My princess (DTxFP, fillydom, light cbt, fluff?) need more

Jul 16th, 2017
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  1. I want DT to pin me down using her little hooves and sneer at my pathetic form
  2. She'd look me up and down as if I was a piece of meat, and that's what I'd be anyway
  3. But not any piece of meat, I would be her piece of meat, her toy, the thing she uses to get her mind off of things
  4. She'd use her domineering voice to mock me, to call me a degenerate for getting hard because of her
  5. >"I can't believe you're getting off to this!"
  6. She'd slap my cock and grin as I groan
  7. >"You know I'm just a kid, right?"
  8. I'd nod
  9. >"Then why are you so hard?"
  10. She'd push her soft frog against my tip and squeeze it against my stomach
  11. And I'd moan and whimper
  12. And my heart would skip a beat when my eyes would catch her lips parting ever so slightly for her tongue to lick them, showing me how much fun she's having
  13. "I'm sorry,"
  14. Her haughty snort would be followed by her hoof pressing even deeper, the pleasurable sensations sending a shiver up my spine
  15. >"Yeah, well, I'm not sure you're sorry, look at how much you're leaking already,"
  16. She'd lift her hoof and show it soaked in my pre
  17. "I'm sorry,"
  18. I'd whimper that again, but the sight would make my dick throb
  19. She's not dumb, I wouldn't love her if she was
  20. She would know that I wouldn't be sorry, not really, at least
  21. But she'd still love that part, it could even be her prefered part of it
  22. When I'd beg
  23. When I'd ask her to stop, but in reality ask her to keep going
  24. I could see it in her eyes
  25. That flame, that passion
  26. How much she loves that part, the part where she's in control, the part where I'm nothing but a tool for her to use as she sees fit
  27. The part where I submit
  28. Her hoof would trace its way down, inch by inch, my back arching up to try and coax even more pleasure from her, but it wouldn't come
  29. And when it'd find itself all the way down, she would push my nuts down, her eyes still staring at me
  30. >"Maybe we should get rid of these, mmh~?"
  32. Her glare would turn defiant, she'd challenge me to speak up
  33. "Please no,"
  34. >"Why shouldn't I?"
  35. A sharp shove of her hooves would make me groan
  36. It would hurt, but it would hurt so good
  37. "P-please don't, I'll do anything,"
  38. Her back legs would fidget a bit, and a sharp flick of her tail would be the sign that tonight's dish would be squash soup
  39. The smell, her smell, would make my dick throb and my throat dry up
  40. But she's not anypony, she knows how to keep her composure
  41. And she'd obviously be in the mood to play with her food some more before getting to the dessert
  42. >"Anything, mmh~?"
  43. I'd nod eagerly
  44. >"Are you saying that you wouldn't be willing to do anything for me if I wasn't threatening your balls?"
  45. She'd give my right nut a squeeze, and I'd groan in pain
  46. "N-no, no, please--"
  47. >"Then why would you listen to me?"
  48. I'd shake my head to show her that I couldn't get that part
  49. >"Let's be real here, I'm just a kid and you're like, three times my size, what's stopping you from overpowering me and leaving this room?"
  50. I'd give her a pained look
  51. I would be hurting, and not just from my ball
  52. How could she say something like this?
  53. Doesn't she know-
  54. >"Tell me."
  55. Her expression would soften just a bit
  56. Just enough for me to understand that this was part of her little game
  57. "Because I love you,"
  58. I'd blurt this out
  59. She'd blink in surprise, but a smile creeping its way up the corner of her lips would give me all the incentive I'd need to keep going
  60. "Because I want to be here, a-and I want you to be here, and I want to be under you and I want to listen to every words you say--"
  61. Her hoof gliding its way back up would make me groan
  62. >"Keep going!"
  63. The plumpness of her soft frog sending so much pleasures up my brain, and my heart loudly thumping inside my head would make it hard to think
  64. "A-and I want to be yours, and I am yours, and I don't want that to change, ever, a-a-and I-I love you so much,"
  65. I'd groan again from a harsh pump of her hoof, all the way down from the tip of my cock
  67. A pondering sigh would cross her lips
  68. >"But isn't THIS the problem? Here you are, a weird alien, and an adult, and you're lusting after a kid from another species--"
  69. "That's not true,"
  70. I wouldn't be able to catch my tongue in time, and her glare would make me freeze and panic
  71. She hates being interrupted
  72. "I-I mean, you're not just a kid! This isn't why I love you, you're so much more than that,"
  73. Luckily, there's one thing she loves enough to forget about that
  74. "You're beautiful and you're smart, and you're powerful, and you know how to stay on top,"
  75. "I wouldn't love anyone else, I couldn't, there's only one filly like you,"
  76. Another flick of her tail, and another pump of her hoof
  77. "That's why I'd do anything for you, and that's why I love you, not because you're a kid but because you're you, you're a princess, my princess,"
  78. Her rear would clench and her back legs would quiver a bit at those words
  79. This wouldn't be the first time I called her that, but it would work every time
  80. "You're the oasis in the desert that is my life! The light in my darkness, the stars in my empty sky, the--"
  81. >"Okay you can shut up now, don't ruin this,"
  82. The disappointment in her voice and the roll of her eyes would be betrayed by the grin still on her face
  83. She'd keep her eyes on me for a couple seconds, her hoof still giving my cock some attention
  84. Before she'd lift it and I'd instantly miss its contact
  85. >"Lie down,"
  86. She'd command, using her now free hoof to help me comply
  87. And she'd climb on top of me, my heartbeat skyrocketing once more when I'd see her turning 180°
  88. >"Your princess needs a throne, and your face seems awfully comfortable, so..."
  89. I'd have to stop myself from grabbing her flank and diving in
  90. She'd love that, I'd make sure she'd love that, I'd make her love it
  91. Once, twice, maybe fourteen times, until she's nothing more than a blubbering, quivering mess and my face and front half would be covered in her juices
  93. >"She's going to try it out, and if you do a good job of it, maybe she won't get rid of these~,"
  94. She'd squeeze them once more, and I'd groan
  95. In pain, as well as in need, the sight teasing my eyes nearly enough to make me spurt
  96. She'd wink at me, a drop of her love dripping down her leg, inviting me to lick it all the way up and suckle on her flower until nothing could come out anymore
  97. "Please, princess--mmph!"
  98. And I'd finally taste her, and I'd groan, and she'd shiver on top of me
  99. Her smell, her taste, her warmth
  100. Everything would be perfect
  101. My tongue would meet her pearl and she'd moan my name
  102. >"Mmmh~, good boy~,"
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