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  1.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  2. **Elizabeta was wandering around the mansion after coming back with her normal clothes*
  3. Anais Duquaine says:
  4. *[/Anais is also wandering around the mansion, trying to remember which hallway she wasn't supposed to remember which hallway it was she wasn't supposed to go down] Uh.. um..
  5.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  6. **Luckily for you, Anais, I got a tour of the place earlier today. She stopped briefly when she noticed someone else wandering around. She hadn't heard the sound of a visitor passing through the gate so...* ....Excuse me.
  7. Anais Duquaine says:
  8. *[/turns-- ohthankgodit'saperson]! Hi..!
  9.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  10. **Wait a second. I remember you* ....Your name is Anais, isn't it?
  11. Anais Duquaine says:
  12. *, yes. Yes it is. [/she fidgets] live here too then? Vasilica did say he didn't live alone, but I thought he just meant his... servants. [/shivers]
  13.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  14. *...I'll only be living here temporarily. We've met before...I'm Elizabeta in case you don't remember.
  15. Anais Duquaine says:
  16. *...same with me. I'm only here for a little bit, too. [/..her eyes light up] ...oh! I remember you now! Um.. wow. ...are you friends with Vasilica, then, or...? [/or is he blackmailing you too, is what she wants to ask, but she doesn't want to admit she's being blackmailed]
  17.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  18. **shakes her head* We're not friends. He's helping me with some matters that threaten my safety, so I'm here, but that's all. *Ohshoot,Ijustrealized. Since Eli was not expecting to run into Anais, her neck isn't covered. THe bitemarks from last night are showing ohoho~*
  19. Anais Duquaine says:
  20. *..that threaten your--? [/she sees the marks and her eyes go wide] he rescued you, then. D-did he get there in time...? [/SHE GOT THE WRONG IDEA]
  21.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  22. **snorts* ...He didn't rescue me. It's more like he's giving me a place to stay, so I won't be found.
  23. Anais Duquaine says:
  24. *But... [/points at Eli's neck]
  25.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  26. *... *claps her hand over her neck* er.... *shit how do I explain that?*
  27. Anais Duquaine says:
  28. *'s okay to admit it, you know. [/bites her lip] ...I mean, it's not fun having to ask for help when someone tries to do that to you, but... even if you're not friends with him, it's good that he's helping to hide you from the people who did that to you. [/she's convinced that the "matters that threaten her safety" have to do with the fact that Eli's pretty and the men in this town can't keep their hands to themselves]
  29.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  30. **blinks* ...Uh... *You know, she can't come up with a good enough excuse for this, so she's just going to agree with Anais* ...Right.
  31. Anais Duquaine says:
  32. *... [/her expression softens a little] ...I'm sorry to hear that happened to you, though. Men are scum, huh?
  33.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  34. **...damn her hidden conscience* ...They sure are.
  35. Anais Duquaine says:
  36. *[/makes a face] Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em..
  37.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  38. **crosses her arms* To be honest, I'm sure I could live without them. *shakes her head*
  39. Anais Duquaine says:
  40. *Unless you wanted to have kids. ...oh! Or unless your name was Mary! [/giggles] sorry. Too soon, huh?
  41.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  42. **shakes her head, giving a soft chuckle* No, it's fine. To be honest, I'd like to have a kid at some point...but not now...
  43. Anais Duquaine says:
  44. *...then I guess you can't really live without men.'d be nice if we could have kids without them, though. Less painful, probably.
  45.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  46. *Indeed. *nods her head* ...I probably won't have kids anyway, so it doesn't matter.
  47. Anais Duquaine says:
  48. *..aww, but if you had kids they'd be really pretty! :c
  49.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  50. *There's not a man in this town that I can stand or that I know well, aside from my best friend. And there are two problems with that, one I'm not attracted to him, and two, he's taken.
  51. Anais Duquaine says:
  52. *..well, it's a reeeally big world out there! You never know, right?
  53.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  54. *...I suppose.
  55. Anais Duquaine says:
  56. *...a-anyway!
  57. *Um, so, uh... were you heading somewhere...? Does Vasilica have you living in the basement too?
  58.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  59. *...I was mostly just wandering around. And yes, he does. *tilts her head* You seemed a bit lost earlier.
  60. Anais Duquaine says:
  61. *, a little. [/she nods] ...I got a tour the other day, but... it's kind of hard to remember where everything is. This house is so much bigger than I'm used to.
  62.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  63. *I understand. Were you looking for anything in particular?
  64. Anais Duquaine says:
  65. *..not really, I was just walking. ...but, I couldn't remember which hallway was the one I'm not supposed to go down.
  66. *[/and she doesn't want knives thrown at her again :c ]
  67.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  68. * you remember what was down that hallway?
  69. Anais Duquaine says:
  70. *[/shakes her head] I don't.
  71.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  72. *...WellVasilica gave me a tour earlier today. He said not go down *insert hallway here and here's how to get to it cause Tab is lazy and kinda tired* and he also don't go up the staircase on the right of *inserthallway here*
  73. Anais Duquaine says:
  74. * this one here should be okay to go down, you think? [/if Tab is tired Tab should sleep :c ]
  75.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  76. **Tab is not that tired* Yes, that's right *nods her head*
  77. Anais Duquaine says:
  78. *[/smiles] Thank you, Miss Elizabeta...!
  79.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  80. *You're welcome, Anais. And there's no need to be so formal with me.
  81. Anais Duquaine says:
  82. * okay then, just Elizabeta? ...or can I call you Eliza?
  83.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  84. *Up to you, really. *shrugs*
  85. Anais Duquaine says:
  86. *Mm.. Eliza, then! [/smiles]
  87.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  88. **smilesand nods her head* ...I'm thinking of heading up to the library, now. If you need me for anything, let me know.
  89. Anais Duquaine says:
  90. *, okay! [/smiles] Thank you again!
  91.       ✿                Elizabeta            //              Daniel                   ☠                    Héderváry             says:
  92. *You're welcome. *nods her head and heads up a flight of stairs to that amazingly huge library*
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