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  5. USERNAME: rohmantic
  6. ACTIVE RATE: around a 6 until June 15th because of exams, but after that I’ll be more active
  7. SLOT: The Sound of Music
  8. PASSWORD: Namjoon
  11. ✤ MIRROR
  13. FACECLAIM: @trishnarawr (Trishna Goklani on Instagram)
  14. BACKUP FACECLAIM: Naomi Scott
  17. ✤ THE NOTES
  19. BIRTH NAME: Mohini Ray
  20. ⇢ NICKNAMES:
  21. • ‘Mo’ by literally everyone as a friendly and affectionate term. Namjoon, however, insists on always calling her Mohini since he won’t be able to get his point across otherwise.
  22. • ‘Baby’ by HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME. This is partly because the latter thinks it’s hilarious that Mohini is so oblivious to her sex jokes, but also because she’s lowkey convinced that they’d be the most chaotic and amazing power couple ever.
  23. • “Raymond” by Jeongguk because he’s a lil shit.
  25. ⇢ SOCIAL MEDIA USERNAME: @rayofsunshine
  26. BIRTH DATE: November 2nd 1994
  27. AGE: 21
  28. ETHNICITY: Indian (Bengali)
  29. BIRTHPLACE: Detroit, Michigan
  30. HEIGHT: 165cm
  31. WEIGHT: 57 kg
  36. RELIGION: Hindu (she tries her best not to use God’s name in vain but epically fails on a weekly basis)
  38. MORAL STANDPOINT: If it would help someone she cared about, she would probably commit a crime. Similarly, if a best friend or loved one told her that they had murdered someone, she’d be extremely disturbed but would without a doubt help them hide the body.
  40. MOTIVATION: The idea of proving others wrong. At this point she’s pretty much existing out of spite, which isn’t good for an already fragile ego.
  42. BREAKING POINT: She begins to unravel when she realises that she’s going to fail or humiliate herself, especially if someone else is there to witness it or she’ll have to tell her parents — it’s then that she will normally start drinking to distract herself from what seems like impending doom. It’s even worse if someone tells her that she’s let them down. Furthermore, if she loses too much control over a situation because she has trouble with saying no to others, she begins to spiral and panic in silence.
  47. AMBITIONS: She dreams of being an art curator, preferably in Europe.
  48. ⇢ ADDITIONAL: Mohini knows that her mother is happy that she’s found a career that she’s genuinely interested in, but she suspects that her father wishes that she had chosen to go into a scientific field rather than the arts.
  50. ACHIEVEMENTS: The unannounced head of the college orchestra. She has played violin since the age of eleven. Nearly every essay she writes gets an A grade or above. (If a fellow peer asks her if she had a 4.0 GPA in high school, she’ll lie and say yes. In reality it was a 3.7.) Organised art trips for many of her fellow art history students which were huge successes.
  52. COURSE: She’s currently majoring in history of art at college. During her first year, her favourite module was arts and materials through Europe and Africa. During her second year, she preferred impressionism. This is her third year, in which she’s doing her independent report (a “dissertation” that is a majority of her grade) on representation of minorities and other political arguments through art from the years 1780-1980.
  53. ⇢ ADDITIONAL: She has a passion for the topic of her dissertation, but adores impressionist art above everything else. Every person in the club has heard her say “if anyone says one bad word about my boys, Monet and Renoir, a bitch is gonna get slapped”, despite her normally being very polite.
  55. THEATRE BACKGROUND: When she was younger, she would often help the art department when creating sets and props for their high school plays, and even got cast as Helena in her high school’s production of A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Since she’s the biggest overachiever you’ve ever met, it’s no surprise that when she heard about theatre club in college, she signed herself up for pretty much every possible role. That’s how she ended up as not only props manager but also a co-choreographer, and when she heard that they were going to perform once again, she decided there was no harm in auditioning for Meg as well. She’s happy that they’ve given her control over props but kind of regrets being a co-choreographer because it’s exhausting and Jimin and Hoseok are terrifying when they teach.
  56. ⇢ EXPERIENCE: nine months, joined a little after Hoseok
  61. PERSONALITY: Mohini is the epitome of loyal and hard-working. If she says she’ll do something, she will carry it out with precision. However, she can be unsympathetic to those who take longer to achieve a task, and she tends to dismiss others if she thinks they don’t care enough. This may make her seem cold, but really she just wants everyone to achieve what they’re capable of. She is over-critical, tense and refuses to accept help. Often, people think of her as naïve since she can be easily manipulated into doing other people’s work. She doesn’t realise that she’s a pushover.
  62. She’s ladylike, generally friendly and she values good manners, so she would never insult anybody (to their face). She is also very creative, but tends to follow the status quo rather than her own imagination. She takes pride in her intelligence and maturity.
  64. ⇢LIKES:
  65. • historical fiction
  66. • impressionist art (she’s literally the biggest Art Hoe™)
  67. • prawns (her mum’s ‘chingri malai’ is by far her favourite dish) and peaches (will eat them out of the tin and loves peach schnapps)
  68. • sundresses (when isn’t she wearing one? you know she’s in a bad place if she comes into rehearsal wearing jeans)
  69. • acting and dancing
  70. • music by Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James
  71. • warm weather
  72. • dogs
  73. • Nando’s (enjoys taking part in challenges to see who can eat the spiciest food)
  74. • scented candles
  76. ⇢DISLIKES:
  77. • horror films
  78. • thunder storms
  79. • spiders
  80. • McDonalds (tries to convince the club to go to KFC or Nando’s but often just gives in)
  81. • her Arts and Materials professor
  82. • shaving her legs (she just does not have the time)
  83. • travelling by boat (easily seasick)
  84. • cigarettes
  86. ⇢HOBBIES:
  87. • playing tennis
  88. • drawing
  89. • dancing
  90. • scrapbooking
  92. ⇢HABITS:
  93. • fiddling with her hair when nervous
  94. • chewing her lip when focusing
  95. • shaking her leg
  97. ⇢TRIVIA: She is really good at sprinting. Don’t try to race her anywhere; you will lose.
  99. ⇢ TALENTS:
  100. • arts and crafts (if you make fun of her for it she will fill your workspace with origami swans because she’s petty)
  101. • wine tasting
  102. • multitasking
  104. ⇢ REQUIREMENT: While Mohini uses alcohol to feel relaxed when she’s stressed, she originally felt pressured to drink during high school. After a party when she became quite intoxicated, a close friend told her she was “much more fun to hang out with when she was drunk”. This upset her a lot because she realised that her friends easily grew tired of her because of her perfectionism and constant self-criticism. She felt that she needed to be tipsy in order to let others have fun, which she considered more important than her own well being. Now, she doesn’t feel a need to drink all the time, but sometimes Namjoon and Jimin have to remind her that she needs a healthy alternative (such as actually confiding in her friends) rather than turning to a glass of wine.
  106. ⇢ SPECIAL: The reason why Mohini is a control freak is because of the lack of control she had when she was a child. Her father lost his company and had trouble finding another job after, and her mother is a writer so she never had a stable income. As a result, they had to move from house to house for all of Mohini’s adolescent life, which was especially difficult when taking important exams and resulted in her getting lower than a 4.0 GPA. She decided that she never wanted to feel such lack of control when she reached adulthood, so she tries to control everything around her.
  111. FAMILY:
  112. • Arun Ray. Father. Accountant and ex business owner. He wants Mohini to have a better life than him but often makes her feel like she needs to overwork to achieve this. He doesn’t know about her sexuality, light alcoholism or her struggle with pressure. Closeness: 4
  113. • Devika Ray. Mother. Writer. She’s Mohini’s only support system as her daughter hates getting help from other people. She always encouraged Mohini and even convinced her father to support her choice of college course. She knows about Mohini’s sexuality but doesn’t know about her light alcoholism. Closeness: 7
  114. • Sumita Ray. Grandmother (on father’s side). She’s very judgemental of Mohini. Mohini hates it when she comes to visit them. Closeness: 1
  116. ⇢ BACKGROUND: Both of Mohini’s parents are immigrants from West Bengal in India. Her father came with his family when he was ten and her mother came on her own when she was eighteen. Her parents have always taught her that manners are very important and loyalty to your loved ones is valuable above all else, thus creating Mohini’s strong sense of duty but also incapability to deny anything from those she cares about. Both her parents are democrats. They have taught her to be hard working, but Mohini is mainly motivated by her grandmother, who disapproved of her son marrying Devika and has criticised Mohini since she was very young. As much as Mohini has always wanted to make her parents proud, she likes to do well to prove her grandmother wrong.
  119. ⇢ OF BANGTAN: Jimin
  120. ⇢ OF SLOTS: RENT
  122. ⇢ OF BANGTAN: Yoongi
  126. ✤ ALL I ASK OF YOU
  128. MEMBER: Taehyung
  129. BACKUP MEMBER: Namjoon
  130. SEXUALITY: bisexual
  132. NATURE OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP: Recurring friends with benefits.
  133. [You can make them become romantically involved nearer the end of the fic or break them up, your choice]
  135. PET NAMES: He’s constantly calling her “a work of art” in private. She finds this incredibly cheesy but weirdly endearing.
  136. Sometimes he’ll call her “babe” or “sweetheart”. She’ll affectionately call him “Taetae”.
  138. DESCRIPTION: Mohini has always felt at ease with Taehyung because he’s such a joyful presence and is constantly happy to work with others in the club. She’s a pushover, so if Taehyung asks her to do something for him, there’s an 85% chance she’ll drop what she’s working on to do it. As soon as he found out that she was a history of art student, he wanted to talk to her about their mutual love for the topic, but this sometimes turns into a debate on which era and artist was best (Taehyung always defends his babe, Van Gogh, and Mohini will defend Renoir to her grave). If Taehyung ever tried to compliment or ask out Mohini, she didn’t take notice because of the amount of pressure she’s always under, which he always considered to be her telling him that she wasn’t interested.
  139. One night, after six months of heated debates over art and polite passing by, Mohini, drunk and bored with her dissertation, invited Taehyung to her place, determined to finish their art debate once and for all. They hooked up instead. The next day, they decided that it shouldn’t happen again and that they wouldn’t let it come between their friendship, only they slept together again within a week.
  140. Now, they sleep together on a regular basis as if it’s any other friendly activity. However, Taehyung is totally in love with Mohini while she’s eager to avoid a conversation about their relationship, afraid of admitting her own feelings for him because she fears not being able to balance a relationship with her workload and eventually letting him down. He often gets upset when she works herself to breaking point, so sometimes they have fights; she’s usually the first to apologise. Even though he knows she has her alcoholism under control for the most part, he hates it when she turns to alcohol instead of him.
  141. Taehyung also loves to cuddle with her after they “hang out”. Mohini never minds being affectionate with him because he makes her feel truly calm without really doing anything, but she tries to keep their relationship relatively private from the rest of the club (apart from RENT because she tells her pretty much everything). She loves it when he gives his honest opinion on her dissertation and talks about his interests — she adores how passionate and unique he is. If she sees him being cute with anything, whether it’s a plant or a dog or a baby, she will literally pounce on him the first chance she gets. Also, she is both afraid and mildly turned on whenever he turns serious. If she ever accidentally kisses him in a normal setting out of habit, her brain will probably malfunction and she’ll have to reevaluate her life for a quick minute.
  144. NOTE: Thanks for reading my form. I tried my best to be as detailed as possible, so sorry if I went a bit overboard with some of the descriptions. I also apologise if there are any spelling or grammatical errors I missed. Regardless of whether my form is accepted, I can’t wait to see what will happen in Ovation. Thanks again :)
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