Anon - Moth eaten

Jun 25th, 2014
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  1. >It’s not everyday you get to see something like this
  2. >You’re Anonymous and you just opened your front door
  3. >There’s a familiar moth in your house, looking like a deer caught in headlights
  4. >With one of your shirts in her mouth
  5. >”Squeak...”
  6. >Squeak stares at you while frozen in place, before quickly dropping the shirt and taking flight, leaving behind a small cloud of dust as she runs away from your house
  7. >You look her go while coughing and then shake your head as you lift the shier from the floor
  8. >There’s a hole in it now and it’s wet from Squeaks saliva
  9. >”For fucks sake...”
  10. >You toss the shirt to the side and walk to your kitchen, you need a drink
  11. >It’s been a long day
  12. >As you walk into the kitchen there is the sound of a jar of honey dropping onto he floor
  13. >Hexferry is staring at you in shock and surprise
  14. “A-Anon... you’re home already...”
  15. >Is this shit really even happening or are you dreaming?
  16. >”Hexferry...just...what?”
  17. >Hexferry shifts her eyes around while blushing and starting to sweat
  18. “It’s... I’ve...”
  19. >Suddenly she takes flight as well towards your front door
  20. “It’s not like I like eating your honey or anything you baka!”
  21. >You look back at the mess of broken glass and honey on your kitchen floor and rub your temple
  22. >”I don’t even care anymore...”
  23. >You toss some paper on the mess and grab a beer from the fridge before making your way to your couch and flopping down on it
  25. >You crack open the can and take a long good sip, oh that hits the spot
  26. >But then you spit it out as you notice Virgo on top of your bookshelf, trying his hardest to not be seen
  27. >”Virgo, what the hell?”
  28. >Virgo blushes and rubs the back of his head while his antennae begin to droop a bit
  29. “Hahaha, hiya Anon, did not think you’d be home yet... I was just, you know...”
  30. >Virgo looks like he’s really cracking his brain to come up with something to say
  31. “...dusting your shelf! Yeah! I was just doing my very good friend a favor”
  32. >Virgo gives you a confident grin, but as he does so something falls from next to him onto the floor
  33. >You look at it
  34. >It’s one of your porn magazines, you have to do with them since no internet in Equestria
  35. >One of your porn magazines you usually have hidden in your bedroom
  36. >You give Virgo a glare
  37. >”Just get out”
  38. >Virgo just nods and flies out of your house
  39. >You rub your face before yelling out
  40. >”Any other mothponies in my house should leave right now!”
  41. >You hear some tumbling coming from upstairs, to be more precise from your bedroom
  42. >Soon enough Caramel and Golden Corral both come down, broths manes and tails looking a bit messy
  43. >They give you a little wave as they leave your house
  44. >Goddammit if they were doing what you thought they were doing up there you swear...
  45. >Suddenly you hear the toilet flush and Operator flutters out from your bathroom
  46. “Whew, A friendly warning Anon, don’t go there anytime soon”
  47. >You look at Operator while your eye twitches until he slams your door shut
  48. >...
  49. >You really need to get a lock
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