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DartCraft Beta 0.2.20 Changelog

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Jun 10th, 2014
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  1. DartCraft Beta 0.2.20
  2. - Bugfix: Fixed a generation bug that would cause serious problems if certain DartCraft blockIDs were not the default settings.
  3. - Bugfix: Fixed a bug where normal Bombs would not drop ore if both Bombs and Super Bombs were set to drop ore.
  4. - Bugfix: Fixed Snow Wafers turning into Bombs when right-clicked.
  5. - Added a config option to make Force Fountains less picky in where they generate. By default they will be picky, which means they have to replace 75% Stone, Dirt, or Gravel. You may want to set this to "false" if you use a mod that modifies Minecraft's 'junk' blocks to something else. (GeoStrata, I'm looking at you.)
  6. - Added a config option under the 'insane' category to make every new Upgrade Tome automatically mastered. (This was specifically requested.)
  7. - The Magic Meter's empty background has been decreased in opacity, making it easier to see your magical defecit.
  8. - The Zelda Hud (or just Magic Meter if the Hud is disabled) has gotten some positioning options. It can now be set to top-left, top-middle, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-middle, bottom-right or even given exact x and y coordinates for the individual that likes customization.
  9. - Added the Force Hud Toggle hotkey. When pressed it will move the location of the Force Hud to the next of the 6 preset spots. When pressed while sneaking it will toggle the Zelda Hud option. These changes are immediately saved to the user's config file.
  10. - The Zelda Hud's health will render a bit differently for a player with four pieces of Sturdy Force Armor.
  11. - Added the /setmaxhealth command. Pass in a player and the amount of hearts you want them to have and they will be given that maximum amount of health. This number will generally reset upon death.
  12. - The Zelda Hud now represents a percentage of player health based on their current and maximum health. In addition 1/4 and 3/4 hearts will be displayed when these are the closest approximations.
  13. - Added the 'Max Hud Health' option to the config. This is a per-client option that will determine how many hearts (1-20) are shown in the Zelda Hud based on the amount of health the player has out of the configured maximum possible hearts. (Ex. If another modification is used that allows players to achieve a maximum of 40 hearts and this value is changed to 40, the starting health of players (10 hearts) will render as 5 hearts. The number of hearts displayed will increase as the ratio of current max/possible max increases, with the maximum rendering as a full two rows of ten hearts each.) By default this number is 20, which will display 10 hearts consistently unless the player's max health changes. Neglecting to change this value will not cause the Zelda Hud to show an incorrect current/max health ratio as it is based on percentage.
  14. - Sturdy Force Armor has now been given an exact coefficient in the config file. By default reduction for full sturdy armor is 75%. This value can be changed from 25% to 100% in the config. The previous default was likely somewhere around 60%. One quarter of this coefficient is applied to Force Armor even without the Sturdy upgrade.
  15. - Red and Blue Potion heal values have been allotted to go up to 100 hearts in the config. The default of 20 hearts has not been changed.
  16. - Chateau Notch's duration is now alloted to go from 1-20 minutes. The default has been changed to 5 minutes.
  17. - Added recipes for Claws and the four colors of Chu Jelly from UU-Matter.
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