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  1. Ohhhhh, buckle up sweetheart. You’re in for a wild ride…
  3. [[**Disclaimer – you can think this is all crazy, but it’s not. This is real, intentional imagery being used. Anyone educated in the arts could tell you this isn’t reaching. Approach with an open mind, and don’t just dismiss it because you didn’t see it and haven’t learned about this. I was an art student and I am a professional – this is a part of what I studied, this is a part of my job, so I do know what I’m talking about. I’d appreciate a bit of respect.**]]
  5. ^Handcuffs before entering a big red room. In an elevator – elevator scenes are a trope, and they were put in an elevator for that reason – the associations we make with elevator scenes between two people attracted to one another. They have an intimate conversation here, in very close quarters, and call each other by name for the first time. He is holding a saber right in front of his groin area. People who think this stuff is not intentional haven’t studied the arts – any of us who’ve studied the arts know each and every detail like this is intentional and it’s loud and clear what the intention is from a subtextual standpoint.
  7. Opening into the big red room. I should mention now that Rey and Ben/Kylo were coded Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf in TFA – and the Red Riding Hood fairy tale is specifically about what’s referred to in lit analysis as the “first blood” – ie: a woman’s sexual awakening/losing her virginity. This opening in the image above is… well… it’s a vulva.
  9. Again, if you haven’t studied this stuff, it sounds like reaching. But it’s not reaching. No filmmaker – especially a filmmaker with an ENTIRE TEAM of long-time professionals at his disposal –  is going to put this much innuendo in there by accident and not realize what it looks like.
  11. ^She precedes the fighting sequence by grabbing Ben’s saber – his manhood, the symbol of his masculinity. He does not flinch – he freely allows her to take it. And this is completely his saber, too, the one HE created. Although, she also grabs the legacy saber later, too. In the above image, the saber pierces through the shape of the orb thingy behind her, in the background – which is a symbol of the female organ and also – as I’ll show later – the egg.
  13. Rey kneeling before Ben as he holds his saber in front of her face. She says his name again here. He looks her in her eyes and does TWO separate “fingering” motions – this one in the scene above ^
  15. And…
  17. ^^ THIS ONE. This one is far MORE obvious. It’s so obviously meant to be sexual. Two fingers – piercing directly backward and into the bright red and interestingly shaped “head” of that Praetorian Guard. A filmmaker is going to place the camera with PRECISE intention – every decision in filmmaking like this is going to be carefully planned and positioned. That’s not an accident. It’s… very, very intentionally sexual.
  19. That “fingering” motion brings forth the saber, which Rey catches. She holds the saber he has brought to her – his legacy, his name – and he gives it freely to her.
  21. She rises in front of him, and they look into each other’s eyes before battle begins. Ben ignites his saber, his mouth open, breathing heavily. And Rey is, too.
  23. ^Battle begins. They fight in unison. They help each other. They check in on each other. They protect each other. She grabs his thigh as they join at the hip and fight the red guards with folds of armor and interestingly shaped helmets with their big bright stabby phalic objects swords.
  25. If you think I’ve been spouting bullshit until this point, this should be the moment you reevaluate. She GRABBED HIS THIGH. They JOINED AT THE HIP. You think it’s coincidence there’s this very overtly sexual moment here, and the rest just happens to be bullshit? Nope. It’s all intentional. Have I finally got your attention now? I hope so.
  27. Rey fighting a guard with a snakelike weapon. The weapon strikes and moves like a snake, and even hisses and rattles like a snake. Snakes are classic sexual symbols, of course. Think Adam and Eve. I should also mention that they’re in a red room fighting against weapons that look an awful lot like whips. And Rey was handcuffed earlier. I’m sorry folks, I can’t make this shit up.
  29. She throws the snakelike weapon to BREAK THE RED WALL [break the hymen – “the first blood” – no I’m not kidding]. The saber is even pointing toward the wall in this shot – it looks almost awkwardly placed on film, which is of course why you have to believe there is a particular purpose for its inclusion in this shot. And it’s all about the imagery here. Another guard comes after her at this point – a guard who later leaves her with a scar that looks like two serpents/two hands reaching for each other.
  31. Rey and Ben find themselves simultaneously in a moment of suspense, being held down – they are both at the edge of release before a climax. Rey “releases” first and then sees Ben struggling – she shouts his name after her release, and throws him the legacy saber.
  33. ^^”BEN!”
  35. ^He catches it. The bright – almost WHITE – blade ejaculates ejects quickly in and out of the red helmet and Ben finds release as he is gasping for breath. He is staring in Rey’s eyes.
  37. ^Look at that big gaping hole there. Wow. Interesting how they focus on that big gaping hole there for SEVERAL frames – that guard sure takes a long time to fall. I wonder if there’s some reason they wanted to emphasize this big gaping hole, or??
  39. Oh. I see. WHITE SMOKE COMES OUT OF THE HOLE OF THE RED HELMET HE JUST PIERCED WITH THE SABER. That… that is um… it’s um… semen. I’m sorry. But it is. Also look at that face.
  41. Now, a few moments later you see Rey look into this orb thingy – you see ships headed for the white planet of Crait. Earlier, I noted that the orb thingy is symbolic of the female organ and – more precisely – the egg. Well. The ships are like little soldiers [like, they are literal ones – but also… you know] headed for the big white egg orb. Later on Crait there is the Rebel base, which functions as a metaphorical womb, into which the FO pierces with a gigantic phallic object battering ram and creates a big gaping, burning vagina hole. Kylo later marches through the burning hole with his white troopers following behind him. Insemination. The last scene of the film is random children, one of whom is Force sensitive, BY THE WAY.
  43. Look, I know this sounds insane but… it’s metaphorical. It’s meant to be symbolic and it’s something that is meant to function at the subconscious level as a means of foreshadowing Rey and Ben’s connection/importance/sexual attraction/romance toward each other – they are beginning the foundations of creating something new in the Force together [and in their lives, at a personal and intimate level]. They will someday come together as one and create a legacy – they will give birth to something that brings peace and life to the galaxy. They will create something new. Kylo/Ben even offers to do just that [albeit in the wrong way, of course] after their little metaphorical intercourse fight.
  45. **coughs** So anyway.
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