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  1. • mau5ie chews on NinjaGrinch's finger
  2. 7:03 AM
  3. NinjaGrinch: :s
  4. • NinjaGrinch beats mau5ie horrificly with a mahogany salmon
  5. 7:05 AM
  6. NinjaGrinch: I dislike having my finger chewed on when I just wake up :p
  7. Tomaz: F**K IM OUT OF COOKIES.
  8. ImDeity!~ImDeity@ left the room. (Ping timeout: 195 seconds)
  9. 7:06 AM
  10. mbaxter: Yeah, ok. At least you didn't get humped
  11. • mau5ie humps NinjaGrinch
  12. mau5ie: Hmmmm?
  13. mau5ie: whoops.
  14. NinjaGrinch: o.o
  15. 7:07 AM
  16. • NinjaGrinch forces mau5ie to eat the mahogany salmon he was recently beaten with
  17. mau5ie: Mmm.
  18. mau5ie: Kinky.
  19. Tomaz: lolo
  20. 7:08 AM
  21. NinjaGrinch: :s
  22. fullwall is now known as fullwall|afk.
  23. • mau5ie slaps NinjaGrinch's ass with the mahogony salmon
  24. NinjaGrinch: O.O
  25. 7:09 AM
  26. NinjaGrinch: Go slap NinjaZidane's ass. :p
  27. Alexander: Can I slap his ass too?
  28. andrewkm!~andrewkm@d72-39-33-16.home1.cgocable.net left the room.
  29. mau5ie: Yes.
  30. Alexander: Awesome
  31. • Alexander slaps his ass
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