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Art Contest II

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Oct 26th, 2013
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  1. Pokemon Showdown Arts & Crafts: Art Contest II
  3. Hello, and welcome to the second weekly art contest hosted by the Arts and Crafts Room!
  5. -Anyone can enter the contest! All you must do is submit your submission to this Arts and Crafts thread: !
  7. - After the week is over, the Arts & Crafts staff (%, @ and #) will vote on three artworks they like - their first choice gets 3 points, their second choice gets 2 points, their third choice gets a single point.
  9. - If more than sixteen people enter, the top three point-scorers earn room voice! If ten to fifteen people enter, the top two point-scorers earn room voice. If less than ten people enter (;_;) then the top scorer gets room voice alone. So if you're reading this and aren't sure if you want to try? Your odds of getting room voice increase if you do, so dive in!
  11. - People entered that are already Voice must win 3 contests, and will win Driver as a reward!
  13. - This week's theme is: A Pre-Evolution For Your Favorite Pokemon. The Pokemon must now be a pre-evoltuion of a 1-stage or 2-stage family. Simply post the artwork here:
  15. - Finally, some rules - don't insult or demean others' work, and don't pc+ post here. The contest ends on November 4th.
  17. HAVE FUN!
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