Devil's Tooth

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  1. Demon's Tooth [T3]
  3. Appearing within its boxy rectangular scabbard to be a typical, albeit chunky sword with an overbuilt hilt and handguard, when this weapon is at ready it betrays its true nature. Instead of a typical blade, this 'sword' has a spinning belt lined with hundreds of tempered steel teeth, with its rear and sides covered with a protective guard. Upon the depression of a lever within its knuckle-guard, the chain spins at a vicious rate, allowing its teeth to rend targets apart in a loud - and messy - display. The Gelel Stone powering this device creates a thunderous roar and belches smoke as the chain is 'revved up'. Its forward balance makes it appropriate for massive, crushing blows, allowing the user to whip this weapon into a foe with surprising speed as they tear into a foe with reckless abandon. The design, however menacing, is unwieldy for defence however.
  5. [Huge godamn damage]
  6. [Imposes a -20 penalty to attempts to parry using this weapon - it's unbalanced as all shit]
  7. [Raises user's cap by one step]
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