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  1. Wolverine - Named James "Logan" Howlett, and the former hand to hand combat and gym teacher of the X-men. A mutant with powerful regenerative ability, vastly slowed aging, and biological claws that form from his knuckles. Born in the late 1800s to a poor american family, he suffered regular abuse from his cruel older brother "Dog" Logan, as well as his father who constantly mocked him for being weak and not a proper man. Eventually his mutation manifested, and a brawl happened between him and his father, afraid of the mutation, culminating in him accidentally killing his father with his blades. Full of guilt and being screamed out of his house by his mother, he ran away. In the period in between this point and WW2, he mostly spent his time as a loner, occasionally using his mutation to hunt down criminals and kill them, as he was still full of pent up self loathing due to being a Mutant. However, once WW2 came around, he was drafted into the army, and fought alongside Captain America as part of the Howling Commandos, an elite group of soldiers assigned to eliminating targets associated with HYDRA, the Axis' research and development department. However, when HYDRA partook of a coup and took all of Germany's holdings in the war, Wolverine was separated from the other Howling Commandos when the flash retreat was ordered.
  3. He continued fighting HYDRA on a Guerilla level, first earning his legendary title "the Wolverine" while fighting against both Soviet and HYDRA soldiers in the baltic reason, as by this point he had given up any hope of returning home and had fashioned himself into a single-man army focusing on stopping HYDRA's expanse in any way he can. However, when Captain America defeated the Red Skull in the antarctic and destroyed HYDRA's power source, the war came to an abrupt halt as HYDRA was largely destroyed by countries fighting back. This left Wolverine without his war to fight - the war which he had re-devoted his entire being to, and was again a stranger wandering a land which didn't recognize him. He eventually managed to return to North America by intercontinental shipping boats, but when he returned, now in the late 50s, it was almost completely different from how he remembered, even back in his home of Canada. The war with the Nazis and HYDRA was over, and aside from memorials here and there nobody seemed to even care about it any more - instead going on about some red menace. His friend Steve Rogers was transformed from a real person with feelings into an emotionless propaganda piece now that he had died in the arctic, only being used to enforce the red scare that surrounded the country and its conservative values. People spent all their time talking about heroes like Ant-Man and inventors like Reed Richards, rather than acknowledging men like Nick Fury or Howard Stark. This left the Wolverine crestfallen, and he quietly returned to a small town life in his country of origin.
  5. His life there was uneventful for many years, up until one day at the bar he met one Victor Creed, a a man with flowing golden locks, but a savage fucking face. He had an uncanny sense of smell, and could tell Logan was a mutant just from that, and his sharp wits for such a brute led him to quickly realize that he wasn't any everyman named "Logan," he was that James Howlett from 60 years back. Creed had heard legends of the Wolverine that prowled the Balkans, cutting up commie and squidhead alike, and had always seen him as somewhat of an idol. Creed offered that they team up and hunt down the bastards in charge of this bullshit modern day world, but Logan wanted no part, souring Creed's view of him. Their occasional encounters gradually grew more and more hostile, until eventually it culminated in creed tracking Wolverine down to his house, raring for a fight. Logan was, frankly, sick of this asshole, and accepted his challenge in full display, ready to cut him down like any of the superhumans he fought back in WW2. What he wasn't prepared for however, was for Creed to be a Mutant of insanely similar nature to him - extreme strength and agility, healing factor, and razor-sharp claws, this time forming from his fingers. Logan was outmatched, and horribly brutalized by Creed. Creed knew he couldn't kill Wolverine however, and instead cut him up into multiple pieces, and stuffed him in a steel box, before chucking it into the pacific ocean next time he visited Alaska, hoping he'd sink and finally be rid of him. And it did - Logan was trapped in that box for a decade, passing by the entirety of the 60s in that steel prison.
  7. It wasn't until the early 70s did the box finally erode enough for Wolverine to escape, but by now he had been near-maddened by his captivity, and came to see his mutation as a curse there was no escape from. After months of drifting in the ocean, he eventually landed on the shores of Japan. He was taken in by a family of kind Japanese villagers, who still lived a mostly traditional lifestyle as opposed to modernizing like the rest of the country. He lived with them for about a year, being the most peace he had in over a decade. However, one day, when coming back from going out logging for them, he found all of them dead, cut in such a way that suggested they were slain with a sword, but Logan couldn't smell even a hint of metal on their bodies. It was then that he noticed a person standing atop the ruins of the now burning house - one who had evaded him, due to seemingly lacking any scent or presence at all.
  9. She was wearing a strange, iridescent uniform that shined like silver despite being made of some exotic fabric, and was covered in reddish, flowing patterns reminiscent of clouds or winds, culminating in a design over the chest styled after the rising sun symbol, alongside red sandals on black socks. On top of this uniform she was wearing a haori cut into four sections by a black, X-like design - the north and south sections being patterned after several gazing eyes, and the east and west sections being styled after several red lotus flowers. Her hair was black and jagged, and tied into a long ponytail, held up by a silver butterfly-like hairclip studded with red gemstones. Her eyes looks like pitch black, thin crescents. And lastly, she wielded a white and red katana with a blade made of what appeared to be flowing, endless black smoke, darker than even the night's sky. However, the smoke soon cleared, revealing what she was holding was little more than a handle designed to inserted into an empty sheath, not a proper sword.
  11. When Logan demanded an answer as to why the fuck she murdered an innocent family out of nowhere, she simply replied that the eldest daughter of the family would one day move to America and marry Brian Xavier, and that she could not abide this. All further questions were denied answers, angering the Wolverine further and further, before he eventually decided to just cut the bullshit and leap at the mysterious attacker, planning to avenge the family that had taken him in. However, it was not to last as she began to unsheathe her "sword" once more, the black mist from before swirling around her once more, as Logan suddenly felt weaker than usual - his sense of smell faded, and his claws retreated back into his knuckles. Just before the blade could strike him, he swerved out of the way, crashing onto the ground again. Seemingly impressed by his quick thinking, the mysterious Mutant swordswoman left with a parting warning - that Logan would be killed by his own child.
  13. An hour or two after the strange woman left, Logan's claws and senses returned to him. Still unsatisfied with his "adoptive family's" death, he moved across Japan in search of leads as to who killed his family - facing off against enemies such as The Hand and multiple Yakuza gangs, but ultimately couldn't find the answer he sought. The one joy he found in this period of his life was the woman Mariko Yoshida, a Yakuza heiress and the first person Wolverine had fallen in love with for years. They eventually became lovers, and their relationship was a genuinely happy one, even if strained by a number of gang wars and Wolverine's constant search for what he began to call the silver samurai. She even eventually became pregnant with his child. Their happy life together was eventually brought to a halt - she had found a genuine lead as to the silver samurai, and was just about to call Wolverine and tell him about it, when suddenly her base was attacked by an unknown group of aggressors. When Wolverine returned, everyone inside her building was dead - cut by odorless swords just like the family that brought him in.
  15. Now having lost the woman he loved and his child, Wolverine came to see his entire life as being cursed in a way, and repeatedly tried to kill himself, all failing due to his intense healing abilities. He kept looking for ways to try and kill himself, always failing, coming to regret dodging the attack from the silver samurai after his family's murder. Eventually he was contacted by a mysterious group that offered to cure him of his X-gene and finally let him die in peace, and desperate and out of options he accepted. But this agency had deceived him - it was a group known as Weapon +, an agency that has existed for years in secret, looking for ways to destroy Mutantkind. Their actual plan wasn't to cure him of his mutation and grant him an easy death, it was to bond his skeleton with an advanced alloy made from titanium, vibranium, and genoshan steel called Adamantium, before brainwashing him and turning him into a weapon designed to kill Mutants, after all, killing is what he does, and he's the best at what he does. That way, the old Wolverine would indeed die a "peaceful death," metaphorically. While they did manage to bond him with his adamantium skeleton, he managed to break out of their brainwashing machine when he remembered the silver samurai and what she did to his adopted family, and violently carved through the weapon x facility he was being kept at, empowered by the skeleton they had given him.
  17. When he escaped, he realized he was back in his home country of Canada after all this years, in the early 90s. Unsure of what to do with himself now that everyone he knows is gone, he eventually picked up a copy of Charles Xavier's book, and, despite being an adult, felt as emboldened by it as any young Mutant at the time, deciding to reinvent himself as a proper superhero, wondering if doing good will help dispell the guilt over his family and lover's death. It did work well enough, and he felt happy to be looked on with adoration rather than fear or disgust, and, so when Charles announced he'd be forming the X-men, he happily joined, becoming probably their most iconic member and the face of their group in the public eye. For a time he was happy as a result, but after the events of 2010, he split himself from the X-Men to instead pursue revenge against Weapon X, swearing never to return.
  19. In 2010, he is a much more warm figure when it comes to personality, especially when surrounded by his students, being supportive of them and spouting the same hope-inspiring stuff as Charles, even if only begrudgingly and to help the Students' confidence. While vicious in fighting, he isn't as kill prone as he is in either his backstory or the modern day, and prefers fighting nonlethally, though he is willing to injure his enemies if necessary. This changes after Yuriko, one of his students, is taken by Higanbana after the HOX attack on the school, and becomes extremely rage-prone and kill-happy, eventually having disastrous consequences when he kills Gambit in a moment of weakness. By Genosha, he is constantly full of hate and desire for revenge against the HOX and especially Higanbana, and ultimately suffers for it.
  21. By 2020, his personality is more rough and cynical, considering the X-men to be a fraud due to their failure to save Genosha, himself included, and considers their goal of training young Mutants to be heroes to be little more than training child soldiers and throwing them onto battlefields, and overall has lost his respect for Charles and his dream in every way. He is motivated mostly by revenge, and also a desire to stop Weapon X from experimenting on Mutants like him. He considers X-23 to be a brat who's forcibly sticking herself in his mission when she could easily run off instead, but is still very protective of her and will often fly into a rage in any situation where she's close to being captured, or, rarely genuinely hurt. His PTSD regarding both his past in Japan and his time facing the HOX in 2010 oftentimes surfaces, with nightmares focusing on his life before, as well as flying into a berserk rage the second he sees Kanon's butterfly pin and sword when he finally meets the new X-Student team.
  23. In 2010, he wore a yellow, armored costume intended to help protect him from lethal blows, as while he can heal any wound he's not immune to pain. The costume has blue shoulder armor, a red belt with a communicator attached, and yellow pants with blue stripes down the sides. He wore specialized blue boots with treads designed to make agility in rough terrain easier for him, and he wore custom gloves with metal ports at the front which stick into the flesh of his knuckles, opening them and allowing his blades to slide out of his hand with minimal pain and bleeding. On top of it all, he wore the classic mask, for little more reason than it was part of his iconic Pre X-Men outfit. In 2020, he instead wears a simple black jacket with a moose skull design on the back, a bulletproof vest on top of a simple white tank top, and semi-armored blue jeans and black boots. A silver, mechanic device is wrapped around his left arm, where he places vials of Weapon X Mutant Enhancement Serum to speed up his decayed healing factor. He has the classic wolverine hair style, but in 2020 it has two prominent gray streaks, and he has a beard in addition to his sideburns. He is rather short for a superhero. His eyes are dark brown and have jagged, slit pupils.
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