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  1. From: stephen webber <>
  2. Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2012 14:54:13 -0500
  3. To: Andrew<>
  4. Cc: <>
  5. Subject: Re: Where is SiS?
  7. Andrew,
  9. The comfort items in 52 Broadway have been moved to a new location. SIS is currently getting organized at that location. Moving forward, SIS is setting up a system to take comfort requests and have the items requested delivered. This is in development and will go live as soon as the online form is completed and made available on It will also be available as a paper form for occupiers that do not typically use the internet
  11. With regard to the future use of 52 broadway, it continues to be used by several work groups with storage needs, such as archives, library etc, and there are no plans to change this use. A meeting is being scheduled with UFT to discuss other uses as well.
  13. While there was some initial ideas about the use of space moving forward, - a media center was one idea that was mentioned by me as an idea-  it is unknown what the UFT will allow, and these were only ideas.
  15. As soon as the new system is for distribution in place it availability and info about its use will be widely distributed via, through working groups, and at commonly used sites such as 60 wall, charlotte's place, housing locations etc.
  17. I do not think this email will reach the Global Revolution list through me since I am not a member of that listserv, Can you be sure that it gets there for me.
  19. All the best
  20. Stephen
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  23. All the best,
  24. Stephen Webber
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