OpWhales- A message to Iceland

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  1. Greetings citizens of the world
  2. We are Anonymous
  3. We are #OpWhales
  5. A message to the people of Iceland
  7. While ‘spear-whaling’ may have been necessary in Iceland centuries ago (where the entire whale was used as a valuable resource), in 2016 the practice is unimaginably cruel, highly unnecessary and certainly shunned by most of the world. Today, Iceland’s main reason for whaling (aside from selling some of the meat to unsuspecting tourists as a delicacy) is to send meat to another whaling country, Japan, who face restrictions under the International Whaling Commission’s ruling. It is now known that only roughly 20% of any whale is used, while 80% is discarded as waste. When the IWC placed a ban on commercial whaling in 1986, Iceland removed themselves from the commission, which left them in a position to continue as the ‘ban’ no longer applied to them.
  9. In 2013, after two years of no fin whaling, Icelandic whalers killed 134 fin whales and 38 minke whales.
  10. In 2014 Icelandic whalers killed 137 endangered fin whales as well as 24 minke.
  11. In 2015 Icelandic whalers killed some 155 fin whales and 29 minke whales.
  12. Japan remained with the IWC but, as mentioned, face restrictions on slaughters. They are not, however, banned from accepting whale meat from alternative sources. Japan have many unethical uses for the meat; human consumption not making the top row on this list. From dog food and treats to candles, perfumes to fuel (all of which have numerous alternative resources as bases)
  14. A Endangered Fin Whales and Minke Whales are slaughtered with explosive harpoons (taking 30+ mins to die) to fill the demand for these cheap and disposable products.
  16. These Endangered species (under CITES) need our help now. It has been recorded that their numbers are decreasing faster than Rhinos poached in Southern Africa.
  18. We at OpWhales do not aim our protest at the Icelandic people. We aim our protest at the Icelandic Government who allows the Company Hvalur to continue with this horrific practice which only benefits the company itself, not the people.
  20. We ask the Icelandic people to speak out against their Government’s grant on whaling by the Hvalur company, and rather promote the benefits of whale watching and tours – an extremely lucrative industry (if there are whales left to see) in this most beautiful part of the world.
  22. Anonymous has already sent warnings to show the seriousness of this matter, having taken down numerous websites in Iceland.
  24. Our efforts were noted by media worldwide.
  26. It will happen again until this horrendous slaughter ends. In the meantime, please use these sheets and take part in the email campaign as a way to inform the people of Iceland, and the rest of the world, that we certainly neither support nor agree to the heinous acts from the heartless Icelandic whaling tycoon, Hvalur, and demand an end to this outrageous practice now.
  27. Be safe. Be smart. Be committed.
  28. #OpWhales
  29. #Anonymous
  31. For more information follow @OpWhales_  @h0t_p0ppy
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