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Oct 15th, 2019
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  1. Dear Fellow Realmers,
  3. I'd like to personally address the issue of bullying within Realm recently,
  4. You guys are probably going crazy right now cause your in a chat with SamRiddeli, <3
  5. But this is a serious matter, so try to stay focused on the problem, ^.^
  7. Don't let how famous I am overwhelm you, you are all important, <3
  8. And your help will be appreciated, so let's get into the issue... o.O
  10. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. So in recent months there has been a discord including myself and many others,
  13. This discord has been used to co-ordinate players for fame training and other stuff,
  15. However, recently I was kicked from this discord,
  16. I have since rejoined,
  17. But this was outrageous,
  18. Bullying in the most pure form,
  19. And, with me being the role model for the entire community,
  20. I must stand against this!
  22. I don't know who kicked me, but it could be one of the people here,
  23. This was a complete misuse of power by one of the mods/admins,
  24. And we, the community will not stand for it,
  26. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. So I'm starting a campaign to make realm nice again,
  29. If you're with me, type in the chat:
  31. #MakeRealmNiceAgain
  33. You guys have got to do this to show the community that we will not tolerate bullying,
  34. Most people would just stand and let this kind of thing happen,
  35. But not me - SamRiddeli, I stand for the community, <3
  36. I make us strong, we're so lucky to have me, ^.^
  38. Please don't forget to support the cause by typing the hashtag before reading on, <3
  39. You guys are really important to me, I know most of you are my fans,
  40. And I really appreciate all the support that you guys give me, ^.^
  42. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. My fan club, the SamRiddeli Fan Club, is currently not active,
  45. But it may become active again in future,
  46. So if you're not already a member, you can apply via my Realmeye, <3
  48. I know you guys probably already know this, but my fan club is a Realmeye chat,
  49. Just in case some of you guys thought it was a guild,
  50. And got hyped about the idea of being in a guild with me, <3
  52. Like I'm the best in guilds when I'm fully active!
  53. I do fun guild events every week such as Cha Cha Tuesday, and PCave Sunday <3
  55. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. I'd like to apologize for not being so active recently,
  58. I know I have a responsibility to you guys, the fans, <3
  59. So I have to try my best to be active so I can continue to support fans,
  61. My realmeye is always filled with messages of people wanting my fan club back,
  62. And so many of you guys are like really obsessed with me, <3
  63. Which is totally awesome; like if I wasn't SamRiddeli, I'd certainly be a massive fan of his, ^.^
  65. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  67. Also, it be really cool if you guys voted my friend Jacob for the People's choice award,
  68. To vote just click on his name then click cast vote after you go to the following link:
  72. Your vote is much appreciated, ^.^
  74. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  76. Finally here's some music you guys can listen to which will make you guys nicer hopefully: <3
  78. Dream Theater - The Gift of Music :3
  79. Def Leppard - Let's Go :3
  80. Pierce The Veil - Dive In :3
  81. J. Balvin - Bobo :3
  82. 50 Cent - 21 Questions ft. Nate Dogg :3
  83. Rush - 2112 :3
  85. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. Don't forget - #MakeRealmNiceAgain <3
  88. I have so much love for you guys, let's stand up to bullying together, <3
  90. Yours Sincerely, SamRiddeli ^.^
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