[Incest] Anon Pie x Limestone

Jul 31st, 2016
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  1. >Knock knock knock!
  2. >"Anonymous, open up!" whisper-yells Limestone as she rattles your doorknob.
  3. "It's unlocked." you whisper-yell back.
  4. >The knob turns and the door sloooowwly opens, and Limestone pokes her head inside.
  5. >Her eyes dart around the room as though she were expecting to see something more than just you in your room.
  6. >"W-well?"
  7. >Well, what?
  8. >Limestone slips through the gap she made in the door and gently closes it shut.
  9. >She goes so far as to hold the knob in place until the door is closed before letting it go just so that the doorknob wouldn't click when the door shut.
  10. >Limestone looks nervous.
  11. >She's fidgeting anxiously and you can see beads of sweat dripping down her face.
  12. >"Where is she?"
  13. >oh fuck
  14. >"I... I heard you an-and Pinkie. Before dinner."
  15. >wake me up inside
  16. >[spoiler]can't wake up[/spoiler]
  17. >"And... and I'm gonna t-tell Ma unless y-you let me touch your... thing."
  18. >What.
  19. "What."
  20. >Your voice breaks Limestone out of her nervous disposition.
  21. >She stomps her foot and glares at you, a blush replacing the sweat.
  22. >"You heard me! I wanna do things with your thingy! And you're going to let me unless you want Ma to find out!"
  23. >She confidently approaches your bed (but you notice her legs shaking) and sits down next to you.
  24. >"W-well?! Take it out!"
  25. >You don't get much sleep that night.
  26. >"G-geez."
  27. >Geez?
  28. >That's all you're getting from Limestone after she touches your dick?
  29. >Limestone reaches out and, instead of poking it, takes it in her hand.
  30. >You can feel your heartbeat throbbing against her cool skin; so can she if her gasp has anything to do with it.
  31. >"It's... bigger than I thought it would be."
  32. >For you.
  33. >She has the biggest, most grumpy face on when she says this.
  34. >With painful slowness, Limestone beings to jack you off.
  35. >She brings her hand all the way up to the tip.... and then glides her hand down to the base, her thumb bumping into your testicles on each pass.
  36. >She won't take her eyes off of your dick, and she looks angrier and angrier with each stroke.
  37. >Unfortunately, that means that she's gripping you tighter and tighter.
  38. >PAINFULLY tighter and tighter!
  39. >This has to stop!
  40. "L-Limestone!
  41. >You lurch forward and reach out to cup your sister's cheek.
  42. >To your relief, she doesn't jerk away or shriek.
  43. >Instead, she just looks startled.
  44. >Your cock is still in a death grip, so you do the only thing you can think of doing.
  45. >You lean forward and kiss her.
  46. >Limestone gasps against your mouth and doesn't kiss you back.
  47. >After a few moments, though, she lets go of your member and leans into you, wrapping her arms around your neck and deepening the kiss.
  48. >She tries to crawl into your lap, but the movement causes her night dress to ride up.
  49. >Both of you gasp and jerk when your length rubs up against her pussy.
  50. >Limestone pulls back and her eyes, for once, don't hold contempt or anger towards just; just lust and... something else you can't quite place.
  51. >"Y-you idiot."
  52. >She grinds against you, lubricating the two of you with her juices and your pre-cum.
  54. >Limestone leans against you and rests her head on your shoulder, lining you up against her pussy.
  55. >"Th-this had better be s-special to you, Anon."
  56. >You place your hand on the back of her head and sift your fingers through her hair.
  57. "As long as it's with you," you gasp, "it'll be special."
  58. >Limestone lets out a very un-Limestone-ey whimper and then sits on your lap, letting gravity take its course.
  59. >Both of you barely contain your moans as you enter her inch by inch.
  60. >Christ, it feels like you just stuck your dick into a wet furnace!
  61. >You pull back from Limestone and kiss her again, something she eagerly returns.
  62. >"F-----fuck!" she hisses, rocking her hips and getting used to your presence inside of her, "Y-you... hah~!"
  63. >Limestone rolls her hips, grinding against you and making you shift around inside of her.
  64. >Your start thrusting inside of her as well as you can from a sitting position.
  65. >Another sentence for the document: "My hips are moving on their own".
  66. >It's just like your Japanese animes.
  67. >"Y-you! You... I... I... Lo-you!"
  68. >This pleasure is unreal.
  70. >You don't see it, but your door opens just a crack.
  71. >Sea-green eyes watch you and your sister have sex, attached to a dull and expressionless face.
  72. >Slowly; carefully, Maud tucks a hand down the front of her pyjama pants and begins to rub herself.
  73. >"Anon." she murmurs, barely any emotion in her voice, sounding for all the world that she's saying your name as though it were a statement.
  74. >A blush is barely visible creeping up her chest and neck.
  75. >"Anon."
  77. "L-Limestone! I... I can't! I'm gonna..."
  78. >Limestone hugs you as tightly as she can, whimpering loudly and making more noise than you feel safe making in a room so close to your other sister's.
  79. >"Me too! Me too! D-do it inside!"
  80. >You grab her ass in your hands and hilt inside of her as hard as you can.
  81. >Pleasure explodes from your cock in powerful waves.
  82. >It's so strong and feels so good that you can't even feel the muscles in your gut tightening and releasing your creamy payload inside of your sister.
  83. >A loud, animalistic howl reaches your ears, and it takes you a few seconds to recognize the sound of your own voice.
  84. >This is very easily the most intense orgasm you've ever had.
  85. >You and Limestone sit there, hugging each other, waiting for the final waves of pleasure to disappear.
  86. >Limestone pulls away and presses her forehead against your own. gazing into your eyes.
  87. >For once, she's smiling.
  88. >You like her smile.
  89. >She should do it more often.
  90. >Limestone looks down at the mess between the two of you and at the point where you're still joined together.
  91. "D-do you think...?"
  92. >Limestone picks up on your unspoken question and giggles.
  93. >"Maybe."
  94. >Fuck.
  95. >"I'm pretty sure you can't get pregnant your first time."
  96. >Oh, thank god.
  97. >"Probably"
  98. >FUCK.
  99. >Limestone stands up, shuddering as you slide out of her, and heads to the door.
  100. >"And even if I AM," she says, silently opening the door.
  101. >"You can use this as motivation to stick around the Rock Farm."
  102. >For a moment, old angry Limestone is back.
  103. >And then she's gone again, replaced by the Limestone who doesn't seem all that upset about the idea of carrying your... y-yeah.
  104. >....what have you gotten yourself into?
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