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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. Hello everyone, I'll get right to it, the end has arrived.
  3. Perhaps some people felt this coming but to make a long story short, I'm tired boys, the raids are always fun, sometimes difficult but always worth it. Everything else? Not so much. The difficulty of maintaining alts have hit a peak, AP and Azerite are both as bad as ever, the new zones are awful, benthic can suck my dick, essences did nothing to help fix Bfa's problems. Outside of the game it only gets harder, the recruiting, trialing, raid compositions and strat, all of it is time consuming, stressful and tiring. I'm done.
  5. But that's not really the whole story, if it was only all of that i'd just push through for the team because I truly do enjoy raiding with everyone, but that's not the reality, the reality is with the state retail is currently in and the classic launch looming I've realised I'm not prepared, or I think even able, to rebuild the guild. Erath, Xon, Annie, Robbie, Hara, Jethro, gone, i'd wager Steve and Russ aren't going to be here much longer either. Next week I would have to spend every waking hour either trying to poach, spending time on recruitment forums or organizing a guild merger with some other guild whos in a similar situation to us. I can't be fucked, I don't want to be stressed out every day for the next 2 weeks, I don't want to be thinking about how the PoE league that comes out 10ish days from now will affect the raid team, I don't want to have to put people in a tough situation by asking them to raid in retail to help THE BOYS instead of do whatever they actually want to do that night, honestly even IF 3-4 trials fell into my lap they would just end up being another source of stress.
  7. What some may think is that I don't want to stop raiding, I just want to hand all the responsibility to someone else, step down from officer, become a regular raider and leave everything to them, well, you'd be 100% bang on the money, but I don't think thats possible. The raid environment I want to be a part of is the one that this guild has cultivated over the course of the last two expansions, a change in leadership means a change in group mentality and even if there was someone willing whatever <kms> was after me and steve stepped down would be different to what it is now.
  9. Man, its fucking hard to end a guild, specially one like <kms>. My absolute favourite things to hear about are the meet ups between raiders, the real friendships that extend outside of the raid that solidify an interaction as more than just us talking into our computers. What i've been thinking about most is how does the <kms> raid ending affect the social circle we've created? Does it at all? How much of our interactions are really governed by our desire to kill the bosses? To be honest I'm not sure but I suppose it's not important because I'm done with raiding regardless.
  11. So then, what next? Well, I have no idea what we should do tonight, if anything, but next week I have no intention of leading any <kms> mythic/heroic raids. Personally I'll be spending my time on classic, grinding centaur rep in desolace. I have no intention to raid in Classic and I have no plans to do anything in retail aside from some M+.
  13. Finally, I just wanted to apologise to the trials and recent mythic raiders that joined us post Jaina to whom I was unable to provide a stable guild for at least a tier, and to thank everyone, absolutely everyone, for helping me create the <kms> that has existed up to this point, you're all the best.
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