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Blood Angels and Sister of Battle

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Dec 11th, 2012
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  1. The Khorne Berzerker came charging, yelling at the top of his voice, Blood Angel Apothecary Vercus stopped his extraction of a nearby Flesh Tearers' gene seed and turned to face the World Eater Chaos Space Marine bearing down on him, “I'm a hundred years old” Vercus said, holstering his narthecium and removed the power axe 'Scoundrel the tearer of Angels' from his side and adjusted his stance, readying the axe as the World Bearer was mere yards away “Blood for the Blood God!” was the terrible yell from the World Bearer, if Vercus was shaken by this, he showed no sign of it, and moving the axe, which was held out behind him, in a sweeping upwards arc, he connected with the area where the Berzerkers chin should be, the power field cracking it's azure lightning as it sliced through Power Armour, the servos and wires exploding out of the opened armour as if they were the guts of a man, followed by blood, bone and cartilage as the axe finished it's journey erupting out of the top of the Chaos Space Marines head. The now dead Berzerker was knocked off his feet before landing with a crash to Vercus right side “There is the blood for your misbegotten 'God'” Vercus said with the up most calm before holstering his blood splattered Power Axe back to his side and turned back to attend to the fallen Flesh Tearer. The sound of battle continued around him, bolter fire from Loyalists and Heretics alike filled the air, punching fist size holes into the ruined buildings around him. The World Bearers had begun the invasion of Yuul Prime four Terran months ago, while the planet itself was constantly covered in snow and ice, it was key to the Imperiums' war-effort as it contained, hidden under-ground, in vast quantities, precious metals and gems of all hew, size and shape, but most importantly was the discovery of a large Adamantium vein which ran deep into the ground. Adamantium was key to producing Termination Armour and other war vital equipment. The Valhallan Imperial Guard force, adept to the freezing conditions the planet presented, had bravely fought and defended every Habitation Block and Ore Processing plant as if it was their home world, alas the World Bearers ferocity was unbridled and the Vallhallans had lost over 80% of their manpower and 95% of their vehicle support, armour, artillery and navy, all lost. The infernal Daemon Engines had begun to stalk out of the lost Manufactoriums as the Dark Mechanicus had turned the blessed machines over to the Dark Powers. Thankfully, the Manufactoriums on Yuul Prime were few in number, as the manpower needed to staff them would cost more to supply than they would produce. The situation was made all the worse when the Red Corsairs had decided to join their heretical kin in their attempt to control the planet. That is why Vercus was here, that's why the Blood Angels and their successors, the Flesh Tearers were here. They hand landed in the last Imperium held location, the Iceberg Star Port, which was situated on a large chunk of ice which had broken off from the mainland. This meant the Star Port was hard to assault, the only way to get to the Port by land was across a mile wide bridge, this meant the surviving Imperial Guard had dug in and reinforced the basic defences of the Star Port. Commander Dante had ordered the nearest Blood Angels force to assist in the defence, it just so happened the ship contained large numbers of Flesh Tearers and about half the amount of Blood Angels. Vercus was one of them and already had to bring the Emperors mercy to a dozen of his comrades as well as a dozen more gene-seed extraction, before him was Brother Markus of the Flesh Tearers and Vercus had avenged his Brother by slaying the three Berzerkers which had broken through the perimeter. Vercus knew he had to head back to the Star Port and store the precious cargo he carried, this meant leaving the beachhead the Imperium forces had made at the opposite side of the bridge and making his way back along the fortified emplacements and dug ins that had been erected on the bridge, he didn't want to, Vercus wanted to stay and fight, but he knew taking the organs back to safety was a priority. He turned, going to head back, when her he heard the tell-tale cry of more Berzerkers baring down on positions to the west. He made a choice then and there.
  3. Vercus ran as quickly as he could, dodging fire, in and out of trench networks, seeing bodies and explosions filling the air, the Valhallan's had been fighting for weeks without support, many were trapped behind enemy lines, forced into guerilla warfare in order to survive, their fortitude and resistance to the cold pushed to the limits. Vercus knew for any chance of them to survive that reinforcements must arrive soon and counter-attacks must begin. At the moment, however, he was more worried about breach in the lines and the carnage an unchecked group of Khorne Bezerkers could do. As he jumped a gun emplacement, the bodies of the Heavy Bolter team laying lifeless against the ammo boxes, he heard another scream, not that of the Berzerkers charging into the fray, but that of a woman. As he turned the corner he saw half a dozen Khorne Berzerkers of the World Eaters, backed up by three Chaos Space Marines of the Red Corsairs arguing over who had the right to kill the capture Imperium soldiers. As Vercus peered around the corner, he could make out the bodies of at least a score of Imperial Guard, along with three bodies of the Sisters of Battle, or, more specifically three bodies of Sisters of Battle from the Order of the Shining Star, a very minor order that existed on Vuul Secondus and who's job was to show the Imperial populace that Faith and Fire will be the key to victory against all those who defy the will of the Emperor. It seemed, however, that Faith and Fire could not over come reckless anger, hate and all consuming lust for battle and blood to be split. In front of the group of Chaos Space Marines knelt ten Imperial Guard with their hands on the back of their heads, with five Sisters of Battle in the same position, all unarmed, even of their combat blades. The World Eater Berzerkers claimed that they had killed the most of the defenders and therefore were rightfully allowed to spill the blood of the captives for Khorne and collect their skulls for the Skull Throne. The Red Corsairs, however, claimed that the fact they had killed so many already meant they were allowed to kill the captives in the name of whichever patron Chaos God they chose. Vercus couldn't take them alone, he quickly surveyed the scene and noticed the body of a Commissar in front of him, although with half of his face missing due to a precise bolter round to the same spot, he had been carrying a Plasma Pistol, a very rare thing for a Commissar, but perhaps it was a trophy or a gift, after all, Vercus had been given 'Scoundrel the Tearer of Angels' by they constantly well supplied and equipped Blood Ravens, who had gifted it too him after he and his fellow Blood Angels had registered the Blood Ravens life signatureses on a planet in the Segmentum Temptus. The Blood Ravens had been carrying, by hand, a large metal box of design and origin Vercus did not know, they were being perused by Orks who claimed that “Dat der shiny box fing waz ders” and as such launched the entire tribe to get it back. The Blood Ravens numbered only a dozen but had fought their way from the interior of the Ork camp all the way to a clearing in the jungle, they were about to be surrounded when Vercus and his Brothers arrived, they came out of the sky in a score of Stormravens, unleashing salvo Bloodstrike Missiles, Heavy Bolter shells and Plasma Cannon blasts, confronted with such firepower the Orks fled shouting “Dat ain't fair! Itz waz ourz!” before disappearing into the jungle. The box was loaded up and the Blood Ravens were dropped off at their destination, when being questioned on where their ship was and how they planned to get off, they were frustratingly cagey, the Blood Angel Captain in charge shrugged it off as eccentricities of their particular Chapter and never asked any more questions. As they were dropped off, the Blood Raven Captain handed Vercus the Power Axe as a thank you for personally saving his life and treating his wounds. That was over forty years ago and the Power Axe has never left Vercus side. So, with Plasma Pistol in one hand and his crackling Power Axe in the other, he moved as quickly as he could to get into a flanking position.
  5. By the time Vercus has made his way to the side of the group, he was but mere feet away, he could still hear them arguing about who got what and how many. Vercus needed an opportunity to attack, he couldn't just throw his Frag grenade in, they were too close to the prisoners, so he scanned the surrounding area for anything else that could assist him. It was in a gap in the argument that allowed him to hear one of the Sisters of Battle repeating saying “The Emperor Protects” over and over, whether the Chaos Marines heard it was a question Vercus asked in his head, and perhaps he shouldn't, because it was just about to get violent between the two groups when one of the Red Corsairs turned around, aimed his Bolt Pistol at the chest of the chanting Sister of Battle, said “Your False Emperor is DEAD!” before pulling the trigger. The Sister fell backwards, her head hitting the ground and all could be heard was her gasps for air mixed with the gurgle of blood filling her lungs, one of the Sisters quickly grabbed the injured Sister and began applying pressure and basic first medicae on her, it was with this that Vercus, an Apothecary of a century, recognised the treatment the Sisterwas providing, it was the exact same treatment that he was taught when treating wounds without any equipment of supplies. That made her a Hospitaller. Even her wrist mounted chirgon tools had been removed by the Chaos Space Marines, anything which could be used as a weapon. “I don't think so, child of the Corpse God” said the Chaos Marine who had shot her comrade, he was clearly a sergeant as he had the appearance of one who had started to spend too much time in the Warp. He grabbed the Hospitaller by the neck and dragged her up and away from her dying comrade “Look, you can watch her die, drowning in her own blood!” he laughed as he turned the dangling Hospitaller to face her, as she tried desperately to break free from his power armour gauntlet hand, but it was useless, so it was that not only was she in pain from the tight grip around her neck, but from the torture of watching her fellow Sister drown in her blood, croaking her last blood drenched breath before dying in front of her “No!” the Hospitaller shouted, quite impressively for somebody with a hand around her throat “And now, it's your turn” the Chaos Sergeant said evilly as he put his Power Sword to the Hospitaller neck, ready to slit it open and bathe in the rain of blood she would provide. It was at this point that the opportunity that Vercus was waiting for presented itself, the Khorne Berzerkers, obviously more furious that usual at the loss of one captive, but now a second one, was two much and the Red Corsairs Sergeant received a Chainaxe through his skull, causing him to fall flat onto his face, releasing the grip of the Hospitaller and causing the two remaining Red Corsair Chaos Space Marines to take unleash their Bolters open the World Eater Berzerkers; two of these fell within seconds, followed by a third as it charged one of the Red Corsair Space Marine, but the remaining three would not be stopped as one of them took the head off one of the offending Red Corsairs, with a circling swipe of his Chainaxe, the second one took a bit more effort as he shot another Bolter round into the Berzerkers, causing one to fall, injured, the other two shrugged off the bullets, filled with rage at this upstart, while one of the two standing Berzerkers took the fire from the Red Corsair, the other managed to close the distance, and, using both hands on his Chainaxe, did an overhead downward swing onto the Red Corsair, who vainly tried to block the attack with the Bolter in his hand, but this resulted in the axe going through the weapon, setting off the magazine, causing the Red Corsairs hand to be blow off, but he couldn't of had time to notice it as the rest of the axe made it's way into the face off the Corsair. After all that, three World Eater Berzerkers remained, one injured, but alive, the other two covered in blood and bullet holes. The captives didn't dare try to move or fight, even with their numbers they couldn't of taken down two Berzerkers unarmed. As the Berzerkers took the Red Corsairs skulls for Khorne they made they was over to the captives, preparing to reap more in the name of Khorne.
  7. Vercus thought it was now or never and jumped out of the cover, surprising the Khorne Berzerkers he managed to get three shots off with the Plasma Pistol, downing one as the plasma melted cermate, flesh and bone alike, Vercus was about to do the same to the other, now charging Berzerker, when the Plasma Pistol had a critical failure, overheated and exploded, causing Plasma to spray everywhere, melting through to his flesh hand, Vercus didn't have time to worry as he quickly unhinged his Power Axe before meeting the blow of Berzerker with his blade, causing Chainblade and Powerfield to fight for supremacy, Vercus turned to the captives “Run! Get to the Star Port encampment” he shouted as he release his resistance, letting the Berzeker fall forward before trying to follow up with a slice into it's back, however the Berzeker was ready for this as he back hand blocked this attack, turning to land a Power Armoured fist to Vercus face, this cause him to stumble backwards, but he regained his position and managed to grab a glance at the captives who were now being lead back by the surviving Sisters of Battle. “You're only delaying the inevitable Loyalist” snarled the Berzerker as he charged Vercus again, their Chainaxe and Power Axe dancing in a terrible, but beautiful way as each side tried their upmost to kill the other “Heretic, it is you who are delaying the inevitable, if your kind would come and face the retribution of the Emperor, perhaps he shall forgive your souls if not your deeds” Vercus reposted, but verbally and martially. “Hah, you think a corpse can judge me? Your False Emperor is dead and yet you still worship him as if he is alive, join me, join us, we can rule the galaxy, in the name of the Chaos Gods” the Berzerker replied, the both of them continuing their dance of death as each side switched between defence and offensive stances “Hah! Typical lies and false promises, why should I of expected more from a heretic!” Vercus laughed, as his Power Axe caught the shoulder blade of the Berzerker “More?” the Berzerker asked “How about this for more?” he as he dropped into a swoop, slicing his Chainaxe across the shin-guard of Vercus, he felt the whirring chainblades dig deep into his flesh, into the tendons of his legs, and with this he fell to the floor, his axe dropping out of his hand before being kicked away “You see, brother, you worship a dead man instead of worshipping the glorious pantheon of Chaos. Exactly what has the Emperor done for you? Hmm?” he asked mockingly as Vercus tried to crawl towards his axe, the pain in his legs and the feeling of blood pouring out of his woods filling his brain “He didn't care about is then and he doesn't now, he cared about himself, now you fools who still follow him and a shadow of our past glories, I offer one last time, join us, live the life you want to!” the Berzeker said, offering his hand down, a surprising gesture from one of his kind, Vercus thought for a moment about what he said, about how he had spend his entire life treating the victims of wars which have no end, he looked up at the hand, his legs still burning in pain, hesitated before saying “Never, heretic” he spoke defiantly as he awaited the Berzerkers response “Too bad” he replied, raising his axe as if he was Astorath himself, Vercus heard the chainswhiring and expected the kiss of death, but it didn't come, instead he noticed blood appearing in drops, slowly at first, but then in a small torrent, he looked up from the floor to the face of the Berzerker and saw the twitching body of the Berzerker as a spiked saw stuck through his neck, blood pouring down, Vecus didn't know what was happening and passed out from the pain in his legs.
  10. Vercus awoke, he was lying on a hard metal table, a soft pillow under his head, he tried to move but was met with an enormous amount of pain, he looked down his body by bending is neck as much as he could, he was lying completely naked, with his legs wrapped up in medicae bandages, he back up again, his muscular body was covered in scars and wounds, but he had been the lucky one, able to continue the fight and help others to do so. How he survived, he didn't know, there was a machine humming over his legs, like it was shining down light onto his legs, he didn't know of this particular machine but he assumed it did the same thing as the other Imperium medical machines. He looked around the room by turning his head to the side, seeing other people in the beds, however, something was different, all of the other bed occupants,were female, who also happened to be naked. Vercus quickly turned his face so he was facing the ceiling again, he thought it very rude to stare at anybody,naked or not. He then heard a voice head over to his direction “Ah, so you are awake then” the voice was sweet and sincere, he tried to sit himself up so he could face the voice but he was unable to, his body wouldn't respond. However, he didn't need to wait long to put a face to the voice as a woman appeared by his right hand side, electronic PDA in hand, tapping at the screen with delicate taps of her index finger “I must say, it was a pleasure to treat a Space Marine” she continued, moving now to the machine over his legs and pressing controls on it “My name is Sister Claivere, I've been treating your leg injury you suffered early today” she spoke with such a soft and delicate tone that it almost made you forget about the bombs and artillery fire happening all around them. The woman had a beautiful face, not only was it perfectly shaped and proportioned, but it was enhanced greatly by how cute it made her look. This thought mad Vercus uneasy, but it was the truth. She had shoulder length hair, with her fringe parted into two front like ponytails, this hair was the colour of lavender, a plant found on Terra, it framed her face nicely and made the contrast of her bright, glimmering emerald eyes all the more appealing. She was in Power Armour, a design he had seen before, but he didn't recognise her face “You treated me?” Vercus asked, looking down at his damaged legs “Hmm Mmm” came the reply as she turned dials on another machine next to him “I must admit I thought you were going to meet the Emperor” she smiled, but with genuine concern apparent behind the obvious light humour “Were my leg injuries that bad?” Vercus asks again, trying to get a full look so he could diagnose himself “I meant in the fight with that heretic” she said with grate distaste, how did she know about it Vercus asked himself “Forgive me, Sister, but how do you know about that?” he asked polity
  11. “Well, Space Marine, I was the one who stabbed my Chirgon Saw through his traitorous neck”
  12. “You? What were you doing there?” he asked in disbelief
  13. “Oh, that's right, I had my mask on, I was the hospitaler you kindly rescued from the arguing traitors” she smiled, looking straight at Vercus face and into his eyes, the smile made his heart jump, something he hadn't felt since before he was inducted as a Space Marine. “You? That was you? Sister, I am sorry” he said solemnly
  14. “Sorry for what?” she asked with interested
  15. “Sorry I couldn't of saved your comrade from her fate” he replied, closing his eyes.
  16. “Well” she continued, sadness clearly on her face “At least she will fight by the Emperors side now” she sighed, placing the PDA on top of the machine above his legs. She pulled up a nearby chair and sat down, folding her arms across her breastplate. Vercus opened his eyes and was surprised she was still there “Is there something I can help you with Sister?” he asked, this wasn't what Apothecary and Medics did, they constantly treated the never ending supply of injuries
  17. “Well, actually, there is” she asked, grinning slightly
  18. “And what would that be?” Vercus asked, trying to ignore the bursts of pain he felt in his legs
  19. “Well, basically, myself and my Sisters have wondered for sometime about one thing” she continued, looking around the room as if she was trying to find something else to do but say it
  20. “Sister, I am in pain, I would like to get back to the field and help my brothers, the quicker I'm healed, the sooner I can do that, so please, be frank and honest with me” he spoke sternly, turning his head to the now blushing Hospitaller. “Well, we were wondering, does your penis still work?” she asked and dropped her head to look at the floor, her violet hair flopping forward and hiding her shame “What?” Vercus asked, taken back by this question, and from a Sister of Battle as well
  21. “Well you see, when you undergo Space Marine training, your body changes a lot, and we wondered if your penis still, you know, functioned for all of it's intended purposes...” she paused for a bit, peeking through her dangling hair before adding “For medical reasons, of course, in case we need to treat an injury that involves it at a later date” she continued, bringing her head up again and brushing the hair out of her eyes “Ah... Well, erm” Vercus was flabbergasted, he had no way to respond, but, he had asked her to be honest, so he would do the same “To be perfectly truthful Sister Claivere, I do not know, I have never thought about such things since my induction and you asking here is the first time since then I've ever given it thought” he spoke with calmness and politeness that he had always done, although he was feeling incredibly embarrassed, which he disliked as he was an Apothecary, he tended to blood, gore and death everyday, but ask a question about his reproductive organ and he acted like a child. “Well” Sister Claivere said, rising to her feet “We're going to perform an investigation to find out” she said, getting up and pulled the privacy curtain around the cubical “Sister Claivere, what are you doing? What do you mean?” Vertus asked, concern in his voice about what was going to happen. When the Sister of Battle had finished pulled the privacy curtain around, she turned to face Vectus, who was lying in bed, his head strained to look at her. She began to remove her Power Armour, as she did so Vertus tried his best to look away, but he couldn't, it caused too much pain and he was basically paralysed, while he could turn his head, it became stiff and he turned around just in time to see Sister Claivere place her Power Armour on the floor, her Rosary beads clacking on the ground as she did so. She stood before him in black laced underwear, something very unorthodox for a Sister of Battle to wear, but Vertus couldn't deny that she looked stunning in them. She began to unfasten her bra when Vertus had to speak out “Sister Claivere, I urge you to stop, this is not part of the Codex Astartes and I am sure not part of the Ecclesiarchy either” he protested as the bra came off and dropped to the floor, revealing mounds of flesh so perfect in his eyes, it looked as if they had been sculpted by the Emperor himself, they looked like the domes of the grand Governors Palace of Raxxital IV, crafted out of diamond and topped with large gems of unsurpassed hew. While Sister Claivere didn't have nipples the size of the gems of the Palace, they were not small, but not big either, they were the perfect size and were a dull pink, which contrasted on her cream white skin. It was at this point she pulled down her black panties to the end of her hips, Vertus could see the top of her hazelnut pubic hair and she shook her hips from side-to-side and the panties fell to the floor, which she kicked off onto her Power Armour. “Well, since everybody else in here is naked, I might as well join you all!” she giggled as she moved closer to Vertus.
  23. Vertus had never been with a woman before, he hadn't been with anybody, his life had been to the Blood Angels and attempting to stop the Red Rage from engulfing the entire Chapter. He had lived hundred years and this was the first time he had been touched by a woman, let alone seeing one naked out of her own choice. Claivere was now face to face with Vertus, her warm breath blew onto his face and his cool neck before she said “Let the investigation begin!” and with that she slide her hands down his muscled chest, rubbing over his nipples with the palm of her hand before moving down to his naval, following the line of a battle scar before rubbing over his naval area as if she was polishing a statue of the Emperor. She reached his crotch, which was hair free, a price to pay for the superhuman strength and vitality “Hmm” she said looking at Vertus cock “If you were a Imperial Guardsmen, I expect you to be rock hard by now” she brought her head down to the same level as his crotch and began looking at his penis as if she was studying an intricate alien device “Sister, please, stop, nothing has happened, that's this investigation OVER!” he said, emphasising the word 'over' in order to make his point clear. Sister Claivere stood up and looked over to Vertus “You're right, nothing has happened” she said nodding thoughtfully, Vertus signed a relief, this had been a strange experience to say the least “I think this means more intensive tests are need” she said, grasping his penis in her hand “Whoa! What? Let go!” Vertus yelled, this hurt his chest and legs, but he thought this was over. “Time to initiate phase 2” she said as she began pumping her hand up and down the flaccid penis, up and down she went, but still, nothing happened, she rubbed the gland and pressurized the shaft as she motioned up and down yet nothing happened, Vertus was still trying to move in order to remove her hand but it was still hopeless. “Well, I guess it's phase 3 then!” she said, turning his penis upwards and bringing her head down, open mouthed, towards it “What are you doing no---!” he was cut off by the surprise he felt as his cold penis entered her warm and saliva filled mouth. She held the base of the penis and entered the whole length of it into her mouth, which, even when flaccid was surprisingly more than she expected,. She went up and own, whilst using her hand to grip the area which were not in her mouth, but nothing would happen, she used her tongue to lick around the gland as she pulled the foreskin back, licking round and around as if she was cleaning it for inspection, Vertus let out a few sharp breaths, more out of surprise than pleasure, he felt a strange tingling feeling in the back of his head, but since he had just survived an encounter with a Khorne Berzerker it was not surprising. Eventually Sister Claivere pulled the still completely limp penis out of her mouth, with a slurp and a trail of saliva drooped from her open mouth to the tip of the penis. She began rubbing it up and down again before she looked at Vertus “So, they kinda do screw with your sex drive then” she said, looking disappointed “I'd rather be trapped on a Daemon World than not have sex, even the Emperor had sex” she sighed, leaning her head on the spare hand which stayed on the bed. She looked disjointedly at the penis before letting it go “Well, I tried” she said moving to the other side of the bed where the chair and the bulk of the machine was “Well, now that's done, can you leave me in peace?” Vertus asked, looking deep in Claiveres emerald eyes, he noticed that it seemed as if a fire was burning inside them, as if emeralds contained fire. “No, I will try one last thing, Stage 4!” she said, pushing the machine out of the way so it clunked against her Power Armour, she the used the chair to get a leg up onto the bed so she now straddled over Vertus' crotch “What are you doing NOW?” he asked, getting pretty exhausted with this curious Sister of Battle. “I'm trying this!” she said as she grabbed his penis and pressed the very tip of it against her labia. Nothing happened. “Come on!” she said as she began to rub it up and down her lips, pressing occasionally into them, flicking the tip of his manhood against her erect clitoris “Come on!” she said once more before pushing as much as she could of the flaccid penis into her. It was at this point her hand felt pressure build up behind it. Vertus noticed it too “Wh- What's happening?!” he asked as he felt blood rush towards his penis
  24. “It's show time!” she exclaimed excitedly, and began massaging the penis up and down again, and, over the course of a minute, the penis had become fully erect and engorged “What's happened?” Vertus asked, clearly shocked at this transformation, but Sister Claivere didn't reply as she placed her hands on the edge of the bed, to the side of Vertus and lowered herself onto the now erect, and much larger and thicker, penis, as she did so she let our a low moan as the tip fully entered her, followed by half of the shaft. She began to push herself up and down, using the bed as support and leverage, she did so slowly at first, allow long and probing insertions,before increasing the rate at which she let herself go up and down “So” she asked through gasps of air “How does it feel?”
  25. “I, I don't know!” Vertus exclaimed, he had never said that before, guess that was another first. Claivere went up and down with renewed purpose and vigour, laughing lightly as she did so, the thick penis of a Space Marine was spreading her insides wide, she knew the Space Marines were Superhuman, but she never guessed it meant in this respect. As she probed deep and faster, she could tell Vertus was getting into it “You're feeling it now, aren't you Space Marine?” she asked grinning a wide grin so that her pearl white teeth shone in the medical rooms lights. “I don't know what this feeling is” he exclaimed, even his Superhuman endurance was being tested by this, but perhaps it was because he was injured. As Sister Claivere moans increased, she began to rock back and forth on his penis, so that the entire thing would press against both the sides of her vaginal wall and send pleasure to both the internal part of her clitoris and her nerve endings in her ass. By now she was full out gasping for air, she could feel Vertus was close, so decided to end this, as she rocked back and forth she positioned herself so she could rapidly pump up and down on his cock, she went so fast that each motion seemed to blur into one “Oh Emperor! Oh Emperor I'm coming!” she called out “Protect me, Oh Emperor, let me come, oh please let me come!” she screamed as she went faster and faster until with all her weight, she forced herself down and onto Vertus cock, so hard in fact that the entire thing entered her and applied a huge amount of pressure on her cervix, she didn't care about the pain that caused or the fact she could feel her womb being filled with hot Superhuman sperm, all she cared about was this amazing orgasm she just had, as she gasped for air she managed a “Thank you... Emperor” before she almost fell off Tervus, who was sitting in a state of shock, as if he had stared into the Eye of Terror himself and seen the Warp in all it's forms. As Claivere got off, she felt the sticky of the sperm and pussy juice covered cock leave her and saw it flop against the bed, completely spent. She quickly put on her clothes and Power Armour before leaning over and kissing Tervus, who was still completely silent on the matter, on the cheek before she spoke “With compliments from Commander Dante”. She then pulled the curtains back and continued the work “Commander Dante?” he thought and it all became clear, as, on the surface above the medical bunker he heard a familiar voice, from one of the oldest, if not the oldest non-Dreadnought incarcerated Space Marines. Dante had arrived and the might of the Blood Angels was unleashed. With that thought and the planets future secure, Vertus closed his eyes and thought of his experience before falling into oblivion.
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