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  1. "Severing the Link"
  3. "The main enemy instrument that is used to attack us is the “link”. It is a thin tube-like object; its colour is green and it originates from the main enemy godform, the Link passes through the 3rd Eye and connects directly to your 6th Chakra.
  5. It is with this Link that the enemy is able to so easily influence our Thoughts, draw out our energy for their own use – and most especially, make a select few of us, see things that are not actually there, in order to cause insanity, also there telepathy is incredibly strong, because they operate in a hive mind.
  7. It is absolutely imperative that you break this link! The method for breaking it is as follows:
  9. Place your hand over the tube, put a very bright and vibrant layer of Blue fire energy around your hand and snap the tube, both in the physical and astral. As you do this, use the Fire Element to “burn” the tube all the way to its source. After severing the link, you will feel extreme relief.
  11. Once you have broken this Link, the enemy will continually try and re-attach it. It is up to you to constantly be aware of what you are thinking and feeling, if the link is being re attached your thoughts and emotions will be suddenly negative, for no apparent reason. You are now aware of the link itself, and you should have no problem feeling when the Link is being re-attached, once they attempt to re-attach it. They will try over and over again, the more bio-electricity you have the more they will keep coming back. You can simply snap the Link again using the vibrant blue energy and Fire. I cannot stress the importance of doing this; you will experience far less intense mental and emotional psychic attack and also your preliminary Chakra work, i.e. opening the Chakras, will go a lot smoother.
  13. There is also a secondary Link that connects from the Back extension of the 6th Chakra into the Main 6th Chakra. This works in conjunction with the main enemy link and must be broken in the same fashion as well.
  15. There is however another major link. This Link serves to fully manipulate your emotions and drain you of the entirety of you energy. This Link, like to former, originates from the enemy godform, however it connects to your Heart Chakra and passes through the Font Heart Charka extension and the Auxiliary Heart Chakra’s on the chest. It has a red colour.
  17. This link provides the enemy with a vast amount of energy. The more gentiles who sever this link, the weaker the enemy will become. The method for breaking this Link is the same as the last. There is also a secondary Link that connects through the Back extension of the Heart Chakra to the Main\Middle Heart Chakra.
  19. It is important that I add, you can break this Link for others. I suggest you sever the Link to their 6th Chakra and the Link to their Heart Chakra. The more people, the better – every Link severed weakens our enemy further."
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