Care and Carelessness 2 by SkyeHigh (Cup Cake/Pinkie Pie)

Dec 24th, 2014
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  1. Care and Carelessness 2 by SkyeHigh (
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  5. The steps of the wooden stairs creaked under Cup Cake as she ascended to the bedrooms of the house known as Sugarcube Corner. The mare sighed, she’d just finished the daily cleanup routine after closing hour, which took her longer than usual due to some silly shenanigans. All she wanted was some rest, but she still had one more job to do before she could curl up with her husband and sleep.
  7. At the top of the stairs Cup turned right and stopped in front of a door. Her expression was weary but still she took a deep breath and slowly opened the door. She quietly stuck her head through the gap and scanned the room. What she saw made her smile a little, despite her tired state. Carrot Cake was standing over the crib of the twins and watched over them as they slept. Pumpkin was snoring lightly but none of them seemed to mind. Not even Pinkie could manage to wake them up when they were fast asleep like this.
  9. Carrot took notice of his wife and how she beckoned him to come outside. He slowly got away from the crib and made his way to the door on silent hooves. Once outside, he let out a deep sigh and threw Cup an equally tired smile.
  11. “I thought they’d never fall asleep,” he complained half-heartedly. “After today’s ruckus they were sure uneasy. Sorry you had to clean up alone, honey.”
  13. Cup Cake shook her head in understanding. “It’s alright, dear. Your job wasn’t any easier.” And it was true, getting the kids to sleep today sure wasn’t simple and she could read it in her husband’s eyes.
  15. An eerie silence followed, none of the two earth ponies knew what to say or how to approach the elephant in the room. Both shuffled their hooves and awkwardly looked away from each other in hopes their other half would start.
  17. Cup Cake, being already tired of this day, started bluntly. “So you really want me to do ‘it’ again?” she asked, still hoping Carrot would change his mind. She really couldn’t say no to him and he also had sound reasons for insisting she should have a go again.
  19. The stallion finally raised his head again and found Cup’s slightly pleading gaze. He knew she wasn’t really comfortable with the task, but she was suited better. He mentally braced himself to give his wife the news she didn’t want to hear. Still it was true...
  21. “Yes, dear,” he started, “last time in the kitchen I saw how much better you were with her. You can give her more closeness than I could ever dream of. Besides... she looks up to you like to a mother. I can’t give her that.”
  23. Carrot watched Cup’s expression fall a little but she cracked him a smile again at the last part. She knew it was true and she knew she had to do it.
  25. “I still don’t really want to, you know?”
  27. “I know, I know, love,” Carrot answered with a somber expression. “Still,” he said, gesturing with a hoof, “somepony has to help her get a better judgment of situations... and some common sense.” He muttered the last bit quietly, but Cup still picked up on it and had to chuckle.
  29. Taking a step forward, she leaned in for a quick nuzzle with her husband and whispered to him before withdrawing, “You’re right. One of those days she’ll really destroy something here, or worse... seriously hurt herself.” Cup thought about it and how sad she’d be if something ever happened to Pinkie. She didn't ever want to think about this so she quickly dismissed it. “Watch over the foals, it might get a bit loud,” she added with new resolve.
  31. Carrot gave a pleased sigh from the affectionate gesture and nodded curtly in agreement. “Yes, honey. See? I’m not off that much better than you,” he joked lightly.
  33. Cup Cake began walking to the bedroom next door, only to stop and make a remark back to her husband, “Not much but still... you can make that up to me later.” Without waiting for a response from the slightly baffled Carrot, she continued her way to Pinkie’s room.
  35. Stopping in front of the door, her resolve wavered for a short moment before she caught herself again. Cup really hated having to do this to Pinkie, but she knew she had to be firm with the energetic pony if she wanted to achieve something. Alright, time to act, she steeled her nerves and knocked on the door two times. The startled squeak from the other side was all the invitation she needed as she went inside.
  37. Pinkie Pie was sitting on her bed with her pillow hugged tightly to her chest. She had waited obediently there ever since her caretaker sent her to her room a while ago. The only other thing she did was slipping into her favorite pajamas which had a colorful cupcakes pattern on it. She'd always preferred it to sleep with the comfortable fabric on her and already figured it would be bedtime by the time Cup Cake had finished her 'talk' with the younger mare.
  39. While Cup proceeded to get inside the bedroom, Pinkie let out a breath she was holding upon seeing that her mother figure didn't bring any tool along. Pinkie already thought that maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all, at least not like the last time Cup turned her bottom a cherry red.
  41. "H-hi Mrs. C-Cake," the pink pony got out stuttering. She held back a whimper at the realization how much like a foal that just sounded.
  43. "Evening, Pinkie," Cup replied and slowly made her way over to the window of the room, without laying much focus on Pinkie. She was stalling, delaying the inevitable and she knew it. Cup didn't want this any more than Pinkie did.
  45. She closed the window, cutting off the slight evening breeze that had washed in and sighed deeply. "We don't want the whole neighborhood to bear witness, do we?"
  47. The question was rhetorical, but nonetheless Pinkie answered with a hasty, "N-no, we don't!" It did nothing to calm Pinkie's nerves though. If only, it made the poor mare even more aware of what was in store for her rump, yet again. Her right hoof let go of the pillow and found its way to her back, sliding down under the pajama bottoms and rubbing her butt softly. A surge of phantom pain shot through her right cheek at the ministration as well as the thought what would happen soon enough.
  49. Cup Cake nodded shortly to herself, still facing the window and away from Pinkie Pie. She turned around, walked to the other side of the room and came to a halt again in front of Pinkie's dresser. The older mare took a moment to view her weary and hesitant appearance in the mirror. No, she couldn't show weakness now, she decided. With renewed resolve, she opened the top drawer of the dresser and took a quick glance inside. Cup knew what she was looking for, she just didn't know where the party pony kept it.
  51. The sounds of the drawers being opened and closed over and over made Pinkie flinch on the bed and pull her pillow closer to her chest. Dread bubbled inside her stomach at the thought of what Sugarcube Corner's co-owner was looking for. Still, she held on and didn't make a noise or raise any objections. Not that it would do her any good...
  53. After a while of rummaging, Cup finally found what she was looking for in the bottom drawer. She pulled out an old looking hairbrush she had given Pinkie the day they'd taken her in and gave her a job at the store. Cup Cake had wanted to tame Pinkie Pie's poofy mane and make her look more presentable for the daily customers, but quickly gave up on her endeavour when she noticed just how hard that task really was. Besides, her mane was sure an eye catch and maybe it would attract more ponies. Pinkie still kept the brush as a memento of her time from moving out at home and finding her place in the world.
  55. It didn't escape Pinkie what the older mare had just pulled out of her drawer. Her reactions went from shock over anxiety to relaxing slightly again at the fond memories this item brought to her. She was only ripped out of her reminiscencing when Cup smacked the back of the brush sharply against her own hoof. She tested the impact of it just like she had not too long ago on that fateful day in the kitchen. It was quite an old model; big, oval, sturdy and it would serve its purpose just too well. The sound from the smack rang loud and clear through the room and now at the very least, Pinkie knew her bum was doomed.
  57. Finally Cup turned around again and approached Pinkie with slow, deliberate steps. The pink mare pressed her teeth together as sweat gathered up on her forehead. Apprehensively she shied away a little, just like a foal that didn't want to take its medicine. Unfortunately for poor Pinkie, she'd be forced to take this special kind of medicine.
  59. Her heart was beating fast and she desperately racked her brain to come up with some sort of escape from this. Yet nothing came to her mind, only to act like she always did in her usual Pinkie demeanor.
  61. "Mrs. C-Cake...” she started with a very nervous laugh. “T-that w-won't work on my m-m-mane, that's why I-I put it—"
  63. "Pinkie Pie," Cup Cake quickly interrupted her. "Please, no nonsense now." She didn't yell or put any real force behind her words. Quite the opposite, she spoke softly but still clearly. Yet to Pinkie, the words had a gravity like the verdict of a judge and left an impression like a shout.
  65. An 'eep' sound that would make Fluttershy proud left her throat. Cup had simply but effectively silenced her and moved on to take a seat beside Pinkie, to her left. She then laid the brush down on the bed for the time being and put a hoof around the anxious pink mare, pulling her close. The pillow fell to the floor as Pinkie quickly returned the hug and leaned her head against the older mare's chest.
  67. Cup started to stroke Pinkie's wild mane with her free hoof and sighed again. "Oh Pinkie, what am I going to do with you?" she asked, but it was more like thinking aloud than a real question. The pink pony wanted to reply, to say something she would usually say like 'Sing me a song' or a similar silly thing. However, she kept her mouth shut, not wanting to upset the pony even more that held the fate over her rump in its hooves.
  69. "We want you to take over the store someday when we're old, you know? But if you continue like this... then there will be nothing left to take over." Cup Cake was still stroking the pink mane in her hooves while she spoke softly to the younger pony. She knew she had to go on with the plan soon. It was getting harder and harder by the minute to stay determined and punish Pinkie Pie for her carelessness once again. This had to be a spanking she would remember for a while, she had decided earlier.
  71. "'m sorry," came the muffled reply from the mare pressed into her chest. "I really didn't mean to." Pinkie slowly started to pull away and look up to her mother figure with a pitiful gaze. She knew she had disappointed them again and wouldn’t have to expect any mercy, even if she really hoped for it.
  73. "Yes deary, I believe you," Cup told her before her expression turned to a slight frown and her gaze became stern. "But do you remember what you promised me last time I had to spank you?"
  75. A flinch at that dreaded word. Pinkie was put on the spot now, she knew where this was going. "I-I, yes... I promised not to be so c-careless again."
  77. Cup Cake saw the spark of panic in Pinkie's eyes, it told her that she understood the trouble she was in. Yet the blue mare pressed on. "And what did I say would happen if you did it again?"
  79. Pinkie wanted to turn away, to avert her gaze, but was taken by her shoulders and forced to look back at Cup. “I-I... you s-said I would get a-another sp-spanking,” she got out, almost in tears already.
  81. “An even worse one,” Cup added firmly and glanced back to her left for a moment, where the brush still rested. The last time it was just a thin little spatula but it had to do. Today however she wanted to leave a lasting impression on the energetic pony and chose the heavy brush for the job. “Pinkie, do you also remember what I said about having to spank you again?”
  83. Pinkie sniffled and nodded her head quickly. “Yes, you said you didn’t want to have to do i-it again.” She threw herself at Cup Cake chest and hugged her tightly again. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Cake. Please forgive me.”
  85. Cup had to smile at this and brought up a hoof to gently caress Pinkie’s mane like earlier. “I will, Pinkie, I promise I will... after I’ve sent you to bed with a sore and aching bottom to sleep on.” She didn’t want to of course, she would’ve been content with just sitting there and enjoying the moment for a while, but things were never like you wanted them to be. “Come on, dearie,” she said while gently pushing the younger mare away and leaning back on her spot at the edge of the bed. “It’s time to get this done and over with. We can hug all you want after you’ve had a good cry and while you’re rubbing your blazing fanny.”
  87. Her heartbeat was quick and the butterflies in her stomach returned full force. Pinkie hesitated and stalled, she wanted to avoid getting spanked at all costs, even though she knew she deserved it for the headache and grief she’d caused once again. Cup Cake patted her lap a few times and looked expectantly back at her. It was no use, she had to take it or she’d be forced to take it. After letting out a last pitiful whimper, she slowly got down and crawled over her caretaker’s legs. Pinkie was halfway bent over with only her hind legs touching the floor. A look forward showed her the brush on the bed and she had to cringe at the sight. But still it was no use, she didn’t want to risk arguing and gave herself a last push with her legs, leaving the ground and getting into position proper.
  89. Cup was very pleased with the obedience Pinkie Pie showed. The whole situation wasn’t easy, but at least she didn’t make it unnecessarily harder. There was just another minor detail to take care of before they could start. She leaned down, careful to keep Pinkie secure over her lap, and grabbed the waistband of her cupcake pajamas with both hooves. Simply sliding it down proved difficult however, with the weight on them.
  91. “Pinkie, be a dear and lift your bum up a bit for me,” Cup requested, waiting for her to comply.
  93. Yet Pinkie Pie got scared at the prospect of losing her layer of defense. “Please, Mrs. Cake, ca—”
  95. “Pinkie Pie, no arguing! Those are coming down, young mare.” Cup emphasized her statement with a tug on the pajamas bottoms. Pinkie shrunk down at being scolded by her mother figure and almost expected a smack already for her disobedience. It never came, instead Cup continued. “I could’ve just spanked you down in the shop again, like last time. Then you wouldn’t have had this protection either, so don’t make a fuss about this now.” She paused for a short moment and caught herself again. No need to get angry about this. “Besides, I need to see what I’m doing, I don’t want to ‘hurt’ you. So please... lift your rump so we can go on.”
  97. "Y-yes, ma'am..." Pinkie complied and tensed up, squirming her lower body forwards. It allowed her to push her back and rear up so the jammies would offer no more resistance. Cup nodded again slowly slid the piece of fabric down, just to her knees and slightly below the pudgy undercurves of the pink pony. Pinkie Pie closed her eyes tightly and prayed for it to finally be over as the jammies moved over her butt cheeks. She felt thoroughly embarrassed for having her pajamas taken down for punishment like a filly. Though she knew it was her own fault for choosing them in the first place, but they were so comfy for sleeping! Her poofy pink tail swished down to protect her rump when Cup slightly grazed her left cheek as she withdrew her hooves.
  99. The older pony chuckled very quietly to herself at the adorable sight. 'Guess I will have to hold that for you,' she thought and grabbed the blocking appendage with her left hoof. It almost felt natural already, even though she only had to spank Pinkie Pie one time so far. In what seemed like years of practise, Cup Cake pulled the tail back and grabbed Pinkie tightly around the waist with the same arm. Tail and pony were secured by just using her left arm. Pleased with herself and the mare across her lap, she finally reached over to where the hairbrush was resting on the bed and took a hold of it.
  101. It looked slightly intimidating and also had that effect when swung through the air. Pinkie noticed that as well and flinched visibly from the sound. Cup Cake was glad her days of being on the receiving end of such a tool were long since over, though wielding it wasn’t that easy either. She moved the brush, back facing down, over the quivering, bare rump of the pink pony and contemplated giving her a warning or not.
  103. Before she could bring down the brush on her target however, Pinkie hastily spoke up. “Mrs. Cake, can I please hold your tail?” she blurted out.
  105. The older pony was taken by surprise for a moment at the request until she remembered. ‘Of course,’ she thought, ‘the poor dear had latched on my tail the last time as well.’ The fluffy pink tail was still laid out behind her on the bed. Cup shifted her pudgy bottom and swung the appendage over to Pinkie Pie’s face. “Of course, dear.” The pink mare took the offer and quickly grabbed the tip with both hooves and brought it close, careful not to pull too hard and cause her caretaker pain.
  107. A deep breath, Cup tried to relax as she raised the hairbrush up high. The stage was set, all she had to do was go on with it, it was getting late already. “I love you, Pinkie.” A last sentiment, to make the ordeal more bearable with that thought in mind. Pinkie Pie lowered her head further, burying it into the tail she was holding, and involuntarily lifting her rump up higher in the air. Muffled by the hair but still audible, Cup Cake heard the low ‘Love you, too’ in response which made her heart swell and her mind determined on teaching her beloved, surrogate daughter to be more careful in the future; she never wanted to lose her, ever. It’d be very painful and unpleasant but she’d be there for the bawling pink pony after everything was said and done.
  109. She tightened her grip around the waist and tail of Pinkie, it was the only warning before she swung the brush down in a sharp smack, on the middle of the left cheek. Pinkie Pie gasped at the sting and jerked her head slightly upwards before the next blow fell. Cup laid it under the first one, letting the marks overlap and quickly added a third spank. Pinkie’s pajama-clad legs kicked out, her left cheek already engulfed in a dull burn. She held back a cry and tried to take her hairbrushing to the best of her capabilities, but as her right cheek received the same treatment as the left her resolve faltered.
  111. Cup Cake kept it up, never spanking too hard but still firmly and steadily. She always cracked the smooth backside of the hairbrush down on the same spot a few times, still laying a couple of spanks over each other before moving to the next. Pinkie writhed and squirmed at the pain but she was held tightly and wouldn’t go anywhere until her punishment was over.
  113. The older mare said she wanted to see what she’s doing when she tugged down those pajama bottoms, with Pinkie’s already pink rump however it was difficult to see anything early into the spanking. She would have to go by feeling and judge her charge’s reactions when she worked on a spot of that pudgy rump. It was a punishment yes, but by no means should it be torture, that’s why Cup decided to watch out for that.
  115. Pinkie Pie started sniffling lightly and wailed softly as the spanks rained down on her exposed bottom. There was no shame to hold it in, they were alone in the room and the older pony would never judge her for it. Yet, she kept kicking her hind legs more and more, sliding the jammies farther down her legs. Her rump would also try to jerk away more frequently now, whenever the hairbrush left after making an impact on her increasingly sore cheeks.
  117. When a sharp smack to the lower and fatter part of her rear caught her off guard, Pinkie let out a low shriek followed by the first sob. She was starting to break down, the spanking starting to take effect. Cup repeated the motion a few times, making sure to make her undercurves burn and throb in pain.
  119. “AHH, please I’m s-sorry. NNGH PLEASE!” Pinkie half-pleaded for the first time. Despite how much it hurt though, she still felt guilty and bad and wouldn’t want to stop there anyway. It was just a way of coping with the pain and her conscience. She didn’t count the spanks — she never did, it only made things worse — but going by the fire in her rump, it must’ve been at least 50 whacks already and her bum surely had the color of a ripe apple. Naturally that was not true, Cup Cake could only see a slight discoloration on her fanny if she strained her eyes. They both still had a long way to go, not that she’d tell her...
  121. She increased the force behind the smacks steadily as she cracked the sturdy hairbrush up and down Pinkie’s fanny. Each impact caused the plump cheeks to jiggle slightly and their owner to yell in agony. Pinkie really started trying to get away then, from the arm that was tightly holding her down and the tool that relentlessly slapped her stinging buttcheeks. Cup Cake simply pulled her closer to her own body and continued the assault without much effort.
  123. The tears trickled down Pinkie’s face and were soaked up by the tail she was still clinging to. It was the only thing that kept her from actively trying to reach back and stop the stern spanking she was receiving; not that it’d help her at all, the way her waist was secured there was no chance to reach her throbbing bottom with her hooves.
  125. “Wahaaaa, M-Mrs. Caaaake, it hurts. It really HURTS!” Pinkie Pie cried, flailing and kicking her legs to shake the fire out of her haunches. All she accomplished was lowering the bottoms of her footed sleeper all the way down to her hooves. It was almost an amusing sight for the older mare: the crying and bawling Pinkie Pie doing hoofy-kicks while being spanked over her knees like a little filly.
  127. “I know, hun, but I’m here for you,” Cup said sympathetically and stopped for a moment. She removed her right leg from under the pink pony and placed it between her flailing legs. The left one was locked that way and the right couldn’t go far as it was restricted by the pajamas around her hooves. With the legs restrained, Pinkie couldn’t kick that well anymore. Her bum was almost locked in place and an easy target for the remainder of the spanking. She could squirm and wriggle now all she wanted, it wouldn’t help her getting away from her deserved punishment.
  129. Cup Cake picked it up again, letting the sounds of wood meeting flesh and the pained cries resound through the room. Slowly she could see the redness of the party pony’s rump shining through the fur on her bottom. ‘Almost there,’ she just thought while alternatively cracking the brush on the middles of both quivering cheeks, deflating them and letting them pop back up.
  131. “AHAAAHAAA! Please Mrs. CAAAAHHKE!” The poor mare had trouble speaking through her bawling and the still oncoming hard spanks. “I-I promise, AHH, I’ll be a g-good g-g-GIIIIRL!”
  133. “Pinkie Pie,” Cup Cake said firmly, still not letting up and continuing to put those burning cheeks to work. “You promised me that last time already, that’s why we’re here in the first place. So from now on, I will paddle your naughty bummy with this very hairbrush every evening that you were this careless again in the store. Is that clear?”
  135. Pinkie Pie couldn’t or didn’t want to think long about it and just hastily shouted, “Yeee-hes-heess! Clear CLEAR, BWAHAAA!” Everything to stop the awful brush from spanking her blazing bottom. Cup Cake’s tail was completely soaked with tears and snot by that time; Pinkie did have her good cry like promised.
  137. The older mare nodded to herself, maybe this time she had accomplished something. It was time to wrap the spanking up, so she decided and started dealing out 20 more smacks, significantly harder than the rest. ‘Five for each cheek and 5 to each sit spot should do the trick,’ she thought as she raised the brush high up and started the finale at a fast pace.
  139. Pinkie’s bawling reached new volumes, blubbering apology over apology and promising she would be a good girl. All the while she tried to squirm away, struggle and kick her one free leg. Nothing helped though, she was forced to take all spanks from that terrifying hairbrush until the last one. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. Crack. It went over her undercurves, ensuring she’d have trouble sitting the next day and remember this spanking for a very long time. When Cup swung the tool down for the final time and drew a last shriek from the sobbing and sorry pony, the former pink bottom had taken an even, reddish glow from dock to thighs. A well disciplined bum, as some ponies would say.
  141. Pinkie was still crying heavily, laying spent and exhausted across Cup's lap. She still hadn't realized the spanking was over. Her mother-figure had put the hairbrush away on the nightstand and released her waist and limbs.
  143. "This won't do..." Cup Cake murmured to herself and reached for Pinkie's arms. Her whole upper body was still heaving with deep breaths and sobs. Once she was pulled upwards however, she slowly came to senses again. Cup dragged her up on the bed, embracing her chest and letting her flank rest on the side as to not put the poor dear through more pain. Pinkie instantly returned the hug and bawled into the older baker's shoulder with new vigor.
  145. Cup just let her be and cry as long as she wanted. A look to her tail already told her it'd need washing, so the shoulder wouldn't really matter anymore. She moved one hoof behind Pinkie's head and gently rubbed her disheveled mane in a comforting manner.
  147. "Let it all out, it's over, dear," she cooed into Pinkie's ear.
  149. It took a long while for the miserable pony to calm down again. This was definitely a spanking she wasn't keen on getting again. Cup also noticed she stopped crying and moved her hooves down, grabbing the kicked-down jammies and pulled them slowly up again. When the fleecy fabric passed the cherry red cheeks, Pinkie hissed loudly in pain. To her, the usually soft cloth felt like sandpaper on her very sore fanny.
  151. Once the older mare had finished arranging the pajamas, throughout Pinkie Pie's complaints, she returned her hooves to the pink mare's back. Then, supported anew by her caretaker, Pinkie shot both her hooves down below the waistband and under the pajama bottoms to rub her still smoldering rump.
  153. "I'm so s-sorry, Mrs. C-Cake... I'll never d-do it again," she spoke, still sniffling, lightly sobbing and furiously rubbing her bottom. “That really, really, REALLY hurt...”
  155. “It’s alright, dearie. I forgive you and I still love you.” Cup placed a kiss on Pinkie’s forehead, just like a mother would do with her child. “Just be more careful in the future and we won’t have to do that again,” she said, smiling a little and bringing the same to Pinkie Pie’s face.
  157. Pinkie withdrew a hoof from her bottom and wiped her eyes and nose before replying, “Yes, I’ll be good. I dun wanna get s-spanked with that brush ever again. Yikes!” Her other hoof was still busy underneath her pajamas, caressing the sore flesh of her buttcheeks. Anyone coming into the room would have a first row view of Pinkie’s bright red bottom, with the way her jammies were halfway lowered.
  159. “Alright, time for bed, hun,” Cup Cake announced, pulled the sheets aside and moved the pony she still held in her arms into position. At the first contact with her rump, Pinkie squealed and immediately shifted to her side to the pressure off her hindquarters. The older pony had to chuckle at this, it was the same for her many years ago. Now seeing this behavior with Pinkie brought back memories. Before she could dwell too much on it however, she put the sheets over Pinkie.
  161. ***[BONUS PART]*** (ctrl+f ‘BONUS’ to skip)
  163. Suddenly, though, Pinkie Pie’s eyes widened and she seemed very uneasy. Before Cup could ask what was wrong, she was already halfway out of the bed again and on her front hooves. The older mare was getting slightly worried and put a hoof on Pinkie’s shoulder.
  165. “Berightback Mrs. Cake, gottatakecareofsomething. Pleasedontbemad!” she hastily explained as she rushed out of the room, wincing with every step because the movement stretched the sore skin on her bum. She jumped the last few paces out of the room up and down in pain and then vanished from Cup Cake’s view entirely.
  167. The mare still stood there in front of the bed and blinked, trying to understand what just happened. After a while she closed her eyes and shook her head. “That filly...”
  169. Meanwhile Pinkie had reached the bathroom of the upper floor. She moaned at each step, which always shot a surge of throbbing pain through her behind, but still she made it. Only now she realized she had a much bigger problem than just walking straight... sitting.
  171. The smooth surface of the porcelain was usually very inviting, but now it seemed like the least desirable thing in the world. Pinkie swallowed and stared intently at her opponent. After a while though, her legs quivered and she sighed in defeat. Carefully pulling down her pajama bottoms and exposing her glowing red rump again, she turned around, raised her tail out of the way, and prepared to take a seat. Just hovering inches over the seat she stopped. ‘Ooooh, this’ll hurt...’ she thought nervously. Just as she slowly wanted to lower her bottom, her bladder gave off another impulse causing her legs to reflexively pull together and Pinkie to lose balance...
  173. The following shriek could be heard in the entire house. Mr. Cake had just managed to calm the foals and was now starting at zero again. Mrs. Cake had taken a seat on Pinkie's bed while waiting for her and giggled softly. "That was louder than expected," she mused to herself, "guess the spanking was really good after all. I don't think she will be that careless so soon again." She subconsciously reached back and rubbed her own fanny, dwelling fondly in memories of her own foalhood.
  175. Pinkie Pie squirmed and wriggled her soundly spanked bottom around on the hard surface of the toilet. Her body was content in finally giving in to its urges, but her eyes had fresh tears in them from the awful, initial contact with the porcelain. All the while, Pinkie had to think back to that terrible hairbrush and how good her mother-figure was in wielding it.
  177. "I never want Mrs. Cake to use that brush again... I won't be bouncing tomorrow, I guess. But that's alright, she's forgiven me and that's important." It was a rare moment of clarity for the hyperactive pony. She had given up on finding a position that wouldn't hurt her rump any further and focused on the brighter side of life. She could go on now without having to worry about her past mistakes anymore.
  179. After a while she was finished and the flushing sound of water echoed through the room. Pinkie pulled up the fleecy fabric again and gritted her teeth as it passed her plump cheeks. It had served no protection during her punishment, no, it only made kicking her legs a lot harder.
  181. As she moved on to wash her hooves in the sink, she took a good look at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes were bloodshot and red from crying and her mane was a mess, yet still that wasn't very interesting at all. Instead Pinkie Pie turned around and got to all fours after drying her hooves. A deep breath. She had to know, the curiosity was killing her. Carefully, very carefully she tugged down her waistband again to see the damage on her poor rump.
  183. "Yowiee zowiee! Bright red! That was even worse than Mr. Cake's paddle..." she said, wincing at the image she saw in the mirror. Still, even though to her it was worse than the bite of the paddle, she wouldn’t trade the closeness she had during the hairbrushing with Cup Cake for anything else. After some more whimpering and moaning how much it hurt, Pinkie readjusted her jammies again and made her way back to her bedroom.
  185. The door slowly creaked open and she was pleasantly surprised to see the older Cake still sitting on the bed, waiting for her. Gingerly she walked over to the bed, mindful of each step. The fabric of the cupcake pajamas rubbed over her rump the whole time, just like the skin stretched and relaxed. It wasn’t the nicest feeling in the world, but also not the worst... she’d live.
  187. Cup already left the bed and got onto her hooves to make space for Pinkie, who took the invitation and laid down on her stomach. Cup smiled fondly at her surrogate daughter and then pulled the blanket back over her.
  189. ***[/BONUS]***
  191. She prepared to leave and bent low to Pinkie Pie’s face, giving her a nuzzle and placing a kiss on her cheek. As she just turned around and took a step away, a hoof caught her own and stopped her mid-step.
  193. “Please... can you stay with me until I fall asleep?” the younger mare asked in a low voice, obviously embarrassed by the foalish request she made.
  195. Cup Cake turned back around and saw her pleading eyes. She just couldn’t deny her that wish. “Of course, dear,” she answered and took a seat on the bed, just next to Pinkie. It was really understandable; after that thorough spanking she wouldn’t want to be left alone neither.
  197. “Thank you...” Pinkie mumbled into the pillow, causing Cup to giggle softly. The older pony rubbed her back caringly, trying to relax Pinkie and making it easier for her to fall asleep. Occasionally she’d gently pat her upturned bottom, getting a wince in return that would always turn into a content sigh quickly. It didn’t take long until Pinkie’s eyelids got heavier. The relaxing backrub also did its part on helping her slowly fall asleep.
  199. When Cup Cake saw that she’d finally fallen asleep, breathing softly, she stopped her motions and quietly got up from the bed. On silent hooves she made her way over to the door of the room, switched the light off and crept out of the room. “Good night, Pinkie...” she whispered before the door closed shut.
  201. Outside, the mare finally allowed herself to sigh deeply in exhaustion. Sleep did sound heavenly right now, but first she had to see if her other foals were alright... after her bigger foal was finally taken care of. She pressed an ear to the bedroom of the twins but heard no sound coming from inside. A look into the room showed her that indeed everything was alright and her husband had managed to get them to sleep as well. He was nowhere to be seen so she assumed he already went to bed and opted to also withdraw to their own bedroom.
  203. “Oh, there you are, honey,” Cup was greeted as she came inside. Carrot was already laying in bed but still had his reading light on. “The crying stopped a while ago but you didn’t come back. So I managed to get the kids to sleep and waited for you.”
  205. “Yes,” his wife said, the strain evident in her voice. “She wanted me to stay until she fell asleep. You know how she is, dear.” Cup crossed the distance over to the bed and joined Carrot, who turned over and switched the lights off.
  207. “Of course. I understand.” He turned to face his mare again and pulled her close. She let out a content sigh at the affectionate gesture and embraced him as well, basking in the closeness. Everything was silent, save for their soft breathing. Cup felt utterly content and snuggled even closer into Carrot’s chest, curling her tail over them under the blankets. Suddenly though, he jerked away and jumped up on the bed.
  209. “What was that?!” the stallion asked, completely startled.
  211. “Just my tail, dear. Why, is something wrong?”
  213. “Why is your tail wet and cold?!” Carrot questioned further but relaxed and slowly got down on the bed again.
  215. Cup Cake just laughed at this and replied, “Well, a certain overgrown foal of us wouldn’t want to let go of it while I had to teach her fanny a lesson. And now come and lay down again... if you don’t want the same treatment...”
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