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  1. Dear nan,
  2. This letter is just to let you know about the fact that I have decided not to go to University this year. The reason for this decision is something very personal which I really struggle to talk about in person. I have been suffering from quite severe depression for quite some time now but stayed silent about it, partly due to me being ignorant and partly not knowing how you’d react.
  4. The tipping point was my summer job placement. I didn’t mention it at the time but I really didn’t enjoy that placement and it made my depression much worse. This led me to go to my GP about all this which is why I wanted to book doctors appointments. The GP referred me to a therapist who I’ve been seeing for 2 weeks now and here we are.
  5. I decided not to go to uni this year because it would be much too stressful for me, and because this year doesn’t count towards my final grade I won’t be missing anything important. I would’ve preferred to just miss one semester and start back again in January but the University told me this isn’t possible so I either miss the whole year or nothing. I do plan on contacting the company I would’ve worked at and seeing if I can come to some arrangement where I still do a placement but unrelated to the University and for a shorter period.
  6. In the meantime while I’m at home I will be focusing on my health and potentially getting part time work if/when I’m feeling better.
  7. Sorry to make you read a small book
  8. Your favourite Grandson
  9. [my name]
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