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  1. _Trent Mackerby_
  2. '...and you're sure you don't know what happened?'
  3. 'Yeeees! My hands faced them, and then a shockwave occurred from somewhere! I could be hallucinating, for all I know! Does that happen to stroke patients? I don't know!'
  4. This would be a police interrogation. Apparently, the agents from earlier have died quite badly, and it may have been my fault. That is to say, it probably was my fault.
  5. 'Well. When you're out of hospital, I'm afraid we'll have to take you in for further questioning.'
  6. 'Seriously? I- no- _...seriously?_'
  7. 'Yes. Two people have died, and it may or may not be your fault.'
  8. 'Not on purpose! I don't kill people for a hobby! If I did that, it'd be better if I were just left to die! Also, why can't you just keep questioning me here?'
  9. 'Confidentiality, you understand.'
  10. I look around at the room, decidedly empty of hospital beds, replaced with a large group of forensics experts working to figure out what the still-present corpses died of or something. Having done that, I stare back at the police officer like he's stupid.
  11. 'Yes, I did say confidentiality. The forensics experts cannot be trusted.'
  12. 'Nor can I. Nor can you, for that matter! How do I know you aren't one of the guys who got smashed against a wall as well?'
  13. 'Sir, I am a police officer-'
  14. 'And you could just be another guy in a suit, except you're using a freaking- just- ...gaaaah!'
  15. 'Sir, just calm down. It's okay. Everyone is scared and confused right now, I'm sure you're no different.'
  16. '...yeah, but... Jesus.'
  17. 'You want something to calm you down?'
  18. 'Oh, don't you start. I already have enough of that from the doctors.'
  19. '...well, then. I suppose I'm done here for the moment. I'll be back in a few days to see how-'
  20. And then one of the agents glows green.
  21. And then he stands up and dusts himself off as though nothing had happened to him.
  22. And then some... _thing_ appears in the room. This being a _thing,_ it promptly slaughters most of the people in the room with some kind of black electrical stuff, then disappears just as promptly. Those left untouched include me, the agent, the body of his co-worker, and... something new.
  23. '...ah.'
  24. This ends up being the cue for a short fight of sorts. From what I remember, fire and music were involved... but the creature does end up with several bullets in it, as well as several blasts of colour and shockwaves that apparently had something to do with me. The final result is that the room is now short all of its occupants save two.
  25. ...wait, wait.
  26., make that three. The agent just revived his friend with the same green light from before.
  27. 'Well, this is bad.'
  28. 'Agreed.'
  29. 'Wow, "bad"!' I intone. 'Such advanced language! I'll give you some sweets or candy or whatever if you can spell "bad" for us! And by candy, I mean my medication, har-HAR.'
  30. The two agents look at each other briefly, then come over to me.
  31. 'Well, sir. It seems you've become part of an... incident, as it were.'
  32. 'You don't say? I end up firing rainbow lasers and shockwaves from my hands, you Brinkles and he Squillis both come back to life due to some green light stuff, then some random monster comes in, kills everyone, then makes a new monster and disappears, and to top it all off, I'm also a walking boombox. FUN ABOUNDS FOR TRENT MACKERBY, DOESN'T IT.'
  33. 'Listen. We were going to kidnap you and use your...abilities... as the basis for experiments and such, but seeing as you've helped us out somewhat, we're going to give you a bit of a head start.'
  34. 'Wait, is that-'
  35. 'No, but I'm feeling nice today.'
  36. ' you're _not_ going to kidnap me, then.'
  37. 'For now. The moment you're out of hospital, we'll be coming back to find you. Fair play, and so on.'
  38. '...waaaait. You can just heal yourself of any injuries. How do I stop you, then?'
  39. 'You aren't meant to.'
  40. 'Fair play, my arse!'
  41. 'At least we aren't wheeling you out of hospital, bed and all.'
  42. '...uh. Right. Well, can you at least move me out of the room? The corpses are starting to stink up the place.'
  43. 'Oh, that reminds me. We need you not to talk about this... incident with anyone.'
  44. 'And if I don't agree with that?'
  45. 'We have ways of making sure you don't talk.'
  46. 'Like?'
  47. The agents look at each other. Then, for some reason, time suddenly seems to skip to outside the room. This... confuses me. I'm sure I was doing something else before... there was... uh...
  48. ...oh, god damn it, I've been partially mindwiped.
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