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  1. Draconic magic is, as the name would suggest, a type of magic invented by dragons before the rise of Elves and their descendants. It is a highly regimented form of magic relying upon many of the same principals as enchanting to wrought changes upon the world. Today, Draconic magic survives primarily in Elven lands. Their religious festivals are in fact vast and elaborate rituals designed to bring fertility to their lands, ensure a long life, divine the future, commune with spirits for guidance, among other things.
  3. Outside of Elven lands what Draconic magic that survives is often misunderstood. The primarily Human art of Alchemy is essentially a limited form of Draconic magic with very strict requirements for the preparation of a ritual. In Samjan lands, Draconic magic is all but forgotten. It survives only in disparate pieces, and often under the guise of effects or metamagic.
  5. On a metaphysical level, Draconic magic can be thought of as the spoken language of the Gods, with runic enchantments serving as its written form. The preparation that goes into preparing a ritual can be conceptualized as the 'sounding out' of a rune. It is far from an exact science, and any individual ritual is going to vary wildly depending on who's performing it.
  7. Mechanically this is going to be represented via abstraction. Ritual preparation is broken down into ingredients, and ingredients are broken down into four types, which are then further broken down into three categories. These are:
  9.     -Water: The ritual requires a liquid or cold element.
  10.     -Fire: The ritual requires a hot or dry element.
  11.     -Earth: The ritual requires a physical element.
  12.     -Void: The ritual requires a metaphysical element.
  13. and
  14.     -Complex
  15.     -Intermediate
  16.     -Simple
  18. For example, a Water ingredient could be anything from liquid water, to honey, to alcohol, to blood. It could also indicate that the ingredients ought to be frozen or chilled. If it's a Simple requirement, you might only need to pour a little water into an herbal mixture. If it's a complex requirement, you might need to draw interlocking geometric patterns across the floor of a stone basement using lamb's blood.
  20. It's important to note as well that some ingredients can satisfy multiple requirements. For instance, a bowl of sulfur incorporated into a ritual would satisfy both Fire and Earth. A vial of liquid mercury would satisfy both Water and Earth.
  22. All but the very simplest of rituals are going to require a Void element. A Simple Void ingredient could be channeling vys into the "finished product" so to speak, while a Complex Void ingredient could be infusing a portion of your own soul into the finished product.
  24. The DC to successfully conduct a ritual depends upon the number of ingredients, with each ingredient adding ten to a base DC of 10. So for example, the DC of Permanency is 30. However, the DC can be reduced by using higher quality ingredients than is necessarily called for. For each level of complexity above the requirement, the DC is reduced by 5. Thus, if one were to substitute a Complex Earth element in for a Simple Earth element, the DC would be 20 to cast Permanency.
  26. Bonuses when casting ritual magic can be garnered in a number of ways. Alcohol, opium, and similarly mind-altering substances can make ritual magic easier. As can working with other practitioners of Draconic magic.
  28.     Bonuses to Finalization from Insanity:
  29.         1-4:    +1 per level
  30.         5-8:    +2 per level
  31.         9-10:   +4 per level
  33. Known Rituals:
  34.     Permanency: (Complex Void, Simple Earth) Preparing this ritual takes one hour and once cast removes the need to maintain an enchantment or perpetuates the effects of a ritual indefinitely. The most common ingredients include a portion of the caster's soul and an enchanted object.
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