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  1. 1:53 PM] Demon_Valvath: Also I’m probably stepping down
  2. [1:53 PM] Kitty: I heard that from someone I forget who
  3. [1:53 PM] Kitty: a lot of people are leaving
  4. [1:54 PM] Demon_Valvath: I shouldn’t be a officer, since I already pissed you and bubbles off
  5. [1:55 PM] Kitty: Pissed is the wrong word I think you misunderstand me.
  6. [1:55 PM] Kitty: Most people with officer shouldn't be an officer, it was kinda just thrown at them and we were given nothing productive to do for the guild
  7. [1:56 PM] Kitty: That's what the friday officer meeting is about, setting officer roles
  8. [1:57 PM] Demon_Valvath: I don’t even make a effort to talk to anyone now
  9. [1:58 PM] Kitty: I don't mind talking to people occasionally for a couple hours, or more if they are a close friend but you pm me a loooooot about menial wow things.
  11. I have social anxiety, I'm introverted, I'm disabled, for fucks sake. I don't even talk to my own close friends irl as much as  you were PMing me.
  12. [1:58 PM] Kitty: its a lot dude
  13. [1:58 PM] Kitty: I mean that in the nicest way possible
  14. [1:59 PM] Kitty: and the reason I felt like I couldn't tell you is because I was worried that this would happen, we don't have a personal relationship so misunderstanding each other is easy to happen
  15. [1:59 PM] Kitty: I don't dislike you, I don't think you're wrong for wanting to socialize that much with people, I just don't mesh well with people who are that outgoingly social. I can't keep up.
  16. [2:01 PM] Demon_Valvath: Your not in the wrong, I was
  17. [2:02 PM] Demon_Valvath: If i would have known from the start
  18. [2:04 PM] Demon_Valvath: Have a good one take care
  19. [2:04 PM] Kitty: I feel like you're taking this all too personally when I'm not even angry or upset with you.
  20. [2:05 PM] Kitty: I only got angry when you started spreading lies about people not helping in the guild, people who are helping others non-stop.
  21. [2:05 PM] Kitty: If you want to take it personally, do so but I'll keep saying over and over that I don't hate you and I don't think there's anything wrong with you.
  22. [2:05 PM] Demon_Valvath: Only thing I was saying is just ask that’s all
  23. [2:05 PM] Kitty: ask what
  24. [2:06 PM] Demon_Valvath: I have anxiety and depression, so it just takes a bit to get things. Which I’m sorry about
  25. [2:06 PM] Kitty: I haven't even really been running mythics the last two weeks. Been sick of them. I ran two keys last week and that was it. They were 10s and 14s. I don't know anyone else in the guild who was capable of coming along for those who could actually complete that key, hell we barely did.
  26. [2:07 PM] Kitty: We spent an extra 45 minutes after the timer in the motherlode and just barely scraped by
  27. [2:07 PM] Demon_Valvath: I wasn’t trying to spreed anything, I just said it would be nice to just ask if anyone wants to run some
  28. [2:08 PM] Kitty: I definitely heard some really mean and vindictive things from someone
  29. [2:08 PM] Kitty: calling us selfish and stuff
  30. [2:08 PM] Kitty: that really hurts
  31. [2:08 PM] Demon_Valvath: Well I didn’t mean it that way I’m sorry
  32. [2:09 PM] Demon_Valvath: Probably frustration on my part
  33. [2:11 PM] Kitty: i have anxiety and depression too so i absolutely get that
  34. [2:11 PM] Demon_Valvath: So I’m sorry about saying stuff
  35. [2:12 PM] Demon_Valvath: I wanted to talk to you and bubbles about it, I just didn’t know how to approach it
  36. [2:13 PM] Kitty: that's and my awkwardness i avoided telling you something for like over a month
  37. [2:13 PM] Kitty: i think i know where you're coming from on that haha
  38. [2:13 PM] Kitty: its just hard sometimes
  39. [2:13 PM] Demon_Valvath: Hell I liked running with you and bubbles
  40. [2:14 PM] Kitty: yeah it was fun!
  41. [2:14 PM] Kitty: i got tired of doing the same dungeons over and over again so i havent really been doing mythics
  42. [2:14 PM] Kitty: all last week i would login for like 10 minutes then log out
  43. [2:15 PM] Demon_Valvath: If I would have known from the start, I wouldn’t have reacted like that
  44. [2:15 PM] Kitty: yeah that was definitely my bad
  45. [2:15 PM] Kitty: I'm sorry about it
  46. [2:15 PM] Demon_Valvath: I’m trying to fix my wrongs
  47. [2:18 PM] Demon_Valvath: I thinking where I’m coming from, is with help getting people to 400. We can have a lot of groups running
  48. [2:19 PM] Demon_Valvath: Sometimes my issue is I shoot first ask questions after
  49. [2:20 PM] Demon_Valvath: I hope you and bubbles can forgive me
  50. [2:24 PM] Kitty: sorry one sec running gabe  through legions
  51. [2:27 PM] Demon_Valvath: It’s ok, I think that’s why I talked to you a lot. We deal with the same stuff
  52. [2:40 PM] Demon_Valvath: So I hope we are cool now
  53. [2:43 PM] Demon_Valvath: Now I just need to talk it over with bubbles
  54. [2:48 PM] Kitty: yeah i think you should. im not sure exactly what his feelings are and we both react differently to things / differe people
  55. [2:50 PM] Demon_Valvath: I sent him a message on here, so are me and you good?
  56. [2:50 PM] Kitty: mhm
  57. [2:50 PM] Kitty: still in run with gabe so may not respond immediately
  58. [2:50 PM] Kitty: he's trying to get to 110 but the legion dungeon gqueues are 30mins long
  59. [2:50 PM] Kitty: tanking on my dh for him lol
  60. [2:50 PM] Kitty: he's telling me what to do cuz idk the dungeons
  61. [2:50 PM] Demon_Valvath: I’m going prot/ret
  62. [2:51 PM] Kitty: oh nice!
  63. [2:52 PM] Demon_Valvath: I even maxed out cooking and fishing to help with the raids
  64. [2:53 PM] Kitty: thats good. i think theres a ton of feasts in the guild bank tho
  65. [2:55 PM] Demon_Valvath: Yea that was mostly me lol
  66. [2:57 PM] Kitty: I haven't looked recently, I meant there was a ton that psycho made
  67. [2:57 PM] Demon_Valvath: Yea I’ve put in 20 or so
  68. [2:57 PM] Kitty: and then in the other tab i think there was a buncha fish to craft them
  69. [2:58 PM] Demon_Valvath: Yea I put in a ton of mats
  70. [2:58 PM] Demon_Valvath: If you need a break, please just let me know
  71. [4:52 PM] Demon_Valvath: I’m hoping bubbles reply’s
  72. [4:57 PM] Kitty: i dont think he's off work yet
  73. [4:57 PM] Kitty: mightve been a 16hr day
  74. [5:00 PM] Demon_Valvath: Ah yea those days I imagine aren’t fun
  75. [5:01 PM] Demon_Valvath: Did you notice for the most part, I’m waiting for you to reply or start a conversation?
  76. [5:03 PM] Kitty: I've been mostly focused on helping gabe and occasionally opening discord
  77. [5:03 PM] Kitty: if i was doing nothing i probably would have noticed
  78. [5:04 PM] Demon_Valvath: I’m still trying to be polite, to your wishes lol
  79. [9:54 PM] Demon_Valvath: I’m not going to be meeting tomorrow
  80. [10:07 PM] Kitty: You should probably tell them that
  81. [10:07 PM] Kitty: It's okay there's a lot of people that can't make it
  82. [10:08 PM] Demon_Valvath: i heard you, shelf and nando, are still not pleased with me
  83. [10:15 PM] Kitty: Nah, shelf was venting because he had just heard about it
  84. [10:15 PM] Kitty: I mostly just listened because I had already said what I wanted to before
  85. [10:16 PM] Kitty: He hadn't been on at all until like 10 min before raid had started
  86. [10:16 PM] Kitty: I think discussing your feelings on it is different from being 'not pleased'
  87. [10:18 PM] Kitty: He didn't really get a chance to react to what was said because he wasn't on
  88. [10:33 PM] Demon_Valvath: just sent you guys, to one all 4 of you 90k gold between the few toons
  89. [10:34 PM] Kitty: I'm confused
  90. [10:38 PM] Demon_Valvath: it was nice talking to you, have a good one
  91. [10:48 PM] Kitty: Not to be unkind but I think you're being a bit more dramatic than necessary everything is fine..
  92. [10:48 PM] Kitty: And I don't need money
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