Apology for Meets ma'am

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  1. Dear Meeta Ma'am,
  3. I know that hiding behind a screen and writing this e-mail does not help my case or mean that you should forgive me for what I did. I know that I didn't have any right to judge or harass anyone. I am truly sorry and I will never ever harass anyone in anyway ever again. I apologized to Naman, he said it was fine and I also apologized to his parents via text. I am apologizing to you for what I did. I want you to know that if you are seriously interested in this anti cyber-bullying campaign, then you can have me in your team so that no-one does anything as stupid as me, I do not want to think of myself as a bully. I want Naman to get the same privileges that I got when I entered the school. If anyone deserves to get cyber-bullied it should be me. My parents do not know and I don't want them to know. I hope that you find your way to forgive me and every moment after what you said made me very much guilty. I have never gotten into trouble like this and I have certainly never bullied anyone, but I have been bullied half of my life. Please do not take it as an excuse, I am not sure if you read everything but, there are some things that he did wrong. Before he slammed a bathroom door to Eesh in the face, He threw a can in the field then kicked it, He turned on a water tap and then took some in his mouth then spat and then kept it on, wasting water. He tries to touch people's private areas to get an advantage in soccer. But I do know that I should not take matters into my own hand and be stupid enough to let other people know. I have no authority to do so, and I obviously don't have any right to insult him. Please respond if you are creating a anti-cyberbullying campaign. I would be very interested to get rid of people who did or will do the same actions as me. And I am doing the best to help him with notes and studies, etc. Please forgive me from the terrible thing I did, I don't expect you to. I respect you, Naman and his parents and everyone in this school.
  5. Your student,
  6. Masnun Iqbal
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