Set up of pyReScene

Oct 26th, 2013
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  1. 1) Download and install pyReScene
  4. I suggest using the latest repository version because there are less bugs.
  5. hg clone
  6. hg pull && hg update default
  7. And with these commands you can keep it updated if necessary. (hg is Mercurial)
  9. After this you can run it from the folder you've put it in or install it to your system by doing
  10. python install
  12. ATTENTION: The path where the .py files are located could be leaked into .txt files in the srr if something unexpected occurs (a stacktrace).
  13. Example of txt file usage:
  14. I've seen it only when an srs of a 0 byte file is trying to be created, but this isn't fixed yet.
  15. So, this is just a heads up if you don't want the username of your server to be leaked when you don't install it, just put it all in a general dir.
  17. 2) Installing dependencies
  18. unrar is a dependency, but it isn't necessary if you only create music srrs (or if you don't plan on creating srrs for vobsubs: only used for that)
  20. install fpcalc
  23. There could be a package already available in your repositories.
  25. 3) Using pyReScene to create the .srr file
  27. python bin/ Release.Directory -o
  28. Will put the SRR in the current working directory by default.
  29. -d, --srr-in-reldir overrides -o parameter
  30. is also an option
  32. Something like this should be the result:
  36. If you ever want to create srrs from an archive/collection:
  37. pyrescene -r root_dir_of_releases
  38. pyrescene --help for extra options if it isn't just for music
  40. 4) Uploading the srrs to
  41. There are two upload scripts that work:
  43. I suggest you create an account on srrdb. You can put it to anonymous if you want. Then only the admins can see who uploaded which srrs, but it makes it easier for us to look at the truly anonymous uploads. (where there is a chance there could be issues)
  44. Yours would look orange for us: and red for the other users
  46. 5) The future
  47. I'm working on zip support, so we can archive the metadata of those releases too.
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