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Pokemon DB's Frontier

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  1. <h1> Welcome to the Battle Frontier </h1>
  2. ![][1]
  4. ----------
  6. ![Iris Sprite][2]
  7. > Hiya! Welcome to the DB's Battle Frontier! As a Trainer, this establishment will put you to the test. Here you and your friends can compete to see just who is the best. You think you got what it takes? Do you now? Well, sir, prepare to prove it! Chaa!
  9. > There are 7 different amenities that you can compete in. **Each area has a seperate set of rules that differ with each other.** We are currently building the Frontier to it's fullest, but as for right now, your options will be slightly limited. But none to worry. Trust me, you don't want to rush your defeat. LOLZ
  11. ***Standard Tournament System*** 1.0
  13. As stated before, each battle amenity (Tournament) will have it's own set of rules. However, they all use a standard BP System. BP, or Battle Points, will be the currency of all the Battle Frontier Tournaments, which are used to purchase newer Items, Abilities, or to earn different Pokemon.
  15. *How to earn BP* 1.1
  17. BP is earned by winning battles or by exchanging Pokemon/Items. For each win, a certain amount will be received depending on the "Weight" of your opponents Team.
  19. *"Weight"* 1.2
  21. "Weight" is the value of a Pokemon team depending on what tier the members are in. The tiers, ranging from OU to NFE/LC, will each be given a value, with OU the highest and NFE/LC the lowest. The list below explains the values of tiers.
  23. OU- 5 BP
  24. UU- 4 BP
  25. RU- 3 BP
  26. NU- 2 Points
  27. NFE/LC- 1 Point
  29. NOTE: Some Tournaments use Randomized Pokemon teams, which is when you are given different Pokemon that are still weighed but do not belong to you for the Tournament (unless rules state otherwise, and some will).
  31. *How to determine how much BP is won* 1.3
  33. The amount of BP won is determined by the Net of each competitors' team. The winner receives the Net amount, while the loser leaves with no BP. The formula below can be applied to find out the Net amount.
  35. Formula for Net BP
  36. -
  37. *b* - *s*
  39. The *b* variable is the Heavier, or bigger, *"Weighted"* Team, and the *s* variable is the Lighter, or smaller, *"Weighted"* Team. **The difference is the amount of BP the winner of a match receives.**
  41. *The Frontier Shop* 1.4
  43. The "Frontier Shop" is exactly what it sounds like. This is an accessible area in between matches where BP can be spent to purchase Items, Pokemon, or alternate Abilities.
  45. **Unlocking Pokemon**
  47. BP can be exchanged for the ability to use a Pokemon in your challenges. **The cost is the same as the worth of a Pokemon**. (Refer to the chart in 1.2). **This Pokemon can be used in any Tournament, whether it be one that assigns a Random Team or not**. So it is a good idea to save BP to Unlock a Pokemon, as it gives you an instant advantage of sureness over the competition.  
  49. **Unlocking an Ability**
  51. Abilities can also be unlocked for a specified Pokemon, and that Pokemon only (unless Tournament rules state otherwise). The chart below displays the cost of Abliites.
  53. Primary Ability- 1 BP
  54. Secondary Ability- 2 BP
  55. DW Ability- 3 BP
  57. **Unlocking an Item**
  59. Items can also be purchased with BP. **An item (1)  purchased once can only be given to one Pokemon**. Multiple items will have to be purchased for multiple Pokemon. The list below represents the cost of each item.
  61. (A list will be added later).
  63. *How many players can join*?1.5
  65. As of right now, there is no limit to how many players can join, and you can comment below the suggestion if your interest now, (as to get an idea of how big the Tournament will be). Comment before the event begins, and you will be guaranteed a spot in. A Secondary sign up will be available after the Tournament is posted, but your spot is not secured. The Tournament will need an even amount of people, so if you you are the odd one out, sorry oh well.
  66. ![Iris Sprite 2][3]
  67. > Now that the rules are out of the way, allow me to introduce the Battle Amenities, which will be termed the "BA"'s from now on.
  68. >
  69. ***The BA's (Tournaments)***
  70. Each BA will be followed in the order that the collective competitors and host decide. **As of now, the Battle Factory will be first**.
  72. ----------
  73. <h1> The Battle Factory </h1>
  75. ![Doctor Sprite][4]
  77. > Come back later. I have no Lab to test you on right now (we're still building it).
  80.   [1]: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/23/Battle_Frontier.jpg
  81.   [2]: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/t/155.gif
  82.   [3]: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/t/155.gif
  83.   [4]: http://sprites.pokecheck.org/t/148.gif
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