (08:55:03 PM) veryoriginal78: This is going to get hectic if we don't keep discussion set for one topic at a time.
  589. (08:55:04 PM) ekpyrotic: How about the wealthy libertarian guy who co-founded Paypal?
  590. (08:55:05 PM) bigbother: 100%
  591. (08:55:06 PM) noise13: forget it
  592. (08:55:08 PM) whosejongault: Does that conclude the meeting
  593. (08:55:15 PM) themanwhoisblake:
  594. (08:55:16 PM) RT4VA: So then it would be funding for the website and legal fees?
  595. (08:55:17 PM) mode (+m ) by liqudExe_
  596. (08:55:28 PM) Wansyth: If you have an interest in joining the twitter army please join #r4marketing !
  597. (08:55:30 PM) mode (+v Expl0siv0) by Yelnoc
  598. (08:55:41 PM) Yelnoc: Expl0siv0 has one thing to share before we end
  599. (08:55:41 PM) liqudExe_: Ok last up is Expolsiv for some parting words
  600. (08:55:57 PM) Expl0siv0: uh just something real quick sorry
  601. (08:56:05 PM) Expl0siv0: im going to provide two links. its a spreadsheet
  602. (08:56:17 PM) Expl0siv0: will contain details on regional protests and their social media prescence
  603. (08:56:19 PM) Expl0siv0:
  604. (08:56:22 PM) Expl0siv0: if that doesnt work for you
  605. (08:56:37 PM) Expl0siv0:
  606. (08:56:41 PM) Expl0siv0: and if neither work. pm me.
  607. (08:56:49 PM) Expl0siv0: ill be updating this all night too
  608. (08:56:53 PM) Expl0siv0: thats all :)
  609. (08:56:56 PM) ekpyrotic left the room (quit: Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client).
  610. (08:57:13 PM) liqudExe_: Ok thanks everyone for comming out. Feel free to keep the discussion going.  
  611. (08:57:19 PM) mode (-m ) by liqudExe_
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