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  1. [15:32:35] [Server thread/INFO]: SpoopySneaky [5da815a3-6a7c-41be-8791-3539ced73037]: /shop
  2. [15:32:37] [Server thread/INFO]: xXMine_StepXx issued server command: /ah
  3. [15:32:37] [Server thread/INFO]: xXMine_StepXx issued server command: /ah
  4. [15:32:44] [Server thread/INFO]: RepeatableBlock lost connection: Illegal characters in chat
  5. [15:32:44] [Server thread/INFO]: [-] RepeatableBlock
  6. [15:32:44] [Server thread/WARN]: handleDisconnection() called twice
  7. [15:32:44] [Server thread/INFO]: Nepton issued server command: /squad chat can both of u relog so it shows that ur in my squad in tab
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