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Jan 29th, 2018
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  2. Mr. Mike Dominick asked me on Discord to write into the show about how I'm using PowerShell. Happy to provide the insight!
  4. I am far from an expert, but we have done some cool things ;)
  6. In recent versions of Windows Server (2012R2 and 2016), everything you do in the GUI is working PowerShell behind the scenes. When you add a new Role or Feature to a server environment, a lot of times you can export the template into a .ps1 file and run it later to automate the process. We used this often for new forests or domains, especially when spinning up an RODC or file server for a new branch.
  8. However, when management began preaching the Devops movement, we started using a lot of Windows forms to complete our work, with new server roll outs, new domain controllers, etc. We worked with the development teams to create "sysadmin forms" that anyone could use, so HR could spin up servers for Workday, etc. Hypothetically of course, I don't think anyone in HR actual fired up a server.
  10. When we went under the hood to see how all of this was done, we were surprised to see it was through C# utilizing PowerShell objects.
  12. using System.Management.Automation
  13. using System.Collections.ObjectModel
  15. Were the two libraries, and with that the developers were creating PowerShell objects and instances, collaborating with the sysops team to setup the proper cmdlets and functions, and implement the templates for various tasks.
  17. At the time, we were doing this in Windows bare metal or Windows virtual machines on OS X. With the current state of PowerShell and Visual Studio on Mac, I don't know if this will be as functional as it was in a pure Windows environment, but there were days when I wished I could just run the forms or use PowerShell in OS X. I think if Microsoft keeps it's momentum going, it will be incredibly convenient to engineers in a more sysops or devops role, rather than converting a whole slew of users to .NET and PoSh.
  19. I appreciate you asking for feedback. I love what you guys do! CoderRadio (and TechSnap) are the two top shows in my feed right now. I've said before, the JB platform has provided the inspiration for me to dig deep into my career, do what I love, and use Linux every day.
  21. Thank you both, and to the rest of the team, for the outstanding job you do for this community.
  22. Permission: I grant permission to read or post this feedback on-air and/or on the website.
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