Golden Opportunities XVI

Feb 1st, 2017
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  1. >Be Sunset "The Slam Jam" Shimmer
  2. >Almost half a year had passed since your alpha Twilight had returned to Equestria through the mirror, and in that time, many things had happened
  3. >You had gotten Anon acquainted with all of your friends, and to your delight, they all seemed to really like him
  4. >Anon, of course, had been a little hesitant about the whole thing at first, but the power of friendship had prevailed
  5. >You and the girls slowly but surely peeled back the barrier that he had erected around himself layer by layer
  6. >It took months, but he started to loosen up around the girls
  7. >A month or two more and he started to join in on your conversations
  8. >And after that everything kind of settled into place
  9. >Applejack had gotten him a part-time job at her apple farm
  10. >Rarity always went out of her way to make something special for him whenever the two of you were going to go out
  11. >Pinkie would sit with the two of you during lunch and try her hardest to make both you and him laugh until you couldn't breathe
  12. >Fluttershy, though at first VERY nervous about having a guy around, soon warmed up to him so much that she was leading the two of you into the woods so that your silly colt could find some logs to bring back home so he could make something out of them
  13. >Rainbow Dash had taken him under her wing to help him get rid of the chub around his belly
  14. >Even this world's Twilight, the sperg that she was, started to chum it up with him
  15. >And you were happy about that
  16. >You could only imagine how much of a pain in the ass it would be hanging out with your friends if they DIDN’T like him...
  17. >The rest of the school had been shocked when you had announced to the world that Anon was your boyfriend
  18. >There was whispering, a guy or two had tried to get a little aggressive, and when you held hands in the hallways people would stare at you without fail
  19. >While you no longer considered yourself the power-hungry, manipulative filly that you had been so long ago, you might have... lost your temper once or twice
  22. >Bulk might have "accidently" gotten a swirly in the boy’s bathroom and you might have possibly have left a note in Roseluck's locker saying that she'd find herself with a shaved head one morning if she kept spreading rumors, but that wasn't your fault!
  23. >A mare was SUPPOSED to do crazy things to keep her stallion safe and happy!
  24. >...Though you may have enjoyed watching Bulk spitting out that turd after you pulled his head out of that toilet just a little too much…
  25. >...
  26. >Sweet Celestia above had that been funny…
  27. >Gross, but funny...
  28. >Like all gossip, though, it eventually fell to the wayside, and you and Anon were allowed to go on with your lives together without being bothered
  29. >You spent time with the girls and your stallion worked, even though you insisted that you could pay for everything that he wanted or needed
  30. >Anon lost his chub and even convinced you to join track and field with him
  31. >You met his parents and snuggled with him on his tiny bed in his messy room
  32. >A day didn't go by where he wasn't at your house, and every weekend he’d go over to your house to spend the night
  33. >You had also made it a point of fucking him everywhere you could
  34. >Your house, his house, the workshop in his backyard where he made all of his do-dads, Applejack's barn, in a bush near Fluttershy's cottage, in principal Celestia's office, five times in the girl's locker room...
  35. >And it was great!
  36. >Once or twice someone may have almost walked in on you, and there was that whole debacle with the girls coming to your house an hour early for a sleepover, but it was still great!
  37. >You had had a lot of fun these last six months...
  38. >You had great friends, a stallion that you loved with all your heart, a roof over your head, and you were even named valedictorian at the end of the year
  39. >Life was good...
  40. >Better than good, really...
  41. >And, as it so happened, it was only going to get better...
  42. >Just like Twilight had promised, she wrote to you and Anon every single day
  43. >Most of the time she just asked about how the two of you were doing and she'd tell you that she was thinking about you and that she loved you, but the closer it got to the end of the school year, the more she started talking to you about her progress in fixing the mirror
  44. >Most of what she wrote to you went completely over Anon's head, but you, an ex-student of Princess Celestia, were able to pick up what she was putting down
  47. >...Most of the time
  48. >All four of the princesses were working on the mirror around the clock
  49. >It had even been transported to Canterlot so that the Princess of the Sun and Princess of the Moon could give the task their full attention
  50. >The mirror was created from very old magic; magic that even Starswirl, the bucker who had made the thing, probably didn't know much about
  51. >The runes that were carved into the mirror's frame were so complicated that when Twi had sent you a sketch of one, your head had spun, and you weren't even going to get into how the thing managed to siphon magic so it could activate
  52. >It was very complicated, very delicate work, but, pooling their knowledge and efforts together, they made progress
  53. >At first it was little by little, but as time went on they began making leaps and bounds
  54. >They untangled the mysteries of the runes, and they even figured out how the stupid mirror powered itself
  55. >But it wasn’t until a month before you were done with highschool that they were able to fully figure it out
  56. >One of the runes was a timer
  57. >If they modified the rune a bit, and they tweaked the way the mirror itself gathered magic, they would be able to get the thing to work whenever they wanted
  58. >And, after a week straight of tinkering, they finally managed to do it
  59. >A week after that, Twilight had sent you an amulet, saying that it would keep Anon safe from Equis's magical force, atmosphere, and a million different things
  60. >She had also sent a formal invitation for the two of you to join her in Canterlot so that she could show both of you all that the city, and Equestria itself, had to offer
  61. >To say that you and Nonny had been excited was an understatement
  62. >Anon had almost had a panic attack, and you hadn't been able to sleep for almost two days
  63. >Twilight had done it!
  64. >You didn't need to wait almost three years to see your sis again!
  65. >You could come and go whenever you wanted for as long you wanted!
  66. >You didn’t have to wait for years to come back and forth!
  67. >Anon, the little sweetie he was, had suggested that the two of you ditch the last week of school so you could meet the bookworm early, but both you and Twi had managed to talk him down
  70. >The two of you needed some time to get ready for the trip, after all, and you needed to tell the girls you were going to be gone for a couple months
  71. >It had been amazingly easy convincing Anon's mom and dad to let him go with you on a "missionary trip to Africa"
  72. >You were able to talk your neighbor into cutting your grass while you were away
  73. >AND you and your stallion were able to walk away from Canterlot High with your diplomas
  74. >Which brought you here today
  75. >You, Anon, and the girls were standing around the statue
  76. >If you listened carefully, you could hear it humming, a very clear sign that the mirror was active
  77. >You had two shitty chairs that you had made yourself sitting on either side of you
  78. >They were a gift for Twilight’s parents, who were going to be in the Empire with their daughter to welcome you
  79. >You had just wanted to buy them some candy or something like that, but your sweet stallion had been insistent that you make them something
  80. >The dork...
  81. >Said dork was standing next to you with a smile on his face
  82. >He had a table, which looked a hell of a lot nicer than your chairs, sitting next to him along with two duffel bags
  83. >The amulet that Twilight had sent you was around his neck, glowing slightly in the darkness from whatever magic Twi had put on the thing
  84. >Rarity, Applejack, Rainbow, and the others were standing around you in a semi-circle
  85. >Rarity was dabbing her eyes with a handkerchief, as was Fluttershy
  86. >... The dykes
  87. >The other girls were obviously sad that you were going, but happy that you were returning home
  88. "Do you have everything, Nonny?" you asked. "Clothes, shoes, your toothbrush?"
  89. >Anon nudged one of the duffle bags with a foot
  90. >"Yeah, I think so."
  91. >You took a deep breath, trying to ignore the butterflies in your stomach
  92. >Alright…
  93. >Time for the goodbyes...
  94. >Walking over to Rarity, you pulled the dyke into a hug
  95. >Rarity, with a sniffle, returned it with a surprising amount of vigor
  96. "I'll see you girls in a few months," you said, patting her on the back
  97. >The fashionista nodded
  98. >"I hope you have a splendid time in Equestria, dear," she said, resting her head on your shoulder
  99. >You licked your lips
  102. >Yeah...
  103. >You hope so too...
  104. >Pinkie, with a little hop, darted over to your stallion and slammed into him with the kind of hug that only she could give
  105. >You swore to the pony gods above you saw Nonny’s eyes pop out of his head for a second as the party girl gave his middle a squeeze
  106. >"Make sure to bring me back some candy, Nonny," she said, picking Anon up into the air and wiggling him back and forth
  107. >The pony in you wanted to rush over there and pull her off of him, but common sense took over
  108. >If you went over there to stop her, she'd hug you, too
  109. >And FUCK that shit
  110. >"I'll... make sure to... get you something... before we come... home," Anon managed to get out as he tried his hardest to break Pinkie's death grip. "Please... You're killing me..."
  111. >Pinkie giggled
  112. >”You can’t kill someone with a hug, silly.”
  113. >”Well I think… I’m about to prove you… wrong…”
  114. >Ohshit!
  115. >After you ran over and saved your stallion --getting a bear hug for your trouble-- each and every one of the girls was given a hug
  116. >You and Anon said your goodbyes before they began to make their way to Rarity's house for a sleepover
  117. >A part of you felt a little sad that you weren't going to see them for so long, but you knew that you weren't going to be in Equestria forever
  118. >This was your home now...
  119. >You liked this weird monkey body and your sweet ass leather jacket…
  120. >Sure, Equestria had magic, but you had fingers here!
  121. >And fingers were fucking rad!
  122. >You'd be back...
  123. >Smiling, you looked over toward your stallion
  124. "Are you ready to go, hon?" you asked
  125. >Picking up his duffle bags and slinging them over his shoulders, Anon nodded
  126. >"Yeah, I'm ready."
  127. "Are you sure? Maybe you want to play with my boobs for a little bit before we go through the mirror?" you suggested, squeezing your tits together. "Because you're not going to see these puppies for a while otherwise~"
  128. >You could feel your stomach sink a bit at the realization
  129. >Bye bye giants teats...
  130. >Until we meet again...
  131. >Anon's gaze flicked down to your chest, just like you knew it would
  134. >He stared for a little while, a look of disappointment crossing his features before he brightened
  135. >"I think I had enough fun playing for your boobs last night," he said, leaning over and giving you a kiss on the cheek. "And besides, ponies have teats in Equestria, right~?"
  136. >Even though a shiver ran up your spine at the implications of what your stallion was suggesting, you still felt a bit disappointed
  137. >Disappointed and a little self-conscious
  138. "We do... but they're not as big over there," you said, looking back down at your chest wistfully
  139. >As a unicorn you had a pretty respectable set of teats
  140. >Really respectable…
  141. >Huge, really...
  142. >But nothing compared to what you had now
  143. >Not even bucking close...
  144. >As you looked down at yourself, Anon closed the distance between the two of you
  145. >Pulling you into a hug, he smiled that cute little smile of his and gave you a kiss on the nose
  146. >"I don't care how big your teats are," he said, looking into your eyes. "I care about the girl they're attached to."
  147. >Hnnnng!
  148. >Not able to help yourself, you pressed your lips against your stallion's
  149. >Your tongue slipped out of your mouth to lap at his lips
  150. >A second later Anon's tongue slipped out and began playing with yours
  151. >The two of you battled each other for a few wonderful moments before you broke the kiss
  152. "You better watch yourself, mister," you said with a happy hum as you pressed your forehead against his. "If you keep talking like that, we're going to have to have a little fun before we go and see Twi."
  153. >Anon's face turned a little red at the "threat," but he was still all smiles
  154. >"You nervous?” he asked
  155. >Another shiver ran through you, though this time it wasn't the good kind
  158. "...A little," you admitted
  159. >Anon nuzzled you
  160. >"Me too."
  161. >You both looked toward the statue
  162. >Alright...
  163. >No more lollygagging...
  164. >Time to go and see Twilight
  165. >...And Princess Celestia
  166. >...And your parents
  167. >...
  168. >Wew filly...
  169. >Breaking your hug, you walked over and grabbed your chairs
  170. "I'll go first hon," you said, gathering up your courage
  171. >"Alright," Anon said with another nod. "Just let me grab the table and I'll be right behind you
  172. >You dryly swallowed, slowly making your way toward the statue
  173. >Don't think about it...
  174. >Don't think about it...
  175. >Just walk through the mirror
  176. >Don'tthinkaboutit!
  177. >With a battle cry that sounded suspiciously like an "eep!", you charged the last few feet to the statue, making sure to hold your chairs in such a way that they didn't bang off of anything
  178. >You braced yourself, gritting your teeth
  179. >Here it comes...
  180. >As you walked into the mirror, your vision exploded into a hundred different colors
  181. >Your stomach dropped and the air threw thick with magic
  182. >Grunting, you forced yourself forward
  183. >Come on...
  184. >Just keep walking...
  185. >With each step you could feel yourself changing
  186. >Your clothing disappeared
  187. >You became smaller and more compact
  190. >A horn grew from your head and your flat face elongated
  191. >You couldn't help but wiggle uncomfortably as your hands and feet became hooves
  192. >Holy shit did this feel just as weird as the other times that you've done it…
  193. >Fucking hell...
  194. >Soon you could no longer carry the chairs like you had before, but with a simple spell they were floating behind you
  195. >Alright...
  196. >Almost there...
  197. >Just a little more...
  198. >And just like that, the colors were gone
  199. >You were standing in a great hall made up almost entirely of crystal
  200. >And in this hall were ponies
  201. >Ponies that you knew
  202. >"Sunset!"
  203. >There was Twilight, looking as happy as you've ever seen her...
  204. >There was ol' mom and dad, looking as stuffy as always...
  205. >You could see Celestia standing next to two other alicorns who you assumed were her sister and niece...
  206. >There were other ponies that you didn't know
  207. >Five mares that were standing behind Twi, and a mare and stallion about your parent's age
  208. >Maybe those were Twi's parents...?
  209. >And maybe those five mares were this world's Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie, Fluttershy and Rainbow...?
  210. >You smiled at Twilight as you continued forward, trying to keep yourself steady
  211. >It had been a little while since you walked around with hooves, so you were just a liiittle bit rusty…
  212. >You stumbled a bit, but managed to keep yourself from falling over
  213. >Fucking hooves…
  214. "Hello everybo-- everypony," you said, giving your head a little shake.
  215. >Behind you, the mirror hummed
  216. >Looking over your wither, you saw the end of a table poke through it
  217. >A second later, Anon was standing in the hall with you, looking a little dazed, but all together just the same as you left him
  220. >So Twi’s amulet worked…
  221. >Good...
  222. >Anon managed to take two steps before tripping over his feet and stumbling forward
  223. >Sending a bit more magic into your horn, you grabbed the table in his hands and teleported it beside you while also catching him
  224. >Aw yeah...
  225. >You missed being able to do crazy shit with just your mind…
  226. >Magic might not have been fingers, but it was pretty okay...
  227. "Easy there, hon."
  228. >Giving his little head a shake, your stallion looked down at you
  229. >"Sunset?"
  230. >You nodded with a smile
  231. "Yep, it's me!" you chirped, doing a little spin and puffing your chest out proudly. "How do I look?"
  232. >Not taking his eyes off of you, Anon walked over, knelt down, and placed a hand on your muzzle
  233. >Your ears perked up and you could feel just a bit of unease working its way into your gut
  234. >Oh shit…
  235. >What if he thought you were a freaky alien now?
  236. >What if he wouldn’t let you fuck him while you were in Equestria?
  237. >That would be awful!
  238. >Momma couldn’t go MONTHS without some lovin’!
  239. >Your unease was instantly forgotten when a smile exploded across your stallion's face
  240. >"Oh my god, you look so adorable," he said, giving your nose a boop
  241. >Your muzzle reflexively scrunched
  242. >Hey now...
  243. "I'm not adorable, I'm sexy and a marely-mare," you said, booping him right back. “And don’t you forget it, mister.”
  244. >His smile widened
  245. > “A unicorn,” he said, his voice filled with awe. “I still can’t believe that you’re a unicorn.”
  246. “A MARELY unicorn,” you corrected
  247. >Chuckling, Anon gave you a kiss on the nose
  248. >”A marely unicorn,” he agreed
  249. >The sound of somepony taking a step toward the two of you could be easily heard in the almost silent room
  250. >"A-Anon?"
  251. >Anon stiffened
  252. >His head whipped toward the onlooking ponies
  253. >"Twilight?" he said, quickly standing up
  254. >Twilight, who now had tears in her eyes, took another step toward the two of you
  255. >"Y-Yeah," she said with a sniffle and a wave of her wing. "It's m-me."
  256. >In the blink of an eye Anon was racing toward her
  257. >"TWI!"
  258. >Twi unfurled her wings and launched herself forward, her front legs outstretched
  259. >"ANON!"
  262. >While Anon was a heck of a lot bigger than any of you, even the three other princesses, Twi had the benefit of alicorn strength on her side, so when the two collided the, dummy slammed into your stallion so hard that he hit the ground and slid back ten feet with her on top of him
  263. >There were some gasps from the ponies watching, and the mare who you thought was Twilight's mom shook her head as she took a sip from the glass that was floating near her head
  264. >You took a step toward the two, a healing spell at the ready in case Anon was hurt, but there was no need
  265. >Anon sat up the moment that he stopped sliding, completely unharmed
  266. >He immediately began laughing and crying, wrapping his arms around your sis's barrel and pulled her into a hug
  267. >”Twi…” he murmured, nuzzling her cheek
  268. >Twilight nickered happily, tears streaming down her face
  269. >She started talking a mile a minute
  270. >She missed him
  271. >She was so happy he was here
  272. >Was he excited that he was here?
  273. >Because she was!
  274. >Had he lost weight?
  275. >Because he looked really good now!
  276. >Not that she didn't think he looked good before, but now he looked doubly good!
  277. >As she talked, she peppered his face with kisses
  278. >Both her wings and hooves wrapped around him and she leaned forward, using his lap to get a better angle at his face
  279. >Anon’s laughter turned into a yelp as both him and Twi fell into a heap of feathers and smooches
  280. >Behind them, everypony began to cheer and stomp their hooves
  281. >You couldn't help but stomp your hooves as well, your smile so wide that it felt like it was about to fall off of your face
  282. >You were back...
  283. >You were home...
  284. >Picking up the duffle bags and the chairs and the table with your magic, you made your way over to the group of watching ponies
  285. >More specifically,toward your parents
  288. >Mom and dad didn't move from their spot, staring at you with their usual holier-than-thou expressions
  289. >The sight nearly made you frown, but you were able to power through the negative feelings that welled up the closer you got to them
  290. >Easy girl…
  291. >Easy...
  292. >Stopping in front of them you made a show of bowing
  293. "Good evening Lady Starburst, Lord Everglade," you said, keeping your eyes to the floor.
  294. >Your parents inclined their heads as well
  295. >"It's good to see that you're well, my little filly," your dad said, looking over you carefully
  296. "I'm sure," you said, laying on as much sweetness as you could stomach. "Mom, I see that you're still a fat old sow."
  297. >Your mother barely raised an eyebrow
  298. >"And I see that you're still the same little brat that ran off into exile," she commented
  299. "Yep! It's still me," you said, batting your eyelashes at her because you knew she hated it when somepony did that. "But I'm not in exile anymore. From what Twilight said, I've gotten a full pardon from both Princess Celestia and Luna."
  300. >"PRINCESS Twilight dear," your father corrected
  301. "I don't need to call her princess if I'm fucking her dad," you said, before you remembered that nopony here knew what the fuck ‘fuck’ meant. "Rutting. I mean rutting."
  302. >Your father gasped while your mother frowned
  303. >"Your father and I just wished to see how you were doing since you no longer shame this family," she said, turning around. "And since we see that you're doing very well, we shall return to Canterlot immediately. Come along, dear."
  304. >You had to resist the urge to hit your mom with one of your shitty chairs, instead waving at them
  305. >The cunts...
  306. "Have a safe trip! And try to tip the ponies that you have carrying your luggage back to the manor, you don't want them "losing" suitcases again!"
  307. >Your mother's tail flicked, but she didn't respond, making her way out of the room
  308. >Your father, giving you a look of quiet disapproval, followed her
  309. >You took a deep breath, watching them leave with no small amount of satisfaction
  310. >Sweet Celestia above, did you not miss either of them…
  311. >Not eve a little bit...
  312. >"I see that you're as cheeky as I remember, my old student."
  313. >And speaking of Celestia...
  316. >Steeling yourself, you looked over to see that Princess Celestia herself was standing before you, a small smile on her face
  317. >You inclined your head without a second thought
  318. "Your highness."
  319. >The princess's smile turned a little impish
  320. >"Lady Shimmer," she said, bowing her head as well
  321. >You grimaced
  322. >Oh, buck you...
  323. >Celestia's smile widened at your expression
  324. >You just stuck your tongue out at her, which earned you a giggle
  325. >She was still the old silly cunt you knew, it seemed…
  326. >...
  327. >What should you say?
  328. >Should you apologize?
  329. >Maybe thank her for forgiving you after everything you did?
  330. >...
  331. >You honestly didn't know what to say to your old teacher...
  332. >Still though, you needed to try
  333. >You were about to open your mouth to say SOMETHING when the mare who you thought was Twilight's mom brushed past you with the stallion in tow
  334. >"Excuse me," she said, before taking a sip from her glass
  335. >Your nostrils flared
  336. >Wait...
  337. >You knew that smell anywhere…
  338. >...
  339. >Was...
  340. >Was she drinking yak whiskey...?
  341. >"Honey, you can't just walk in front of them like that!" the stallion said, giving both you and Celestia an apologetic look. "I'm sorry about that, your highness."
  342. >He then smiled at you
  343. >"It's very nice to meet you, Sunset. Twilight's told my wife and I so much about you," he said, giving your cheek a friendly nuzzle. "I'm Night Light, and that RUDE filly over there is Twilight Velvet. We're Twilight's mother and father."
  344. >Mrs. Velvet grunted, pushing the chairs away and looking over the table carefully
  345. >"Hmm... This is some kind of maple," she muttered, poking her head underneath the table so she could look at the legs. "It looks like the whole thing was made from the same tree... no nails that I can see..."
  348. >Mr. Light frowned at his wife, who then gave the table a sniff
  349. >"Honey, will you stop that for FIVE seconds and come over here so you can say hello to Twilight's herdmate?" he demanded
  350. >Mrs. Velvet's horn glowed
  351. >There was a pop, and a small ball appeared right next to the mare
  352. >Mr. Light groaned in exasperation
  353. >Princess Celestia, covering her mouth with a hoof, snorted as the stallion stomped his hoof
  354. >"Dear!"
  355. >Mrs. Velvet continued to ignore her husband, taking a calm sip of her drink as she set the ball down in the middle of the table
  356. >She took a step back, her expression unreadable
  357. >"This table is perfectly balanced," she said to nopony in particular before looking over at you.
  358. "The table and chairs are a gift from me and Anon," you said, giving the mare a slightly nervous smile
  359. >Your eyes dipped down to her chest, and for a few seconds your smile faltered
  360. >Holy hay, did she have some chest tuft…
  361. >Mrs. Velvet nodded, looking over toward Anon and Twilight
  362. >"You made these yourself?" she said, in a tone that made it sound like a fact and not a question
  363. >You shook your head
  364. "Actually, I made the chairs and Anon over there made the table," you told her
  365. >Mrs. Velvet raised an eyebrow
  366. >She looked back at the table
  367. >"A stallion made this?" she asked incredulously
  368. "Yep, he spent all week working on it."
  369. >Mrs, Velvet looked at the table for a moment longer before taking a step toward you and extending a hoof
  370. >"It's very nice to meet you, Sunset, I'm Twilight's mother," she said
  371. >Mr. Light groaned again, but you still found yourself smiling
  372. >Twilight's mom sure was... something, just like she said in the notebook...
  373. >Still, you lifted your own hoof and grabbed hers
  374. "It's nice to meet you too, ma'am," you said politely
  375. >Velvet gave your hoof exactly two shakes
  378. >Taking another sip from her glass, she then wrapped a hoof around your wither and began to lead you toward your alpha and stallion
  379. >"I'll give you this one back in a minute, princess," she said
  380. >The princess, who looked like she was trying her hardest not to laugh, nodded
  381. >”Take all the time you need, Velvet,” she said, giving you a wink
  382. >Oh shit...
  383. >Mrs. Velvet half lead, half carried you toward Anon and Twilight, a resolute look on her face
  384. >You, a little confused, offered no resistance other than to stare at her
  385. >What the buck was wrong with this filly…?
  386. >Twilight was hugging Anon's back with all four hooves, you saw
  387. >Her wings were draped around his sides and she was nuzzling his neck furiously
  388. >Anon, who was stroking her wings with his hands, tears still in his eyes, was the first to see the two of you making your way toward them
  389. >"Oh, h-hello," he said, wiping his face with his hand. "Are you Twilight's mom?"
  390. >Mrs. Velvet nodded
  391. >"I am. You must be this Anon that my daughter's been talking about."
  392. >An excited giggle escaped Twilight as she gave your stallion's neck a big smooch
  393. >Aw...
  394. >"Yes ma'am, I am," Anon said, reaching up to scratch underneath Twi's chin. "It's really nice to finally meet you. Twilight's talked a lot about you and your husband in her letters."
  395. >The barest of smiles came to Mrs. Velvet's face
  396. >"This one here just told me that you made that table over there," she said, nudging her head toward the article of furniture in question
  397. >"I did,” Anon said, giving Twi a kiss on the side of her muzzle. “Twilight said that you liked woodworking, so I thought that Sunny and I could make you a little something as a gift."
  398. >Mrs. Velvet took another sip from her glass
  399. >"You only put varnish on the wood," she said
  400. >”The color was already deep enough that I didn’t need to really do anything with it,” your stallion responded
  401. >"I saw that you used mortise and tenon joints for the legs."
  402. >"You saw that?" Anon asked, his smile widening. "Yeah, I didn't want to use any nails for the table, so I decided to go with that. Did you see how I made the tenons a little longer than normal?"
  405. >"You did that to give the legs a bit more support in case somepony was dumb enough to run into the thing," Mrs. Velvet said, looking him over just like she had with his table.
  406. >She was quiet for a few moments , swirling her glass with her magic as she contemplated something
  407. >"...Anon? You wouldn't happen to know anything about boats, would you?"
  408. >Anon's eyes lit up
  409. >"Yeah! In fact, I made a canoe over the spring because Sunset here bought me a bunch of really nice cedar wood."
  410. >"Oh?"
  411. >"It wasn't a very long canoe, only about eight feet, but it was a really neat job. I think I'm going to try to make a fifteen foot one when I get home."
  412. >For a brief second, you could see a spark of excitement on the old mare's face
  413. >She quickly hid it behind her glass as she took another sip
  414. >Your nostrils flared again
  415. >...
  416. >Yep...
  417. >That's Yak Whiskey...
  418. >Taking a single gulp of her death water, Mrs. Velvet gave your stallion a smile
  419. >"I'm in the process of making a rowboat myself," she said. "I'll have to have you come to my little workshop so that you can look at it."
  420. >"It'd love to see it," Anon replied
  421. >Mrs. Velvet, looking almost solemn, turned toward her daughter
  422. >"Twilight, come here for a second. I need to talk to you and this one."
  423. >Twilight's ears perked up
  424. >Mrs. Velvet's horn glowed a little brighter, and with a spell she peeled her off of Anon
  425. >"We'll be back," she said, dragging you away with a floating Twilight in tow
  426. >She led you out of earshot, setting Twilight next to you and stepping away
  427. >Twilight smiled nervously
  428. >"S-So, what do you think of him, mom?" she asked
  429. >Mrs. Velvet frowned
  430. >Her eyes hardened and she seemed to get a little bit bigger
  431. >Oh here we go...
  432. >"You two are going to marry that stallion," she said.
  433. >...
  434. >Wat?
  437. >Not taking her eyes off of her daughter, Mrs. Velvet walked over and cupped her face with her hooves
  438. >"Twilight, until a few months ago I thought that one day you were going to come to my house with some butch mare and tell me that she was your life partner or some hippie nonsense."
  439. >Her gaze became piercing, so much so that it looked like she was looking THROUGH Twi
  440. >"I was relieved when I heard that you had gotten a stallion, but I was also worried that you had picked up some gold digger."
  441. >She looked over at Anon, who appeared to be talking with the three princesses and Twi's dad
  442. >"THAT over there is not a gold digger," she said, an emotion that you couldn't quite identify flashing in her eyes.
  443. >She look back at Twi, leaning forward so that their noses were touching
  444. >"I've been alive for fifty years, Twilight, and in those fifty years I have never met a single stallion that has taken any interest in woodwork. It took me YEARS to convince your father to even let me set up a little shop in the backyard, and here you have a colt that not only talks the talk but can make a table that any mare with tuft on her chest would be proud to have in her home."
  445. >Her eyes narrowed dangerously
  446. >"If I was twenty years younger and your father wasn't in the picture I'd snatch up that colt faster than you could spit, alien or not. But since I can't do it, YOU'RE going to do it, my sweet little filly. Whether you want to or not."
  447. >Giving Twi's cheeks a squeeze, Mrs. Velvet released her and took a step back
  448. >"I don't care how you do it, but I want to see your great grandfather's horn ring around one of those weird wigglers of his, sooner rather than later, since I'd like to see some more grandchildren running around my house."
  449. >She then turned toward you, and you couldn't help but find yourself taking a step backward
  450. >"And as for you, Ms. Shimmer, I couldn’t care less about what you've done in the past. As long as you make my daughter happy and continue to make her happy, then you'll have no guff from me.”
  451. >Aw…
  452. >That’s really--
  453. >”But if you hurt her, I will make sure that they never find your body."
  454. >...
  455. >Oh...
  458. >Patting you on the cheek, she smiled again
  459. >"Welcome to the family. I'm not going to take those chairs because they look like a cross-eyed donkey made them. Make sure to come down to the Sparkle house sometime, my husband and I would be happy to have you."
  460. >With that she turned around and made her way over toward Anon, taking another sip of her drink
  461. >Both you and Twilight watched her go, your mouths opened ever so slightly
  462. "...Your mom's really scary, Twi," you found yourself saying
  463. >Twilight giggled nervously
  464. >"Yeah... she gets like that sometimes," she replied, rubbing the back of her head
  465. >You nodded, watching the old mare
  466. >...
  467. >Dat fucking tuft tho...
  468. >Staring for a few more seconds, both you and Twi looked at each other
  469. >Smile came to your faces, and in a flurry of movement you found yourselves hugging
  470. >"Oh sweet Celestia I'm so sorry that this stupid mirror took so long," she said, nuzzling you as hard as she could
  471. >You nuzzled right back, your tail swishing back and forth in happiness
  472. "It's not your fault," you murmured
  473. >"How has Anon been doing? Have you been making him eat right? Did the girls like him? Was anypony else trying to bully him?"
  474. "Everything was great while you were away. Nonny over there got a job and lost a little bit of weight. The girls love him, and no one since Bulk tried anything. Just like we said when you asked us in your letters."
  475. >Twilight giggled quietly
  476. >"Thank Celestia," she said, closing her eyes. "I was so worried that something bad was going to happen..."
  477. "Something bad? With me around? Never."
  478. >You gave Twi a little raspberry on the neck, which caused her to giggle
  479. "And what about you, my little dork? How have things been over here?"
  480. >"Lonely," she said without a second thought, deflating slightly
  481. >You hugged her all the tighter
  482. "We're here now, Twi. You won't be lonely anymore," you promised, breaking the hug and taking a step back
  483. >When you saw tears in her eyes, you gave her a little eskimo kiss
  484. >She reeled back, batting at you playfully with her wings
  485. >"D-Dyke," she said, rubbing an eye
  488. "You love it,” you teased
  489. >The two of you giggled, eyeing each other affectionately
  490. >You were home...
  491. >Your family was all together...
  492. >You had told your parents to fuck off...
  493. >Princess Celestia didn't hate you and you weren't a fugitive...
  494. >You took a deep breath through your nose
  495. >Yep...
  496. >This was turning out a lot better than you were expecting...
  497. >Your gaze flicked over to Anon as his laughter rung in the air
  498. >The sound caught Twi's attention as well, and she looked over at him with a bitten lip and a look so full of longing that you couldn't help but laugh
  499. "Go over there and spend some time with your stallion, you dummy," you said, giving her a nudge with your wither. "Go on, before that crazy mom of yours tries to sit in his lap."
  500. >And with that, Twi was gone in a flash, racing over to your stallion to probably rub her scent all over him
  501. >You watched her leave, as happy as you've ever been in your life
  502. >These next couple of months were going to--
  503. >"Hey!"
  504. >You twitched in surprise, your head snapping over to look see that the five mares had made their way over to you
  505. >With a quick once-over, you noticed that these mares looked kind of like your girls back home
  506. >The one with the styled mane and dyke-ish disposition was probably Rarity
  507. >That one with the messy rainbow mane and tail was probably Dashie
  508. >Heh...
  509. >You always figured that she'd be an earth pony...
  510. >"You're Sunset Shimmer, right?" The rainbow-haired mare said, trotting over to you
  511. "I am," you said with a nod. "And you must be Rainbow Dash."
  512. >The mare nodded, puffing up like a pigeon
  515. >"That's me!" she chirped, offering a hoof
  516. >Yep, that's Dashie alright...
  517. >Chuckling to yourself, you gave her a hoof bump
  518. "It's very nice to meet you all," you said, eyeing each and every one of the girls. "I'm friends with your human counterparts."
  519. >"Yes, Twilight said something to us to that effect," the marshmallow unicorn said with a dykish toss of her mane. "I'm Rarity. That is Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie.”
  520. >She inclined her head, a smile coming to her face
  521. > “We are ever so happy to finally meet Twilight's herdmate!"
  522. >You had to bite your lip to keep from laughing
  523. >It seemed that Rarity was a dyke no matter what world you went to...
  524. >You were about thank her, but before you could, Rainbow wrapped a hoof around your wither and pulled you close
  525. >”Listen, Sunset, we've been talking to Twi for the last couple months and she's told us a lot of cool stuff about hyoo-man land," she said with a cocky grin
  526. >You felt your teats twist slightly at the sight of it
  527. >You knew that look...
  528. >The Rainbow back home would smile that same smile before she brought you along on some dumb adventure that usually had you running from the police...
  529. "Did she now?" you asked, trying to keep the concern out of your voice
  530. >A quick look around showed that the other girls were smiling that same smile
  531. >Even Fluttershy, the mare who back home was scared of her own shadow, was giving you that toothy grin
  532. >Your teats twisted a little more
  533. >Oh here we go...
  534. >"Yeah, we had to bug her about it for a month or two, but she eventually spilled the beans about everything," Rainbow continued, giving you a little squeeze. "And I hear that over there, a filly can get a guy all to herself without trying that hard."
  535. >"And the guys aren't BUTTS!" Pinkie chimed in
  536. >Rainbow's smile grew just a hair
  537. >"So, Shimmy--you don't mind if I call you Shimmy,right?-- me and the girls were wondering if, after you're done messing around in Equestria, you could hook a filly up?"
  540. >You looked around to see each of the girls looking at you hopefully
  541. >...
  542. >...
  543. >...
  544. >You shouldn't...
  545. >You really, really shouldn't
  546. >If you brought them over to get guys, somepony else was bound to find out about it
  547. >And then more and more ponies would know about it until half of Equestria’s single filles were sneaking through the portal to get themselves a man
  548. >You didn't know if something like that would be bad, but it sure as hell looked like it on paper...
  549. >...
  550. >But then you thought about all of the cute, sweet guys like your Nonny over there who hadn't even gotten a kiss from a girl in their entire lives
  551. >If you nudged some girls toward them, you'd be making the world a happier place...
  552. >And since you were sort of a good guy now, that was kind of your thing...
  553. >...
  554. >Fuck it
  555. >You weren't some filthy cunt-blocker
  556. >Celestia help those earth girls, because you had a feeling that the competition for guys was going to get a lot fiercer...
  557. >Smiling, you gave both Rainbow and the girls a nod
  558. "Yeah, after I go home, I'm sure I can hook you up with somepony..."
  559. >The girls cheered
  560. >"Whoo! We're all gettin' ourselves some alien cock!" Rainbow said, launching herself into the air with a flap of her wings
  561. >...
  562. >Oh no...
  563. >You might have made a mistake...
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