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  1. says:
  2.  hi
  3. elsa says:
  4.  how are you ?
  5. says:
  6.  gd nd u
  7. elsa says:
  8.  been allright thanx
  9. says:
  10.  :)
  11. elsa says:
  12.  what u been up to havent seen u on latly ?
  13. says:
  14.  nothing much
  15.  alot of work
  16. elsa says:
  17.  me to
  18. says:
  19.  ik
  20.  ur always busy
  21. elsa says:
  22.  only during the day at night time never bezy
  23. says:
  24.  :p
  25. elsa says:
  26.  rick can i ask u samething ?
  27. says:
  28.  ?
  29. elsa says:
  30.  i was told u been saying i use ppl! may i ask how and why ?
  31. says:
  32.  cus thats my opinion
  33. elsa says:
  34.  i never used  u so why u think that of me i never done anything rong to you all ways treated u as a friend joked with u so how those that make me a user ?
  35. says:
  36.  u used me to make harvey jealous
  37.  i didnt like that
  38.  i told u that
  39.  but you just keep continuing
  40. elsa says:
  41.  that was just messing arround and harvey new i was only joking i never new u took it serius
  42. says:
  43.  i told u
  44.  i think its weird
  45.  making ur bf jealous
  46.  i would dumpede my gf then
  47.  and never talk to her
  48.  but yeh thats me
  49.  not for the weakminded people to do that
  50. elsa says:
  51.  wel for 1 he new i was only joking
  52.  2 u went along with it so i thought u new it was only a joke
  53.  3 u join in
  54.  plus he new everything that was sayed private or in channel cuz he has a copy of the conversations
  55. says:
  56.  k
  57.  oh
  58.  nice personal messages
  59.  :\
  60.  could of lost my gf cus of you
  61. elsa says:
  62.  u can ask him if you want
  63. says:
  64.  ur sending him this too right
  65.  nah
  66.  he knows what im saying
  67. elsa says:
  68.  no u couldent because even do he new what was sayed he never sayed anything to u about it or to any one ells
  69. says:
  70.  he was telling me to stop
  71.  or he would tell my gf
  72.  L
  73.  sad much
  74. elsa says:
  75.  i should be the one sendind convos to your gf see how u woul like it like u did going in channels talking about me but i am not like that
  76. says:
  77.  k
  78.  but tell me
  79.  why you want everything
  80.  why you lie to me
  81. elsa says:
  82.  lie to you about what ?
  83. says:
  84.  you was like
  85.  im happy single
  86.  i wont date guys on internet
  87.  i gonna serach one irl
  88.  now ur going again with him
  89.  L
  90.  ur 24
  91.  go search  a real boy
  92.  who can give you what you want
  93. elsa says:
  94.  dont lie dont change things to make it look better for your self
  95. says:
  96.  i lie ?
  97.  L
  98.  you actually said that
  99. elsa says:
  100.  look only thing i told u was wen me and him had a fight was that i dident want him any more because i was up set with him but i never sayed any of the ather things u got there
  101. says:
  102.  uhm
  103.  yes you did
  104.  carefully with what you said
  105. elsa says:
  106.  rick i never did so dont give me that
  107. says:
  108.  k fine
  109.  ur right
  110. elsa says:
  111.  all i sayed was what i sayed above
  112. says:
  113.  thats not all
  114.  but yeh your right
  115.  sarcastic much^
  116.  why you even talk to me
  117.  i been a dick about you
  118.  and to you
  119.  and still you talk to me
  120. elsa says:
  121.  never new u were like this guess they were right wen they sayed that u were not what u show at first
  122. says:
  123.  internets right
  124.  can act diff
  125.  im a nice boy irl
  126.  but a gangster on internet
  127.  i think thats sexy
  128. elsa says:
  129.  just wanted to now what i ever done to you to deserve u mouthing me off in channels and in game
  130. says:
  131.  just told what you done
  132.  but you think you never said that
  133. elsa says:
  134.  and i never
  135.  but since u want to be a ganster lets see what your gf thinks of all the conversations u had with me
  136. says:
  137.  she already knows
  138.  :)
  139. elsa says:
  140.  you wona be a dick i can be a beach to
  141. says:
  142.  nice
  143.  ill try to be a swimmming pool then
  144. elsa says:
  145.  lets se if she realy knows
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