Love and Lust by William Mae

BrownEyedGirl-Erin May 19th, 2019 90 Never
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  1. Love And Lust
  2. by William Mae
  4. I hear you whisper softly,
  5. And so I smile within.
  6. Eyes turn toward the bedroom,
  7. Where we fan this flame again.
  9. Slide my hand across your stomach,
  10. Then beneath the gown you wear.
  11. Trailing kisses long your neckline,
  12. With gentle sighs escaping there.
  14. Skin as soft as any,
  15. Given to a man to touch.
  16. Falling deeper in this moment,
  17. A realm of love and lust.
  19. Nothing here between us,
  20. That hinders love at play.
  21. Diving headlong into passion,
  22. Sweated bodies gentle sway.
  24. We reach our goal together,
  25. Crying out in sweet release.
  26. Life's tensions finally broken,
  27. As we pause before we speak.
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