Gerix-wifi-cracker tutorial

Cripticassassin Dec 16th, 2011 9,948 Never
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  1. This is my written tutorial on WEP wifi cracking using Gerix-wifi-cracker in Backtrack 5 and 5r1.
  3. All words in [ ] are either tabs or buttons we will use in gerix.
  5. First off go to applications> exploitation tools> wireless exploitation> WLAN exploitation> gerix-wifi-cracker-ng.
  7. Once gerix opens, go to the [configuration] tab.
  9. Click on your wlan0 interface.
  11. Click on [enable/disable monitor mode]
  12. -gerix will now start a new interface- mon0
  14. Click [set random MAC address]
  16. Now go down towards the bottom of that same window and find the -channel- drop down menu.
  17. -Find -all channels- and click that
  19. Next to that is the -seconds- drop down menu.
  20. -Choose somewhere between 5 and 15
  22. Click [rescan networks]
  24. Gerix will display all the visible wifi networks
  26. Look in the ENC column and make sure the network you wish to crack is WEP WEP now click on that network
  28. Go to the [WEP] tab
  29. -After that click [start sniffing and logging]
  30. -gerix will open a black window labeled (sniff-dump...blah blah blah)
  32. Now make sure the AUTH column in the sniff-dump window says OPN
  33. -this is to make sure that this network will allow a fake authentication connection
  34. -if it does say OPN then you can continue if not you must choose a network that does in order to crack
  35. -leave the sniff-dump window open. You will need it.
  37. Go to WEB attacks (no-client)
  39. Under "fragmentation attack" options click [associate AP using fake auth]
  41. Then click on [fragmentation attack]
  42. -a new window will open
  43. -whenever it says "use this packet" type "Y" and then "enter"
  44. -continue this until it say something like "saving key stream in fragment......"
  45. - then close that window
  47. Now go back to gerix and click [create the ARP packet.....]
  49. Next click [inject the created packet on victim access point]
  50. -this will again open a new window labeled something like "output_FORGED2 mon0"
  51. -again type "Y" and "enter"
  52. -it should start injecting
  54. Look at the sniff-dump window and watch until the #data column reaches between 10000-20000.
  55. -the higher the number the more success the crack will be
  56. -once it reaches your target number, stop injecting and sniffing but closing the "output" and "sniff-dump" windows
  58. Lastly go to the [cracking] tab
  59. -click [aircrack-ng decrypt WEP password]
  60. -the last window will pop up, labeled "aircrack-log.txt"
  61. -it is now decrypting the password
  62. -once it is done it will display "KEY FOUND" and give you the key in a "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" format
  63. - this is your cracked password, just don't use the colons when trying to connect to the network
  65. This is a quick run through of gerix-wifi-cracker
  67. If you have any questions or problems either comment or send me an email at But make sure the subject says "gerix-wifi-cracker" or I may not even open it.
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