Conflict of Interest Between Nich Maragos and Aevee Bee

Feb 21st, 2016
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  1. First COI:
  2. Conflict of interest between Aevee Bee and Nich Maragos is present in the Paste article, Persona Q Review: A Different Kind of Odyssey, by Aevee Bee. Aevee covers Persona Q and promotes Etrian Odyssey without disclosing that Nich Maragos supported her Patreon during the same month she wrote the article. Nich Maragos was the project lead for Etrain Odyssey and was involved with Persona Q's localization.
  4. Nich Maragos' support of Aevee Bee on Patreon:
  5. [] [November 2014]
  6. [] [Archive with nicer format]
  10. Article in Question:
  11. Persona Q Review: A Different Kind of Odyssey [] [November 2014]
  12. "When the first Etrian Odyssey was localized, Atlus translated some of the director’s development diary—it’s still up there on the old website if you want to read it—and he has some really neat things to say about game development; this was part of the reason I wanted to play the game in the first place. In the director’s words, there’s a difference between knowing an enemy is “very close” and knowing it’s “exactly one space.” Your ability to make plans and calculations is dependent on having that information."
  16. Interview: Atlus’ Nich Maragos On Etrian Odyssey []
  17. "Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth is actually weirder for being a licensed RPG of a RPG series, developed by the Etrian Odyssey team. There are not a lot of non cynical answers to why this game exists, but Persona and Etrian Odyssey are two of my favorite RPG series for opposite reasons—Persona has likable characters and tedious combat, while Etrian Odyssey is story/character minimal but with fantastic dungeon and combat design."
  19. "Etrian Odyssey represents Maragos’ first game where he’s served as a project lead, through he has been an editor on Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army, Yggdra Union, Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner, and Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja. In addition to editing Etrian Odyssey’s text, he is overseeing other aspects of the game’s localization as well."
  23. God is a Geek: Atlus USA Interview About Localization []
  24. The two interviewees from Atlus USA are Nich Maragos (Localization Editor) and John Hardin (PR Manager). Nich started working for Atlus nine years ago after his job at, and his first project was Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army.
  26. Nich Maragos:
  27. "I work closely with the translators myself. When I get into work in the morning, I talk to them to see what’s been prepared for me to work on. They do the actual translating and I get the raw translation to work on. I look over everything they have done and make rewrites and changes as appropriate. I also usually ask them about what’s going on in a particular scene or what the broad purpose is since they have a better grasp on the meaning than I do. Once I feel like I have a firm understanding on the meaning of the line, I have enough to make changes so I can get my meaning across very clearly in English."
  29. "In Persona Q, we had to make do with the space limitations for the name. There wasn’t enough room for 8 character names. We really felt bad about that. A lot of fans would want to use Yu Narukami or whatever else for P4Hero. Unfortunately, we couldn’t do anything about that."
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  36. Second COI:
  37. Aevee Bee writes a review over Fire Emblem Fates without disclosing that one of the members for the localization team, Nich Maragos, is also donating to her patreon.
  39. Nich Maragos' support of Aevee Bee on Patreon:
  40. [] [November 2014]
  44. Nich Maragos' Tweet []
  45. I didn't care about anybody else's review but @MammonMachine's and I'm excited/relieved she enjoyed FE Fates.
  47. Aevee Bee's Tweet []
  48. ZAM hired a whole bunch of really great games journos, including @Danielleri, who asked me for a Fire Emblem Review! …
  51. Article in Question:
  52. Fire Emblem: Fates Review []
  53. "The game give characters these exaggerated personalities and then throws them against each other until something ridiculous happens, then it’s all about seeing how the latest recruit is going to deal with Setsuna’s perpetually laconic and deadpan attitude to her near-death experiences, or if they can survive Niles’s possibly lethal flirting, or if they’ll bring out a surprising new side of Azura, the protagonist’s mysterious confidant."
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  59. Special thanks to AFCSentinel for finding this
  60. Third COI:
  61. Nich used to be one of the two boss people behind a gaming website called TheGIA. Aevee Bee also wrote articles for that website. When TheGIA shut down, Nich explicitly thanked her, highlighted her work as well as her new website she was making. No mention that Nich had previously supported Aevee on Patreon
  63. Article in Question:
  64. The End []
  65. "Toward the end of the GIA, I was less interested in airing my own thoughts and more interested in soliciting articles from people whose perspectives you don’t hear from as much. Not all of those commissions panned out, but this ambition is what led to things like Aevee Bee’s Bloodborne review. And yet, Aevee already has her own site, the indispensable ZEAL, so getting these writers to build our brand rather than their own seemed counterproductive and maybe a little wrong."
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