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  1. Amateur Radio Digital Communications [ARDC] is a United States
  2. charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation that has
  3. long owned and managed the Internet address space known as the
  4. AMPRNet.
  6. Nearly 40 years ago, early in the evolution of the Internet, this
  7. address allocation was acquired to be used for the mutual benefit
  8. of Amateur Radio and digital communications technology.
  10. Amateur Radio operators ("hams") use the global radio spectrum set
  11. aside for them by international treaty in non-commercial ways to
  12. improve engineering, research, experimentation, training, education,
  13. and emergency communications.  Having the AMPRNet available over
  14. the past four decades has facilitated integration of the Internet
  15. with radio-based technologies long used by hams.  This long term
  16. interaction has been key to development of now ubiquitous wireless
  17. technology such as WiFi and the ability to browse the Internet or
  18. to stream various media to your mobile phone.
  20. Over those past decades, a portion of the AMPRNet IPv4 address space
  21. has rarely been used, and recent utilization surveys show that it
  22. is not likely to ever be needed by hams.
  24. Initially free, IPv4 Internet addresses are now highly valuable,
  25. and there is an international marketplace in which to sell them.
  26. ARDC has sold some of its unused and unneeded address space, but
  27. retains a more than ample supply of IPv4 addresses for current and
  28. future use by the many Amateur Radio operators worldwide.  The sale
  29. amounts to some millions of dollars, which will be used in the
  30. furtherance of ARDC's continuing public benefit purpose.
  32. Before the sale, the AMPRNet consisted of the addresses
  33. through (in Internet notation, Post-sale,
  34. it consists of addresses through (
  35. plus  The uppermost 1/4 of the former AMPRNet address
  36. space ( has been withdrawn from ham radio use and
  37. sold to another owner, however over 12 million IPv4 addresses remain
  38. for amateur radio use.
  40. ARDC will use the proceeds of this address sale to further its
  41. mission to support, promote, and enhance Amateur Radio, digital
  42. communications, and broader communication science and technology
  43. by funding grants and scholarships for scientific research,
  44. experimentation, education, open access, and innovation in information
  45. and communications technology, with an emphasis on benefiting the
  46. international Amateur Radio service.
  48. For further information, please see <>.
  50. Best wishes and 73,
  51. The ARDC Board of Directors
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