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May 6th, 2020
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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. ------------ LiTDOOM MOD: Changelog -------------
  4. ------------------------------------
  6. ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------
  7. ******* MAY 6 2020 - V0.5 Beta "Crafting Update"
  10. - New inventory item: the Recombiner! Hard to come by, but when you find it, you can drop reagents on it to discover new crafting recipes. Once all the three slots are full, charge it with some energy cells (drop the cell into the Recombiner) to begin the merging process. (Base Sprites by @; All the recipe variants by me)
  11. - Craftable Battle Drugs added: over 10 different recipes to discover!
  12. - New special craftable items such as: Life support modules; Motion sensors; throwable explosive vials... and more! See the crafting guide included in the mod's zip file for all the possible recipes.
  13. - Some of the pre-existing items are now craftable from the recombiner.
  14. - New Player Class: The Scientist! Start with everything you need for crafting & slashing, at the cost of being of a more frail constitution… He can also craft sentry bots!
  15. He's also the only one who can create sentry bots to protect him!
  16. -
  17. - SUPERSHOTGUN overhaul: new skin & sounds [thanks to @ (graphics) and @ (sounds)]
  18. - SHOTGUN Overhaul: new skin & sounds [thanks to @ (graphics) and @ (sounds)]
  19. - ASSAULT RIFLE Overhaul: new skin, new animations and new sounds [thanks to @ (graphics) and @ (sounds)]
  20. - New Difficulty Setting: "Scavenger". Resources and ammo are very, VERY rare, but you won't be dying as easily as in "we unhappy few". Perfect for a mediumcore survival experience!
  21. - Fuel Tanks are now shootable when on the ground, resulting in an incendiary explosion.
  22. - New Sprites for various items (Thanks to @, @, and @)
  23. - Dead Scientists with medical and crafting loot can spawn randomly instead of ammo pickups (rare)
  24. - Poison Status Effect! You can get it from radioactive waste, poisonous monster attacks, and such. Not as dangerous and continuous as bleeding wounds, but you won't get rid of it easily…
  25. - HEV Suit Updated: new sounds and a gasmask overlay while equipped. It also protects you from poison and acid.
  26. - Explosive quickslot! Use the already implemented "favorite weapon key" while holding throwable weapons or claymore mines, to replace what you'll be throwing while pressing the "Quick Explosive Throw" key (former "toss grenade")
  27. - Improved Sapper's pincers sprites and animations: now they can also disassemble recombiners, if you don't need them.
  30. - The Supershotgun was not very desiderable: now it deals more damage, while having a slightly longer reload time and wider pellets spread, so it won't out-perform the pump-shotgun at long distances. It's also somewhat more difficult to find.
  31. - Nerfed revenants seeker missiles' speed and damage because those things are just f***ing ridiculous.
  32. - When used as a weapon, the Hellish missile launcher now shoots seeker missiles at a slightly slower speed with its primary fire. The secondary mode fires faster missiles, that deals slighlty more damage, but will not chase any target.
  33. - Blood Marathon felt a tad too easy, so the damage reduction was set from 20% to 10%
  34. - Instead of being completely unable to perform melee attacks when out of stamina, now you just do slower, clumsier versions of those attacks.
  35. - Blowing zombies' legs off is more likely to cause them to crawl on the ground, leaving them open to stomping finishers (so they drop adrenaline orbs)
  36. - The Assault Rifle has been changed into an hybrid DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle). It's now semi-automatic and with an overall slower rate of fire. Its damage however, has been buffed, along with its accuracy while aiming down sight.
  37. - The Minigun now uses its own ammo type.
  38. - The Survivalist Class now recharges stamina a bit faster, to differentiate it from the Scientist.
  39. - Buffed monster's armor capacity to make it more relevant and difficult to destroy.
  40. - Blood Demon is now slighlty faster.
  41. - Probably other stuff I'm forgetting about.
  43. BUG FIXES:
  44. - Axe attacks while having berserker strength refilled stamina instead of consuming it/nullifying their cost.
  45. - Using the quick throw key for throwing a knife while having the berserker strength wouldn't break the knife if it was low on durability. Fixed.
  46. - Fixed a bug that caused lit flares on the ground to disappear if you tried to pick them up while having the flares selected with no "ammo".
  47. - Fixed alignment for the tech armor's icon while using Brutal LiTDoom HUD.
  48. - Throwing a knife while exhausted or wounded makes the throwing animation slower, and the resulting thrown knife slower and weaker, instead of giving you a laceration.
  49. - Ammo checker won't stay on screen any longer if the player is dead
  50. - Dropped rusty axes won't keep annoying you by tossing themselves around if you already have an axe in good conditions and try walk over them.
  51. - Tons of other minor fixes.
  54. ******* FEBRUARY 10 2020 - V0.45 Beta "Survival Update vol.2"
  57. - The Space Marine Class loses stamina quickly, and recharges it quickly too (although a little slower than before).
  58. - The Survivalist Class now recharges stamina very slowly and also loses it slowly.
  59. - New Ability: SURVIVAL ISTINCT! Use it to focus and see your surroundings in slow motion. Be careful: consumes a lot of stamina!
  60. - Melee attacks consume some points of stamina each (less if you have berserker strength)
  61. - You become tired at 70% stamina consumption instead of 60%
  62. - Becoming Tired reduces your standard running speed of 30%
  63. - You can still use melee attack when tired, but not if you consume 100% of your stamina (unless you have berserker strength)
  64. - You have a chance to trip and fall to the ground if you try to sprint or perform slide and air kicks while tired (you can still use those kicks if you have berserker strength)
  65. - Soul Crystals, Demons' Adrenaline, SoulSpheres, MegaSpheres, and some other pickups, now also refill variable amounts of Stamina.
  66. - New Item "Erythropoietin shot": use it to refill a large amount of stamina over time and run faster for 20 seconds. Perfect if combined with the "Survival Istinct" ability!
  67. -
  68. - New Difficulty Setting "We Unhappy few": 500% damage factor, very few enemies, faster and more aggressive monsters (which have 50% more health), and ammo that are more rare than ever! Try it for a perfect Survival horror mood!
  69. - New Weapon: COMBAT KNIVES! Select them from slot 1 or use the dedicated keybinds to throw them and swing them around! NOTE: only while currently equipped, the knife also have access to a charged stab attack that punctures enemies' vital organs, making them lose health over time.
  70. - Furtherly Improved Flares: you can now select them from slot 9 in addition to use the dedicated keybind to quickly throw one. While selected, you can use the primary fire to throw them normally, and the secondary fire to light them up and keep them in your hands, while making light around you. Pressing the secondary fire button at this point will drop the flare at your feet.
  71. - NEW GENERIC SOUND REPLACEMENTS: Sounds for menus, switching buttons and using doors and elevators have been replaced.
  72. - AMBIENCE SOUNDS: Toggleable feature. While on, you'll sometimes hear immersive and creepy sounds from undefined places around the map.
  73. - HEAVY WOUND SOUNDS: If an attack brings your health below a certain threshold, you'll hear specific sounds depending on what caused the wound.
  76. - Minigun's accuracy improved, to make it less useless at medium distances. You'll still have to deal with an heavy recoil though.
  77. - Minigun's primary fire now takes more time to wind-up.
  78. - Flares are a bit more rare.
  79. - Captured Marines waiting to be freed are less noisy and use more various voicelines.
  80. - The Regeneration Artifact now also slowly regenerates stamina and automatically closes open wounds while its effect is active.
  83. BUG FIXES:
  84. - You can no longer move at full speed while using a mounted heavy machinegun. Instead, you can move very slowly while using it (unless you are tired).
  85. - Blood Demons' attacks now properly gibs the player
  86. - The full reload for the pistol didn't work if you tried to unload after firing all your loaded rounds. Now it does.
  87. - Claymore mines now allow the use of flashlight, sprinting and kicking while selected
  88. - Some inventory icons have been adjusted in size and alignment
  89. - Fixed a bug where you could attack with the axe without having enough stamina and without the berserker strength powerup.
  90. - Fixed (hopefully) a bug concerning heavy weapons major's stealth kills.
  93. ******* JANUARY 16 2020 - V0.4 Beta "Survival Update"
  95. - Quick heal function: bind a key to use either a bandage (takes precedence) or a portable medikit from your inventory to heal your wounds.
  96. - Quick flare function: bind a key to it and use it to quickly throw a flare from your inventory.
  97. - New animation for throwing flares, thanks to @IDDQD_1337
  98. - New animations for bandaging wounds, thanks to @Farhan
  99. - Demon hearts now still pulsate when dropped on the ground.
  100. - You can now unload a pistol a second time to perform a "secret reloading", adding 1 bullet before inserting the clip.
  101. - Some new counters have been added on the HUD and other minor elements were tweaked.
  102. - Kills, Items and Secrets counters for the current map are now toggleable options in the "BD Players Options" section.
  103. - Minor tweaks to the mod options menu
  104. - A lot of new creepy sounds: Zombies, Dark Imps, Pinky Demons and Mummies' sounds were completely made from scratch by @Oniichangoddess
  105. - Many other monsters sounds were replaced with the ones from Doom3
  106. - All footsteps sounds replaced with more realistic ones made by @Oniichangoddess
  107. - The reward crate for killing all monsters in a map, is now a toggleable feature in the Mod Options.
  108. - Fire Demons now will most likely spawn in fitting enviroments (lava, volcanic rocks, etc.)
  111. - In Blood Marathon, monster's health has been buffed by 50% while in Kill or be Killed (former Realism mode) it has been restored to normal value (they had half hitpoints before). This is to compensate the buffed damage for most weapons, that made killing bigger monsters a tad too easy on these difficulty levels.
  112. - In Kill or be Killed and in Blood Marathon, ammo spawns even more rarely.
  113. - Removed the "I'm too young to die" difficulty level because... who the hell uses that?
  114. - The red screen mask when picking up berserker powerups is more subtle now, to improve visibility if you're playing with fog and dark lighting active.
  115. - Edited the consumed stamina per second for each selected weapon, while not having the berserker strength powerup. In general, you'll tire out much faster when holding heavier weapons.
  116. - Machinegun and Minigun's bullets now have an higher chance to cause pain on bigger monsters. The minigun specifically, due to its very high fire rate, became the ultimate stunlock-beast.
  117. - To balance out the new pain chance for the minigun, its recoil has been increased.
  119. BUG FIXES:
  120. - Revolvers and Assault Shotguns no longer pierce armors. They were never meant to do it.
  121. - Selecting the ammo checker while playing Doomguy or Space Marine class, didn't deselect the current weapon, often resulting in more than two hands showing in the HUD (lol)
  122. - Removed the green mask color when stepping on a antiradiation suit. You still have 5 seconds worth of floor immunity though, this is to prevent game-breaking situations like trying to wear a suit that was sitting on lava and dying in the process.
  123. - Blood Demon now has the correct armor amount
  124. - Wraith sounds should be working now
  125. - Fixed single rockets pickup not spawning in Blood Marathon and Kill or be Killed difficulties.
  126. - Yet another take at fixing the Pyro Sergeant game crashes. Let me know if you still encounter this issue.
  127. - Timer for the regeneration sphere and healing items is now showing correctly.
  128. - Losing Speed and Stamina while wounded is more seamless and consinstent.
  130. ******* JANUARY 6 2020 - V0.3 Beta "Rebirth Update"
  133. - Uniformed all fatality bonuses: demons don't drop armor shards anymore, but a new "daemonic shard" with the same effects and new graphics. I also removed red health bonuses from the new monsters borrowed from BLOODWOLF's patched monster expansion.
  134. - Most health bonuses and medikits now can be recognized by the blue & white color theme. There are some intended exceptions.
  135. - Health vials are now replaced by soul crystals: they formed from the souls of the dead after Hell has been set loose. Shattering them will free those souls, who will gift their remaining life force to the player. Lore-wise speaking, these crystals sometimes merge between
  136. each other forming the soulsphere powerup we all know.
  137. - Realistic reloading (still experimental): if you enable this feature from the mod options, you will have to unload all weapons reloaded from a clip before actually reloading them, or you will lose all chambered ammo. This applies to: Pistols, SMGs, Assault Shotgun, Rifles, Rocket Launchers, Railguns and Plasma Guns
  138. - Empty magazines ejected from pistols, Smgs and rifles have new sprites to match their ammunitions pickup.
  139. - New PDA redesign, thanks to who made an awesome job!
  140. - Added animation for switching between shotgun ammo types.
  141. - Enemy Armor System implemented! Use armor-piercing ammunitions and weapons (7.62 mm, energy weapons, rocket launcher's altfire) to ignore enemies armor values, or just destroy their armor with sheer stopping power!
  142. - Lots of new immersive pickup sounds, thanks to @Oniichangoddess
  143. - New Difficulty Setting: Blood Marathon! You take less damage from monsters, but medications are very rare. Endure it!
  144. - Wraith A.I. rewritten with gentle permission of @Tomtefars
  147. - Reduced health values of some enemies to compensate for their added armor rating
  148. - Blood Marathon and Realism mode (now renamed to "Kill or be Killed") have even less ammo than other difficulty settings, to compensate their weaker monsters.
  150. BUG FIXES:
  151. - Unloading rocket launchers and railguns when no reserve ammo are left should work correctly now.
  152. - SSG should not reload automatically if you disabled auto-reloading from the options.
  153. - Rifle Commandos and Riot Shield Sergeants drop health bonuses if killed with a fatality.
  154. - Restored Demon Transformation Rune's functionality.
  155. - Flashlight couldn't be used while holding an ASG. Fixed.
  156. - Stimpack replacer was mistakenly replaced by another pickup for armor pieces. Stimpacks and bandages should spawn normally again.
  158. ******* DECEMBER 23 2019 - V0.2 Beta "Christmas Update"
  160. - New crafting materials can be found around the maps and dropped from some monsters. The gathering part of the crafting system is now complete.
  161. - Empty vials can be dropped on some specials blood stains to gather chemical solutions.
  162. - Some marine corpses now spawn rats near them.
  163. - The Armorshard+Healthbonus pickup was a placeholder for "failed ammo spawns". Now it spawns differents items.
  164. - Reinforced bandoliers: rare drop that prevents you to lose some ammo types when you change map (Survivalist class only. Maximum you can carry: 4) and also gives you some ammo of a specific category.
  165. - Backpacks now let you preserve a weapon in your inventory when you are supposed to lose it after a map change (Survivalist Class only. Maximum you can carry: 2)
  166. - New item/weapon: portable mounted heavy machinegun! Can spawn instead of the minigun and CANNOT be dismantled once deployed. Use it to hold strategic positions.
  167. - You can now bind a key to check all your ammunitions through your PDA. It even shows if a weapon has chambered ammo or not, but doesn't show if you have a particular weapon,
  168. or ammo stored in dual-wielded weapons, at least for now. Still, I think it should be pretty useful.
  169. - You can now bind a key to set the currently equipped weapon as your favorite. Then you can press another key to instantly switch to that weapon. It even works with dual wielded weapons!
  170. - The full helmet HUD has been set as the default one for the mod (you still have to scale it to fullscreen though)
  171. - Flashlight can also be alimented from lithium batteries you can find around the maps. You can still use plasma cells as energy source, but that would be your last resort!
  174. - Equipment loss after a map change for the survivalist class now is a little more likely to happen, to balance out the new backpacks and bandoliers.
  175. - Survivalist can now dual wield weapons. Dualwielding rifles and SMGs is also more impractical than before in terms of recoil, but it's useful to inflict more damage at short distances.
  176. - Rewritten difficulty settings. All skill levels beyond below "Nightmare" have the former "FAMINE" reduced ammo spawns. I won't restore skill levels with normal ammo spawns until
  177. I figure out how to make the spawns settings CVAR-based.
  178. - Slightly slowed down pistol's rate of fire to prevent its primary fire to completely overpower its burst fire mode (and even SMGs)
  179. - Minor damage and spawn chances tweaks.
  180. - Faster deselect animation for the Revolver
  182. BUG FIXES:
  183. - Rewritten quick pull script for the pistol. Before, it prevented the player from using the flashlight after switching to the pistol with this method, and also tended to overwrite other scripts.
  184. It should be fixed now.
  185. - Firing a pistol should not make you run faster if the player is slowed down by a bleeding wound.
  186. - The autoshotgun didn't unload correctly in some cases. this problem is now fixed (thanks to BLOODWOLF ! )
  187. - Kicking when having the berserker strength powerup now properly pushes barrels away and inflict pain states on some monsters.
  188. - Updated Nukelauncher and Claymores icons, to better fit in the HUD
  189. - SSG Sergeant will infight with other zombies
  192. - Unload animations for some weapons still refuse to work in certain situations: this is a bug inherited from the original Brutal Doom and until I manage to fix this I won't add the option of a realistic reloading.
  193. - Pyro Sergeants make the game crash at random, and I still didn't found the cause of this. If you happen to replicate the problem in a specific context, let me know.
  194. - Some ground executions glitch out sometimes. Not game breaking, but annoying. This is also inherited from Brutal Doom.
  195. - Sacrifice Altar's spawns still need a proper clipping checker.
  197. ******* DECEMBER 10 2019 - V0.11 Beta
  199. - Slot 0 assigned to the Crafting section of your PDA. Still pretty useless right now.
  200. - Former Scientists now have a chance of dropping chemical solutions and empty vials. Also pretty useless for now.
  201. - Some monster now drop parts of their body as crafting ingredients. Yeah you guessed, they're useless.
  202. - BUT WAIT! Actually, demon hearts can be dropped onto regular decorative green short columns to make them sacrifical altars.
  205. - Pyro Sergeants' dropped flamethrower now only gives 80 ammo (fuel).
  206. - Slightly nerfed dark imps health and speed.
  207. - Tweaked some spawn chances for new monsters.
  208. - Claymore mines now have do some damage on a longer distance and causes pain and knockback. Most of the damage will still occur at short distance.
  210. BUG FIXES:
  211. - Chainsaw Zombies now drops chainsaws if killed with a fatality.
  212. - Fixed hitboxes for the taller Dark Imps and Blood Demons. They also shouldn't spawn where they can clip through the ceiling.
  213. - Belphegor won't infight with knights and barons no more.
  214. - Pyro Sergeant and Cyberbaron's flamethrower SHOULDN'T no longer make the game freeze.
  218. ******* DECEMBER 5 2019 - V0.1c Beta
  220. - The mod is now live on ModDB!
  221. - New logo and title screen
  224. - .50 ammo now spawns instead of shells if there's a revolver nearby
  226. BUG FIXES:
  227. - Fixed a typo in the equipment loss messages: "5.56mm" is now "7.62"
  228. - Some difficulty settings retranslated from italian to english.
  231. ******* DECEMBER 3 2019 - V0.1b Beta
  234. - Railgun Alternative mode updated: now it has proper sprites, sounds and charge-up time
  235. - Zombie Scientists now have updated hand-edited sprites, to match the new axe added in Brutal Doom v21Gold
  236. - Player Class descriptions added in the class selection screen.
  237. - HUD slightly reduced for improved visibility.
  238. - Temporary new intro pictures to improve the awful readability of the vanilla main menu
  240. BUG FIXES:
  241. - Satyr script 799 error removed.
  242. - Chainsaw Zombies should no longer drop multiple chainsaws on death.
  243. - Wraiths no longer become invulnerable after their first attack
  247. ******* DECEMBER 2 2019 - V0.1a Beta
  250. - Railgun Alternative mode added: press F to switch between them.
  251. - Sentry Turrets can now be disabled using the sapper pincers.
  253. BUG FIXES:
  254. - Satyr script 794 error removed.
  257. ******* NOVEMBER 30 2019 - V0.1 Beta
  260. - When you break an axe, it appears on the ground in pieces.
  261. - Axe Alt-Attack reworked: consumes 6 durability and it's slower to charge up, but inflicts more damage and can AoE in a horizontal line in front of you. Warning: This is an "heavy attack", so crashing your
  262. axe on a solid wall with this can inflict a lot of stress on the weapon.
  265. - Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launchers buffed, handgrenade slightly nerfed. The rocket launcher is intended to do high concentrated damage on a small area. the Grenade Launchers shoot
  266. fragmentation rounds, more fit to dispose of large groups of weak enemies.
  267. - You can only carry a maximum of 2 sacrifical daggers with you now.
  269. BUG FIXES:
  270. - Ancient Arachnotron's plasma cannon doesn't hurt normal Arachnotrons no more.
  271. - Axe's Alt fire now properly depletes stamina on hit.
  274. ******* NOVEMBER 29 2019 - First Private Beta Release
  276. Complete List of Features:
  279. - BRUTAL DOOM v21 GOLD, the backbone on which this mod is based (credits to Sgt_Mark_IV, follow him at:
  280. - Some assets from BRUTAL DOOM MUTATORS (
  281. - Heavily modified version of XV117's MONSTER EXPANSION, patched by BLOODWOLF and overhauled by me.
  285. - Ammunitions spawns & quantities completely overhauled, including the maximum you can carry.
  286. - The Axe can now break if you use it for too long. Keep an eye on the durability counter.
  287. - The chainsaw now consumes fuel on use, but its primary attack is very useful for 1vs1 fights against bigger monsters.
  288. - Fuel tanks added. You can use them to refill chainsaws, flamethrowers and napalm launchers.
  289. - Supply Crates: find keys on former humans'corpses and use them to get some useful equipment! (with a custom 3D voxel made from scratch)
  290. - Sacrifical Altars: find a sacrifical dagger and find a beating Hearth to sacrifice to acquire demonic powers!
  291. - New Fire mode for the Shotgun: .10 gauge Slug rounds! With realistic reloading/switching between the two ammo types.
  292. - New weapon: the Revolver! Powerful but difficult to handle (credits to RainboWarrioR for the sprites)
  293. - New weapon: Claymore Mines & Sapper kit: Place Mines to ambush and trick your enemies, then use your pincers to disarm them.
  294. - New Rocket Launcher AltFire: uses 3 ammo but shoots an high-speed rocket with increased damage.
  295. - Randomized loot: ammo, health, weapon and artifact spawn points are now randomized. You'll never find the same stuff in the same map, but you'll also never
  296. find a BFG instead of a Shotgun. I made my best to make it balanced.
  297. - Randomized monsters: many enemies now have rarer variants, with the chance to spawn in place of the normal ones. Some monsters will also spawn under specific conditions.
  298. For example, be careful in dark areas!
  299. - Many new useful items to use from your inventory: flares, bandages, portable sentry turrets, night visors, and many more!
  300. - Completely revamped weapon damage and monsters' health: most weapons now do more damage but ammo will be more scarce, or they will have a heavier recoil.
  301. Most mid-to-high tier monsters are generally more resistant, although they'll have weakpoints.
  302. - Many new difficulty settings to choose your ideal playstyle. This mod is NOT conceived to be played with normal difficulty settings (Hurt me plenty, Ultraviolence, etc.). You still can, but
  303. an experienced player will probably find them too easy.
  304. - New player class: the Survivalist! Similar to Brutal Doom's Tactical Mode, but you can now suffer from bleeding wounds inflicted by claws and bites, and you will also bleed to death if
  305. Your health conditions are too poor. Different items like bandages and medical supplies can stop the bleeding. Furthermore, you start the game with no weapons, and you'll lose some
  306. weapons and ammo every time you move from a map to the next one.
  307. - Reward Crate: Kill every monster in a map to receive a crate full of useful items and/or ammo that you can carry around before opening! Can be a lifesaver when playing in Survivalist mode.
  308. - Rebalanced Armor system: new armor types, with different damage absorption percentages. The higher the tier, the less the pain! Also, armor has a crucial role in mitigating/nullifying the
  309. effects of bleeding wounds.
  310. - The flashlight now depletes energy "cells" over time. Flares and night vision goggles are finally useful! (Of course you can cheat with the gamma correction but... meh.
  311. Should you play this mod if you want to do that?)
  312. - Many, many new 2D sprites to replace old ones and to fit the new items and ammunitions included in this mod.
  313. - Crosshairs are now hidden when aiming from ironsights.
  314. - Reworked Berserker pack: You become a mindless and almost unstoppable beast for 40 seconds, then you'll start to feel dizzy... better find a place to catch your breath!
  315. - Bug fixes... lots of them. And still not enough. Oh no, no, very far from it.
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